DIY Kitchen Pegboard

Make your own peg boardDiy pots and pans pegboard
My kitchen is tiny. I’m not complaining. It could be worse. My first apartment didn’t even have a kitchen, just a toaster oven on a counter. 🙂 Back when I was house shopping for my first home, I really, really wanted to find something with a somewhat spacious kitchen.

Turns out that a spacious kitchen didn’t really fit in my budget. I still love my house and my little kitchen though! The lack of space has pushed me to try and find more creative ways to manage my growing collection of kitchen stuff.

Diy peg boardMy house does not have a pantry, only a few kitchen shelves to fit all my non refrigerated goods. I decided that if I found a new place to house my pots and pans then I could free up more cabinet space for groceries. I decided to create a pegboard since I have always loved Julia Child’s. Here’s what I did:

Kitchen pegboard suppliesFirst, I bought two pegboards and five pieces of bracing wood that were the same length as the pegboard. I painted my pegboard and wood to match an accent wall in my living room. Keep in mind you don’t have to paint every side if you plan to secure it all directly into the wall.

How to hang a kitchen pegboardNext, secure the wood into the wall. My dad helped me with this part. 🙂 You can see that we are basically creating a frame for each of the pegboards. Now screw the pegboards into their frames.

Paint pen detailsPots and pans crime sceneI used a white paint pen to to add outlines to each of the items I planned to hang. I did this by hanging them how I wanted, tracing the outside of each item (simplifying the shapes if needed) and then I drew over the tracing with a paint pen.

I’m not the best at drawing (I actually got a “C” in Drawing I in college) but I really like how it turned out. My brother said it looks like a pots and pans crime scene (think chalk outlines from CSI or something). Ha!

Diy kitchen peg boardI love how my new pegboard turned out and I’m stoked about all the extra space it freed up in my kitchen cabinets. Yay! I’m easily excited, apparently. xo. Emma

  • I am surprised to see you use those manual crank mixers!
    I would love if you could share the exact hook hardware you used.

  • I actually have a fairly large kitchen and lots of storage, but this idea is so cool and artsy. I’m going to do this in my kitchen also.

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  • Thank you for the idea! My space was too small for pegboards so I had so make something different but this made me do it!

  • This is a great idea that can be quite versatile. We have a good-sized kitchen but have a pegboard in the pantry. Really makes life simple. What I’m really Jonesing about is your awesome table! What a great idea! The legs are the same ones my mom had on her home-made table when I was a kid. The table then was a laminated door. Great minds think alike.

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  • Sarah- Yes, we made the table too. You can find it here:

  • But what about that kitchen table? Did you make it? It’s awesome, and is inspiring me to use the pallet in my garage!

  • I also always been crazy about Julia Child’s kitchen style and I just love this tutorial. I’m keeping this post on my liked one for the day that I will have a house!

    olive xox

  • We have just moved to a bigger house but the kitchen is smaller, so this would be ideal.


  • That’s so useful and special! Now ground is so expensive and if the kitchen is so small, this is a good idea!

  • This is so awesome!!! I don’t have the wall space for it in my kitchen, but it would be perfect to have something like this in the garage to keep all my gardening tools organized. Such a cute & clever idea!

  • I would totally need that outline to remind me where to put them after using them! Such a great idea emma 🙂


  • Gorgeous! I do have a question about the hanging light fixture above your pallet table. Did I miss a blog post on how to make this or?

  • omg thank you so much, I have a small kitchen and i´m always looking for ideas to make some space and I love this Idea 😀

  • for small space living this is such a great idea. I believe my husband and I are the owners of the world’s tiniest kitchen (at least stateside) and it’s a great meld of style & function.

  • Cara- Mine are not really hooks. They look more like little posts that stick straight out of the pegboard. I got them at Lowe’s. I described my project to an employee and that’s what they recommended. So far so good. 🙂

  • I did the same thing with my kitchen. Gotta love Julia Child inspired stuff!

  • We just made one of these in my kitchen & I love everything but the hardware/hooks. They are way too short & sometimes fall out when I pull a pot off the board. Do you like your hooks? Where did you get them?

  • I have that same dandilion light fixture hagging in my bedroom! How cool! Did you get it from IKEA?


  • Good idea! I need to figure out some way of improving storage in my own kitchen but I’m reluctant to hang things on the wall because next door’s washing machine is a bit… eh… over-enthusiastic…

  • I really like that idea to see all and If I need something.. It is great. Have a nice day.

  • Oh my god, I love this! We’ve been racking our brains trying to figure out how we’re going to deal with our exploding kitchen-ware, and now I have something to suggest. Finally! Thank you =]

  • How cute, easy, cheap and green idea is that! 😀

    And if Julia Child’s had one, I think I most have one like that in my home!


  • This is a great idea. I also have a tiny kitchen — I love any freeing up space ideas! 😀

  • What a great idea! First time to these pages, and I’m sure it wont be my last 🙂

  • I’ve wanted to do this for a while now but I’m having trouble finding a big enough space to actually place the pegboard. Small kitchens!

  • i just got that same dandelion light for my room! i love this idea for the peg board! very cool.

  • This is super cute. When I was growing up, my Mother had something like this, only her’s was antique kitchen gadgets.

    I love the idea of combining practicality with art. 🙂

  • what a fabulous idea! wish i would of had this idea in some of the spaces i lived before my house. i had some tiny kitchens. in our home our kitchen is by no means large…but it doesn’t have a full wall either. haha. also…i love your kitchen table!

  • Amazing !!
    Check out my new post: ‎

  • This really is a wonderful idea. My boyfriend and I just recently moved into our new apartment and out kitchen is tiny. We can barely fit in there together but we have so many cupboards and shelves, somehow everything has its place without the kitchen looking too crammed.

  • Did you purchase or make the cool white chandelier thing above your table!? If you made it, I’d like to see thaaaaat DIY. I want one of those things in MY room!!
    Tessa Lynn

  • Love this! But what did you use the actually hang the pans? Just simple hooks?

  • Pinning it for future renovation. My kitchen is also petite, but I love it 🙂

  • Brianna,
    Hi! Emma’s table is homemade. You can see the instructions here-


  • The outline is really inspiring, love it so much… very cute, thanks for sharing 😀

  • Oh I just love this! My first apartment was SO tiny that I got pegboards and used them for my office/crafting supplies. I definitely dig this and I really like the white outlines! I thought the same thing about the crime scene but I love!

  • I have a friend who uses this idea in the garage for the tool. A good idea to do this för the “kitchen tools” 🙂

  • This is ridiculously awesome! It so aesthetically pleasing and I bet you have a ton of free space! I definitely want to try it myself!

  • You are seriously like the most creative people on the planet. Always blowing me away. LOVE this.

  • This is lovely, I wish I could do something like this but my kitchen is literally the size of a shoe box!

    Your table is gorgeous also, did you make it or buy it?

  • love this! we put together one for our last apartment because there was so little storage – we spray painted it a deep red that matched a lot of our appliances and so many people asked if it was pottery barn or martha stewart when really it was $15 worth of supplies from lowes 🙂

  • While I am not partial to the white outlines, I like the concept and the color. This would be great in my little kitchen.

  • I love this DIY! You’re really creative! I really love the outline you added! Definitely adds a quirky touch 😀

  • So cute that you Dad is your helper & even let’s you take photos! I love this idea for my craft shanty!! Bonus is there is already a pegboard up so now I just need to paint and do body chalk lines…lol crime scene that’s funny. Thanks Emma!!

  • We put one of these up in our kitchen and we love how accessible all our pots and pans are. We use baskets hung on the board to hold miscellaneous items such as the citrus zester and garlic press and use magnets to hold our knives onto it. Love the black!

  • This is so being done in my house when I get older.

    This blog is wonderful and I love looking through your posts!

  • Oh! And if you have spatulas/spoons/other utensils that don’t have holes on the handles, a plier hook works really well!

    Something like this:

    Or something like this:

  • I didn’t know Julia Child’s had a peg board. This is a really great idea for a small kitchen! I love the outlines kitchen CSI indeed lol

  • I love how you made the pots and pans into artwork! Two purposes: my favorite <3

  • Hi Elsie and Emma,
    I just want to thank you guys for all the work you put into your blog. It’s great fun to read and the ideas are amazing 😉 Keep it up <3

  • Hahaha, I just saw the last picture in this post on Pinterest and thought, WOW that pallet table looks just like Emma’s! I love the new pegboard, it’s really cute!

  • Sigh. I so wish I had the wall space for something like this! Very cute!

  • This is something worthy of excitement! What an awesome way to free up cabinet space and make a focal point too.
    Catherine Denton

  • I love hanging pots and pans!

    xo Jennifer

  • I Love this! And I especially love the table- such a unique piece!

    xx Kait

  • That’s super cute! I’d love to have one in a fun colour like, pink or mint green. 🙂


  • I was actually going to email you guys with this DIY a couple of days ago, but it wasn’t quite polished enough! Haha, that’s awesome. Great minds think alike! My husband and I own a rowhome in Roebling, NJ (quirky, tiny old steel mill town in NJ. Our house was built in 1909.) The kitchen is small and poorly set up. We have an OK amount of cabinets but it’s a galley-like set-up (all counter and appliance on one wall, and narrow.) No pantry or anything, and no room for open shelving with the current layout. I use two of these pegboards; one on the kitchen wall, and one that hangs inside of a closet door just outside of the kitchen. For the one inside of the closet, I actually use pegs that stick out a bit more so I can hang more than one pan or pot from a single hook. For the one on the kitchen wall, it’s more like your set up. It looks less cluttered that way.

    Anyway, awesome DIY! I love the black with the white outline. Man, I love his website.

  • Super cute! My new apartment has very little kitchen space (we had to get a cart to host our microwave and about half the pantry items) so we’ve been very inventive as well.

  • This is so awesome! Thanks so much. I am definitely doing this. My boyfriend needs a better layout for when he’s cooking for me 😉

  • How cute!!! I wish I had the space for this!!! =)

  • That’s awesome! I’m definitely taking notes!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • My apartment has this freaky mirror above the kitchen sing. I was going to put a corkboard over it, but this seems so much cooler. Thank you for sharing Emma!

  • I love this…especially the tracing. I have a serious storage issue in my kitchen. Hmmm…

  • this is awesome! i’ve got a teeny tiny kitchen too. thanks for the inspiration.

  • It does look like a kitchen crime scene 😀
    Where did you find the metal hangers ?

  • I love all your projects that include “Dad helped”! This is so you, Emma…..your artwork IS your cooking! Very clever!

  • Such a good use of space and a cute display… this is a great DIY! Thanks 🙂

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