DIY LOVE: part 3

Ok… One last installment of DIY LOVE for now. Here are a few more of my favorite recent DIYs & tomorrow I have a project of my own (actually it’s a collaboration with a friend!) to share! Here’s a hint… it’s something cute for the Holidays that I haven’t seen before…yay! 

1. Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial by Danielle. These are so gorgeous. I will try this one eventually, without a doubt! b e a u t i f u l. 

Fabric-pumpkin-DIY  Picture 4

Picture 5 Picture 62. Granny Square Slippers! 

Granny-square-slippers (photo creditpattern source

This looks seriously fun. I love granny squares…. 


The next thing I really want to crochet is a dress. That probably sounds crazy, but I have a really cute idea. 

3. This pattern for russian nesting doll cards is SO cute! in love. 

Nesting dolls card DIY patternXOXO. Elsie 


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