DIY: How I Made my own wedding bouquet!




When I started planning our wedding I knew right away that I wanted to make my own flowers. I love creative flower arrangements. I wanted something different. I also knew that if we chose not to hire a florist that we’d save thousands of dollars (hooray!) What I didn’t know was how much FUN I would have with my bridesmaids making our bouquets. It was so so much fun and didn’t take much time at all!

If you’re considering making your own bouquets, read on! I can tell you from my personal experience that this was one of the simplest DIYs that we tried. I’ll share some tips with you….


I loved what each of the bridesmaids created! We had a bouquet making party after the rehearsal dinner. Each of the girls made their own bouquet. They each had special details like the bird charm hanging from Holly’s bouquet and Katie’s berry branches. I liked that they were all a little bit different.

6a00d8358081ff69e20154333bb0f2970c-800wiRachel snapped this photo on the morning of the wedding.

Make Your Own Bouquet

Step 1: Collect Supplies. For my wedding bouquets I used fresh flowers, handmade velvet flowers, berry twigs, feather birds, feathers and vintage brooches. I also used some family heirloom ribbon (vintage tatting) and velvet ribbon that I found the first month we were dating! Choose accents that are personal to you!

Step 2: Start from the center and build the floral base of your bouquet. Work your way out by adding more and more flowers.

Step 3: Wrap the stems with floral tape. Use as much as you need to make it feel secure. The floral tape should go where ever you plan to wrap the ribbon. The ribbon will eventually hide it completely!

Step 4: Add accent piece such as feather birds (they have wires underneath that can secure them onto blooms) or feathers.

Step 5: Wrap the base of your stems (over the floral tape) with a pretty ribbon. I also tied some lace on mine as an accent.




Ta-Da! Here’s a finished bouquet.




Have fun creating your own pretty bouquets… XO! elsie

Photos by Arrow & Apple, DIY pics by Emma & I. Thank you 100 Layer Cake for featuring my DIY bouquets!

  • Incredibleeeeeee I am dying over the pretty birds! And the bright colors. I’m so sick of boring old wedding colors, so you’re bright ones are just lovely. So pretty!

  • So cute and pretty! I like how personalized they are. There is no way to be unhappy with a bouquet that you make yourself!

  • Soooooooo cute i wish you posted this last year i had 3 lily flowers as a bouquet with white lace and pearls..
    Thank god it was only me and him otherwise italian tradition says it’s the mother in law that picks and gives you the bouquet O.O LOL

  • I love how each bouquet is different, and that you guys made it into a fun thing to do at the rehersal dinner. I love the look of handmade bouquets. Awesome DIY

  • Flowers could easily be the one main feature that can make or break your budget…Love how you incorporated all those little beautiful birds! Great touch, so personal and unique! Love it!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • I love making my own arrangements and bouquets. Unfortunately we did not have time to have the flowers as DIY for my wedding and I wish I did, we would have saved a good deal of money. Thanks for sharing all of you DIY wedding projects.

  • These are amazing! Did you store them in a refrigerator until the wedding day? I think it’s awesome that you had the bridesmaids each make their own. Love it!

  • How did you keep the flowers fresh overnight? Looking at doing this for my own wedding.

  • They were stunning! AND, they held together so well. I went to another wedding shortly after that had “professional” bouquets and they kept falling apart throughout the evening! Not cool.

  • What a fantastic idea both to save money and creatively get everyone involved. I love your results!

  • what a great idea! So fun for flower arrangements too. I will def try!

  • The idea of adding birds to the bouquets is just marvelous! 😉

    Have a fun weekend!


  • We got married in Vegas. I bought ribbon before the trip and the day of the wedding we went and got flowers at Sam’s Club then made our bouquets in the hotel room. It was super fun.

  • hi! you should do a tutorial on how you did the velvet flowers, they’re gorgeous!

  • Oohh!! So adorable! I just love how hands on you were with your wedding. Thank you for sharing how you made these bouquets.

  • i love all the diy’s from your wedding. i did some for ours (nearly 7 years ago), but now i realize i could have done so much more!


  • It makes so much sense to make your own bouquet. It appears if you add the word wedding to anything it triples in price. Your bouquet is lovely.

  • I was just in a wedding where we all made our bouquets. Not only did it save so much money, it was a fun thing to do together. And they’re so much more original this way. Yours turned out so beautiful.

  • these are adorable! they make me want my boyfriend to man up and pop the question already! LOL.

    they really are quite lovely=)

  • Your wedding is just beautiful! Thanks so much for all the DIYs and inspiration. I am getting married to my best friend John next year. We are having a handmade wedding (with lots of help from family and friends). xxx

  • I would love to make my own boquets as well and am seriously considering it. I would just be worried they wouldnt come together on the day as I wanted. But yours look truely amazing and so colourful!


  • Could you let us know hoe you kept them fresh overnight? (They look great!)

  • Fantastic! you have inspired me to have a wedding that matches my boyfriend and my personality, and style rather than whats “expected” LOVE LOVE LOVE

  • thanks for the DYI instructions! the bouquets are gorgeous..I love that a small bouquet can have such a great effect when the right flowers and garnishes are arranged together! and colorful tights….awesomeness!!

  • I absolutely loved this post, and I think your flowers were completely gorgeous (especially with those birds). It never even occurred to me to make my own bouquets when I got married. What I think is super cute though, is that my children (7-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl ) were utterly fascinated with the pictures on this post, and looked at them over and over, discussing which flowers were their favorites, and how much they loved the way that the birds made the flowers look like little flower trees.

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  • hi elsie…where di you purchase your flowers? I am doing my own bouquets for my April wedding, but am unsure whether to buy them from a florist/grocery store/farmers market. thanks!

  • so when is the best time to do your own flower bouquets for your wedding and where do you put them.

  • Excellent idea and these bouquets looks awesome. We can also save lots of money we are spending on bouquets in wedding. Thanks.

  • This is fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m getting married in 5 weeks and always intended to make my own bouquets, and now I know how! Thanks again.

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  • Thank you so much for posting this! You are an inspiration! I have met with florists and explained what I would like and they look clueless. Then I show pics and they look at me like I have ten heads and they explain to me why I’m wrong, and I don’t really want that… And it would cost a fortune. It’s nice to see that I can have what I want!

  • wow! 🙂 its awesome!i wish i knew about you last year so i could have done my bouquet too!

  • Could you let me know where you got the adorable birds from? I’ve been looking on Etsy and the like- but none are as detailed as these!

  • just an idea for you the next time you receive a floral arrangement. When the arrangement has lost it looks, pulls out all of the flowers and put on open newspaper. Pull out all greens and other touches and put on another newspaper. This will help you estimate the amount of flowers and greens you need.

    Run water over the empty foam now to wash it out a bit. You can see the holes where the flowers and greens went into the foam. Get some fresh greens and flowers from the yard in the appropriate amounts you see in the newspaper. It will take a few times but it is such fun and looks new and fresh.

  • I love the colors and I love your headpiece with the feathers! Where did you get your feather headband?

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