DIY Lip Balm

DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! Hi there! We’re Britta & Carli from Twinspiration, and we’re thrilled to joining the ABM team, as we’ve been longtime fans. Every month we’ll be bringing you small & useful DIY projects that you can conquer in one day! We’ve been blogging for over three years now and what was once just a hobby has turned into our greatest passion. We hope you enjoy our projects here on A Beautiful Mess!

Let us just say that this is one of our favorite projects for a couple of reasons—it’s super easy and useful. What more could you ask for in a DIY project?! You’ll see that most of our DIYs fall into both of those categories. We love a good, easy project. Once in awhile we enjoy challenging projects that push our DIY skills, but easy is our jam.

We’ve made these balms a few times now, and we love how easy it is to switch them up. For summer months, we love mixing in grapefruit essential oil, but this time around, we went with peppermint since it just felt right for wintertime.

DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial!Supplies (for two lip balms):
gold tins
-1 tablespoon coconut oil
-1 tablespoon beeswax pellets
-1 teaspoon almond oil
-essential oils (we used peppermint)
E600 glue 

Once you have everything together, here’s how you make the lip balm:

Step One: In a small dish mix together the coconut oil, beeswax pellets, and almond oil.

Step Two: Microwave for 1 minute, stir, and then microwave for one more minute. We microwaved the ingredients on 100% heat. Caution—dish will be hot!

DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! Step Three: Now remove dish from microwave and immediately add 20-30 drops of your essential oil. This may seem like a lot, but you need it to be strong enough to cut through the smell of the coconut oil.

DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! Step Four: Next, pour the mixture into your gold tin. Stop pouring when you reach the top of the tin. No worries if you pour too much, it’s pretty simple to clean up! Allow to cool for 15 minutes, until solid. We like to let ours cool for at least an hour to be on the safe side, but they do solidify fast. Tip—work over wax paper for easy clean up!

DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! Step Five: Last but not least, glue your beads to the gold tin lid using your E6000 glue. We like to use beads with different textures to make it more interesting. Any pattern will do.

DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! DIY Lip Balm- click through for the full tutorial! Overall we love how these little balms turned out and the process was way easier than expected. We’ve found they make perfect gifts for your friends & family… our mom uses hers every day! Make a bunch and give out for birthdays, everyone will love them. –Britta & Carli Garsow

Credits // Author and Photography: Britta & Carli Garsow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I love this idea, i cant believe how many ingredients are in some products. My quick question is….can you suggest an alternative to Almond oil? My daughter is allergic to nuts so it would be nice to make her own.

    Cheers from Australia

  • Love this idea and the decor of the box! But not a big fan of E6000- I used to use it for my blog DIY tutorials but THE SMELL !!!!!

  • A good hobby, I discovered the essential oils a few years ago and it is still very pleasant. Create a new blends of essential oils is interesting and exciting.

  • Will this work with making tube versions too? I don’t really like to use tins and I find them unsanitary because as often as I hydrate my lips, I can’t always have 100% clean hands.

  • I love the way you elevated the look of this with the beads & embellishments! Something I hadn’t considered when I make my own natural beauty products. Excited to see more easy tutorials from you!

  • Ohhh those are beads on the tin- I thought they were vitamins? hahah This is a great idea!

  • this post is very helpful and I Love it! Thanks for sharing and please take
    a minute to check out my latest post too if you can, I would love to
    hear your thoughts.
    Looking forward to your next one 🙂 xxx

  • This is such a great DIY gift idea. I will include it to my to do list and link to this post. Awesome!

  • My family goes through a lot of lip balm. I definitely want to try making these! I also appreciate your philosophy on easy DIY projects. So much more fun when they actually get done.

  • What a pretty packaging idea!!

    Heads up though, loves, grapefruit oil is phototoxic and can burn your lips if applied and exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time. Bad idea for summer, especially at such a high ratio! A better choice might be spearmint or lavender!


  • This is such an easy craft! And the little tins are so cute. 🙂

  • I love homemade lip balms and will have to give this recipe a try!

  • Sounds perfect! I definitely need to start making my own as I prefer to know what’s going on my skin!

  • I love this idea! Way more cost efficient than buying lip balm and losing it once a month ?

  • This look like a very easy and helpful DIY !! I love the decoration too, very nice 🙂 Xx

  • Just in time… I recently found out my lip balm is long expired… I mean, it was manufactured in 2011 (LOL).

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • This is awesome!! I never knew creating lip balms was so easy. Thanks for sharing
    – Belen from A Hint of Life

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