DIY Kitchen Pegboard

Make your own peg boardDiy pots and pans pegboard
My kitchen is tiny. I'm not complaining. It could be worse. My first apartment didn't even have a kitchen, just a toaster oven on a counter. 🙂 Back when I was house shopping for my first home I really, really wanted to find something with a somewhat spacious kitchen. Turns out that a spacious kitchen didn't really fit in my budget. I still love my house and my little kitchen though! The lack of space has pushed me to try and find more creative ways to manage my growing collection of kitchen stuff.Diy peg boardMy house does not have a pantry, only a few kitchen shelves to fit all my non refrigerated goods. I decided that if I found a new place to house my pots and pans then I could free up more cabinet space for groceries. I decided to create a pegboard since I have always loved Julia Child's. Here's what I did:Kitchen pegboard suppliesFirst I bought two pegboards and five pieces of bracing wood that were the same length as the pegboard. I painted my pegboard and wood to match an accent wall in my living room. Keep in mind you don't have to paint every side if you plan to secure it all directly into the wall.How to hang a kitchen pegboardNext you secure the wood into the wall. My dad helped me with this part. 🙂 You can see that we are basically creating a frame for each of the pegboards. Now screw the pegboards into their frames.Paint pen detailsPots and pans crime sceneI used a white paint pen to to add outlines to each of the items I planned to hang. I did this by hanging them how I wanted, tracing the outside of each item (simplifing the shapes if needed) and then I drew over the tracing with a paint pen. I'm not the best at drawing (I actually got a "C" in Drawing I in college) but I really like how it tured out. My brother said it looks like a pots and pans crime scene (think chalk outlines from CSI or something). Ha!Diy kitchen peg boardLove how my new pegboard turned out and I'm stoked about all the extra space it freed up in my kitcen cabinets. Yay! I'm easily excited, apparently. xo. Emma

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