DIY: Leg Warmers [from Promise]

Don’t freeze trying to pull off those spring looks too early. Make some easy DIY leg warmers from your old sweater pile, and throw them on with a cute sundress.  Years ago in High School I would lock myself in my room on snow days tearing up my clothes and sewing them back together again in new ways. It was soo much fun to go back to school with new creations. This DIY was one of my favorite ones from those good old days. 

1. You will need an old ugly sweater either from your grandpa, your give away pile, or your local thrift shop. The thicker the sweater the better. You will also need a pair of scissors, and a thick piece of ribbon or a scarf that you don’t mind cutting up.

2. Cut off both arms of the sweater.

3. Cut a LONG thick strip of your patterned scarf, or your piece of ribbon. The length must be long enough to wrap around your ankle a few times.

4. Weave your fabric strip through the sweater holes near the end that you cut off. Weave the fabric all the way around and tie a cute bow.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other leg warmer.

6. Put your new leg warmers on your leg (arm whole first). Tie the bow tighter around your ankle and position the bow near the front of your foot. 

7. Cut off excess ribbon.


8. Slip on a cute pair of flats and you are ready to ROCK!

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day! Promise

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  • I just made these the other day, it took me only fifteen minutes! I love this DIY project, super adorable and easy! What a awesome idea for using old sweaters! 🙂

  • i made these and wore them and have so many complements on them. i love them

    -alaska chick

  • Awesome!! Great idea share here. I never see such smart way to make leg warmer. The design of leg warmer is very beautiful which is originally sweater arm.

  • It’s creative ideas like this that keep everyone excited and wanting more! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

    (The bows at the bottom are SOOO cute <3)

  • I have been collecting wool sweaters for mittens and hat NOW i can add leb warmers!LOVE the idea!

  • Don’t know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one

  • LOVE! Heading to the thrift store today, can’t wait to make some for myself! Looks like a great present too… 🙂

    Just one thing… is there any problem with them unraveling at the bottom?

  • Wouldn’t the bottom of the leg warmers fray because they were knit, and had their stitches severed?

  • How do you keep them from unraveling tho? Once you cut the sweater sleeves won’t the sleeves eventually unravel?

  • These are so cute! Just a question… doesn’t the yarn fray/come undone on the cut edge? Want to try it but a little worried about that. Thanks for posting it… I’ve only just found your blog and I’m so glad I did 🙂

  • Wow, this is really cool. Just imagine the attention that you will get when you have those things around with you. Both are really awesome combination if you were to ask me.

  • I was intrigued and impressed by this article. Huge thumbs up. Many thanks.

  • How popular are these? I haven’t seen any anywhere, but I can see some friends of mine that might want some.

  • really cool, I’ll try to create them 🙂 where can I find other ideas like this?

  • this is the only way to solve these kind problems so keep going, and never give up.

  • Ok, those are really cute. I wanted to hate them, but I just can’t! The ties on the bottom make them them great, and I love that you started with an ugly sweater:)

  • awesome! ..and i’m sure you could probably come up with something just as cool with the excess material from the sweater. Do share!

  • Oh my….these are the cutest diy leg warmers ever!! 🙂 Love em to bits! (And the sweater you used looks so soft!)

  • Leg warmers are my (not so) guilty pleasure. I’ll have to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great idea! Thanks Elsie! By the way, I am so excited about the RVA Spring collection coming out, I have been checking in everyday in anticipation! Have a wonderful day!

  • On my gosh the legwarmers are so incredibly cute.My daughter would defintely rock those !!! I just love your blog. Elsie you are a inspiration to ALL CRaftErs.YOU are a work of ART..

  • I just love legwarmers, and this idea is so great!!! How do you keep the yarn from unraveling??

  • Those are so chic! I love wristwarmers, especially for computerwork – why not thry some of those?

  • Hey Nicole,
    No need to sew the ends if the sweater is really really thick. The ribbon is all you need. 🙂

  • This is adorable! Do you have to sew the end of the sleeves that you cut so the bottom of the legwarmers don’t unravel?

  • These are adorable – I hope I remember to make them when its cool here. Its stinking hot again today.

  • What a neat idea! I definitely want to try this. Or maybe you could just give me yours? 😉

  • this is TOOO cute! i really love the fabric strip detail along the bottom. i totally want one just like this one, hehe. i’m sure i could dig up an old sweater that doesn’t fit anymore…. =)

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