DIY Jewelry Display

Jewelry display 1As a chronic renter I’m always reinventing ways to display my favorite things. This jewelry display idea is an easy way to show off your baubles and pretties without adding a million holes to your walls or tangling all of your chains in the process. One trip to the hardware store and you’re in business.

Jewelry display 2Step 1: You’ll need 1 panel of pine measuring 3/4″ x 20″ x 48″, a drill, a pen, primer, spray paint or latex paint in your favorite color, 1/2″ screw hooks for jewelry, 1″ screw hooks for handbags, sand paper. Step 2: Place your panel of wood on the floor and arrange your jewelry as you’d like it to hang. Be sure to space hooks about 2″ apart. Make marks where your screws will go. Step 3: Carefully drill about 1/2″ into the wood. Be sure you don’t drill through. Your board should be pre-sanded but lightly sand it again and wipe it down to be sure your paint sticks easily. Step 4: Paint a layer of white primer on the front and edges of your board and let it dry. Paint two layers of your paint color of choice and then add your screws.

Jewelry display 3Jewelry display 3The great thing about this is you can change it up as your tastes or space needs change. It’s an inexpensive project that can be knocked out in an afternoon. Those are the best kind, aren’t they? xo. Rachel

P.S. Check out how you can make any box into a jewelry box!

Note: After her cross-country move, Rachel has returned and will be sharing her interior design magic here on A Beautiful Mess! Please welcome her back! 

  • That’s very cute! I did something similar with small command strip hooks and displayed all my necklaces right on the wall. It made for quite a pretty and colorful wall display without spending a fortune – and it solved my dilemma of what to decorate the walls of my apartment with, without adding holes!

  • To look for jewelry to hang on this board,visit

  • This is a fabulous idea and I totally love it! Gonna do this as I have lotta necklaces thrown away in a drawer and that drawer also isn’t able to accommodate all my neckpieces. With such a display I will also be able to select the one easily that I’m gonna wear today; otherwise I keep hunting them in my drawer. Hehe..

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  • What an absolutely great idea. I just took the door of my wardrobe and could use that.

  • Just wondering but that cute bib necklace with all of the pink and fuscia flowers on it, where did you get it?! That is SO gorgeous!

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  • a Creative design,
    yes,it’s my Favorites

  • I made a necklace rack out of a gigantic old wood framed mirror. It was a mirror for the back of a dresserabout 5 by 6 feet. I drilled tiny holes all over the frame, screwed in a gazillion little cup hooks, and hung a gazillion necklaces and a few moons for witchay ambiance. And then I did the same again with a vert funky looking rustic hand carved mirror above it. This is over a vintage 1920s waterfall vanity with a giant heart full of earrings on top.

  • A much easier way to accomplish this would be to use Command Hooks, available at The Container Store and most hardware stores. Easily press on to any smooth surface, come off easily, leaving no residue or holes. Perfect for dorm rooms, or rentals. Also larger sizes for robes, kitchen items, even some water resistant ones.

  • Ladies, please don’t hang your necklaces. This causes them to stretch over time. I make jewelry and have for a long time so I know what I am talking about. Lay flat in a drawer away from direct sun if you want them to last.


  • Ha! How funny. This is how I keep my wares for my Etsy shop organized & neat until they are ready for a new home! Mine differs in that I have attached two long strips of vintage neon lace across the top, from which I hang my earrings.

    Crafty minds think alike, apparently!


    Dianna |

  • Awesome way to stor,organize and display your Jewerly !

  • displays are really great ways to keep jewellery tidy. i made one myself,

  • That turned out so great! I did a similar thing a while back, but I used a cheap bulletin board insted – even easier + you can pin ear studs right on it:

  • Don’t you love it when you realize your tastes are so refined that everything you have matches very nicely with everything else 🙂 This is beautiful!

  • I want to try this, great idea!

  • I love it, and such a good idea. Where did you get the little white bag from too?

  • Elsie, this is perfect! Like the comment above suggests, it’s perfect for renters, but I am tempted to knock this one straight into the wall! Eeeeep! ABM is always the best place to come for inexpensive home decor ideas. Thank you again, it is always a pleasure to stop by 🙂
    toni xo

  • I absolutely love this!! You can do so much with this simple idea.

  • I like your blog!’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hi Elsie!
    I check your blog religiously and am inspired by you every day:) I have never actually left a comment, so this is a pretty random one to begin with, but here goes.
    I remember a while back you had posted that you were in love with the pink cottage blouse from Anthro (as am I…who couldn’t be?!) Just wanted to let you know that if you haven’t already picked it up, it finally went on sale this morning so you might want to check it out:) It’s still 100 bucks, but better than the original price.
    Like I said, that was randomness at it’s best, but there you go. Thanks for adding a little creative wonder to my everyday:)

  • Love it!

    I made this some weeks ago… i am so proud!

  • I have plans to do this on the side of my dresser! Thanks for the great idea!

  • Elsie, this is a personalized must have! Thanks for sharing. I’m doing a personalized one for myself as well =)

  • This is seriously an awesome idea. Adds so much interest to the walls too!
    Ronnie xo

  • I made something just like this and it’s so useful – probably my favourite craft project from last summer! I chose to use some padded fabric for mine, and made a mosaic edge for it, 🙂

  • I’ve been trying to think of ways to display my jewelry without having to fill my walls with hooks and holes and this looks ideal! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Great job on your board. I used a cork board I bought at Target for $5 then stapled lace on it then pinned my jewelry on there. I also have bigger sized cork boards I purchased at Home depot cut to my specifications then stapled fabric and pinned my jewelry. Hanging art. I really just hate looking through drawers. I got that idea working at Anthropologie eons ago. Also checkout Wendy’s lookbook on you tube for more ideas.

  • I cannot cannot cannot wait for the accompanying tutorial on the clothes rack! I’m practically dying over here! The suspense!

  • ah! And I’ve been detangling my necklaces on a daily basis!
    This will help a bunch!!

  • Love this! You can also make one with a cork board and push pins! 🙂

  • Thanks for thinking of the renters! There’s always a need for more of those projects.

  • My necklaces look like a disaster right now, totally tangled up. Maybe this will be this weekend’s DIY!

  • I have to do this! I bought vintage inspired door knobs to make something like this forever ago and never put it together, thanks for the reminder!!

  • Great tutorial as always! I’m not renting at the moment, but I’m always wary of putting too many holes in the walls…it just feels so permanent, and I like the flexibility of being able to change things up 🙂

  • My kitties would love this a little too much. It would be on the floor by days end.

    xoxo –

  • A clever idea, it would be great to rotate what’s on the board so I can remember to wear all my forgotten goodies.Rx

  • i’ve been trying to think of a way to display my jewelry!

  • This is great. Welcome back Rachel, thanks for the great idea! When I move (hopefully this weekend) I can see using this for all sorts of organization. Paint the background with an image, once could do a photo transfer from other tutorials, hang other gadgets/pouches. Hopefully I can get this on my to-do list!

  • Kristen,

    I used Krylon Spray Paint in celery. I found it at Wal-Mart. I’ve used it on so many things! It’s my current favorite.

  • Puff’s Mommy,
    I think it’s a matter of aesthetics. Cork boards are cheaper and easier but remind me too much of dorm life.

  • Love it! Question.. I love the minty color you choose. Would you mine sharing the paint color?

  • Very clever! I think I’m actually going to give this a go because it would make for a great display when I sell at the markets. Thank you :). x

  • Very cute! I’m also looking for a good way to display earrings, if the DIY gurus at a beautiful mess have any ideas…

  • Looking forward to the day that you own a home because if this is what you can produce with a rental, the skys the limit for your own abode!


  • Why not just by a framed corkboard and paint that? It would save time and money, plus, it would be easier to change up the display later on. I’ve done corkboards for displays for years.

  • great idea! xx sophia look around

  • I love that you included bags in the photo. If you hadn’t, I might not have ever thought of that!

  • Such a simple and useful diy, love how long it is.


  • Great idea… i always misplace my necklaces. I love this!

  • love this! i saw it on rachel’s blog and couldn’t wait for the diy 🙂

  • Super cute! A friend of mine made me a super cute jewelry hanger out of an old frame, cardboard, tulle, knobs, and some mod podge:

  • It looks so adorable!! I want something like this for my bedroom, I’ll ask for my dad’s help 😛

  • what a great way to organize!

  • Lovely project! I’ve done a similar display using a corkboard but this looks even prettier.

  • awesome! I have actually been thinking about trying something like this for my displays for art shows. I think this one turned out really great.

  • Thanks for thinking of the renters! There’s always a need for more of those projects.

  • I love this. I just put push pins in my wall, but this is way cuter! I can’t wait to see the clothes rack DIY! ♥

  • This looks fantastic. I’ve been using a cork board and push pins for my necklaces, but I prefer your way of a tall board that can lean against an unused part of the wall.

  • I’m a chronic renter too and am always getting in trouble for drilling holes in my wall. This is a great idea that will save me lots of money when I move out 🙂

  • This is such a great idea. I just took the door of my wardrobe and could use that.

  • Awesome. I love how you added the small handbags too =)

    – Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  • This is so smart! My necklaces are just in a bowl by the bed, and I always forget I have them! Welcome back, Rach!

  • Great idea! I’m planning somthing like this but just for necklaces.

  • What an absolutely great idea. My necklaces look like a disaster right now, totally tangled up. Maybe this will be this weekend’s DIY!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Such a brilliant project, so simple but with such a beautiful result!

  • Love this! A brilliant idea for renters, indeed! I’d need to add a square of mesh for earrings, though. They’re my favorite thing to collect 🙂

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