DIY Honeycomb Shelves

Honeycombs-9380Sarah and her handy husband Josh recently created this beautiful honeycomb style shelving unit for their home. This project is a little bit more involved because of the tools, but stick with it and you’re going to have some amazing shelves.

This DIY will make a three-comb shelf, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to make more combs to add to it.

Honeycombs-9403Supplies needed:
-miter saw (or chop saw)
wood screws or sheet rock screws at 1 1/4″
-a drill and drill bit (drill bit should be slightly smaller than the screws you are using)
-a level, a rotary sander (or sandpaper will work fine)
wood glue
-tape measure
wall brackets
-pencil for marking measurements
-3 fencing planks from your hardware or lumber store!

*When choosing your wood at the store, check to make sure the wood isn’t warped or twisty! Choose planks that are as level as possible.*

Honeycombsteps11. Make sure and set your miter saw to cut angles at 30 degrees! You won’t have to change this setting at all for the entire project.

2. Most fencing planks have one end that is a little more decorative – chop this off at the 30 degree angle.

3. After you make your first cut, turn over the plank so you are measuring your long edge. Measure 12″ and mark where you want your next cut to be.

4. Make your 2nd cut right along the edge where you marked. You have your first piece! Repeat this for every single piece. In this DIY, you will need to cut 15 pieces. (Keep in mind as you’re cutting your pieces, each piece should look like this.

Note how the ends look – there should be one long edge that measures 12″, and the angled cuts should both go in to make the other side shorter.)

Honeycombs-9446Honeycombsteps25. Count your pieces and make sure there are 15 and that they are all the exact same size.

6. To make your first hexagon pod, take six pieces and set them standing up on the ground. It will feel kind of like figuring out a puzzle! Designate which side will be the base of your shelf and work up from there. Make sure they are exactly how you want them before continuing.

7. Working on one side at a time, use your wood glue to bind one side to the other. 8. Press the sides firmly together for a few seconds.

Honeycombsteps39. Using the drill and the drill bit, pre-drill your holes where you will want to screw the two pieces together. This will make it easier to screw, and it will prevent the wood from cracking.

10. Screw the two pieces together. Josh recommends putting two screws in each piece attaching to the base of each hexagon, and then just using one screw on each of the side pieces.

11. Repeat steps 7-10 on each side until you have finished your first hexagon!

12. Now it’s time to add on to your original hexagon. Instead of making a bunch of hexagons separately, you will start with the first one and then add on to it, so each hexagon “borrows” sides from what you already have.

This is an example of how the sides work to fit together. It’s a good idea to set up the next hexagon with the already-built hexagon so you can see how you want it to look (like in step 6), and then carry out the rest of the steps, and use that same process for the third hexagon.

Honeycombsteps413. This is how all three will look together! Josh added some shelves inside a couple of them. If you’re feeling brave enough to add these, then just measure the width of the middle of your comb (or where you want your shelf to go) and use that as your long side measurement, cutting the ends at an angle the same way you cut your other pieces.

It might be a slightly different measurement depending on which comb you use for your shelf.

14. Using your sander or sand paper, sand down all of the edges once you’re finished! Not only will it take away splinters, but if you’re using a pre-stained wood (like we are) it will give it a really nice worn look.

Ok! Now you’re ready to hang your honeycomb shelves! Here are some hanging tips to make sure your shelves are sturdy and can hold a good amount of weight.

*First of all, when you choose the wall you’re going to hang your shelves on, find your studs first to screw the brackets into. If you’re not sure how to find a stud, start knocking on the wall until the sound of your knock doesn’t feel so deep, echoey, and hollow.

A good way to tell if you’ve hit a stud or not is to try hammering a small nail into the wall. If it’s harder to hammer in, you’ve found a stud. If it’s really easy and the nail goes all the way into the wall, it’s not a stud.

You can also get a small, inexpensive stud finder at the hardware store if you want to go the guess-free route!*

Honeycombsteps51. Once you’ve found your stud, screw the bottom part of the bracket into the wall.

2. Put some pressure on the top part of the bracket, just to make sure it’s sturdy and will hold a little weight.

3. Now you can rest your shelf on the bracket with the level on the bottom shelf. While your shelf is hanging and level, go ahead and mark where your next brackets will go, screw them into the studs.

4. Using your shorter screws, screw the brackets into your shelf for reinforcement. And you’re done! Time to add your personality to it.

Honeycombs-9520Honeycombs-9540Phew! If you made it all the way through then consider yourself a champion with super cute storage (I love how our photo and vintage cameras look on the shelves).

If you love this look but aren’t sure your woodworking skills are ready for this, you can always support another maker and buy your own or go for something like this with the same shape but a luxe feel.

If rustic isn’t your thing…We’ve got a whole archive of shelf DIY projects so take a look at the options and see which suits you best! love, Sarah + Josh

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    • Hi Colleen, You should contact Josh directly. it’s @joshmakes on IG.

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  • To the rude commenter who assumed this project was a copy- You’ll be happy to know that this is the second incarnation of Arrow & Apple’s beautiful honeycomb shelves. The first one was made for our project restyle challenge in April of 2011 ( ) You probably saw photos from that project and assumed things (they were widely circulated on many sites). When I saw they were building a new set for their new home I asked them to write a full DIY for the blog. 🙂

    I also noticed from your IP adress that you are a repeat rude commenter. If you like our blog, you are totally welcome here. We take constructive criticism rather well. If you are just visiting to spread hate, please don’t visit. Thanks.

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