DIY Midcentury-Style Plant Stand

Make this little wooden plant stand to add height to your larger houseplants.Hey, it’s Mandi! You guys, this project is so easy I almost feel like I shouldn’t be calling it a project. It’s a pretty simple concept that’s not really anything new—attach legs to wood and call it a plant stand! But I think this little guy has plenty of style, fits in well with my midcentury-style ranch, and is the perfect accessory for my indoor plant family.

I only have a couple of larger indoor plants, and they just looked so awkward sitting next to each other. I decided the two pots needed some variety in height, but I didn’t want to just set one of them on the ground. I needed a short stand to give one of the pots a little lift, but I didn’t like anything I was seeing at the stores. In my best Underdog voice inside my head I thought, “There’s no need to fear—the hardware store is near!” After grabbing a few supplies, I got right to work, and before I knew it, my two large houseplants were getting along together just fine.

Make this little wooden plant stand to add height to your larger houseplants.Supplies I purchased:
-wooden circle: $6.65
-three 4″ wooden tapered legs: $3.98 each; $11.98 total
-three mounting plates for legs: $1.68 each; $5.04 total

Total cost plus tax: $25.10

Supplies I had on hand:
-wood stain: around $4 at most stores

-wood sealer: around $4.50 at most stores
-paint brush
-power drill

Total cost including stain & sealer: $33.60

Savings tip: If you have a jigsaw and scrap lumber, you can cut your own circles like I did for this other plant stand project.

(The prices listed are what I paid at my local Lowes store.)Make this little wooden plant stand to add height to your larger houseplants.Step One: Stain the wooden circle and legs with a paint brush or rag. If you use a paint brush, you will need to clean the brush with paint brush cleaner or mineral spirits. If you use a rag, be sure to soak it afterwards and dispose of it at a hazardous waste disposal site.

Step Two: Seal the wood with a wax or polyurethane of your choice. You may be dripping water onto this stand, so a water-based sealant is probably not your best option here. I used leftover glaze that I had in my supplies stash; otherwise, I would have just used a basic polyurethane spray.Make this little wooden plant stand to add height to your larger houseplants.Step Three: Attach the leg-mounting plates equidistant around the edge of the wooden circle. Make sure you’re attaching these to the rough side of the wood, not the nicer side.

Step Four: Screw the legs into the mounting plates.

Make this little wooden plant stand to add height to your larger houseplants.Make this little wooden plant stand to add height to your larger houseplants.What’d I tell ya? Easy as pie! In fact, much easier than pie if you ask me. Do you think you’ll give it a go?

Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Spring and Valentine of the Signature Collection

  • I am having trouble finding the tapered legs, where did you get them?

  • Do you think 8″ legs would work as well? I’m having trouble finding 4″ in that style.

  • The large one is from amazon ( and the other one in the background is from Ikea.

  • I really appreciate this info! I’ve been wanting to find some insights on finding a quality tiered plant stand for my mom, and this helped a ton. I’m excited to learn more about it, and find a plant stand that she will love.

  • Sure! I’ve had difficulty finding affordable large white pots, but this large one is from amazon ( and the other one in the background is from Ikea.

  • Some are certainly easier than others, in that they don’t require as much sun or watering. But it seems (in my experience) large houseplants are trickier. I have a tall Bird of Paradise that has done well in front of a window (I rotate it once a week) and a big split-leaf philodendron that requires a bit less light. The philodendron really spread out, though, and I don’t really have the space for it. It’s turned out to be quite the awkward guy and I might banish him to the porch for the Summer.

  • I found them at Lowes, but I’ve also found them at other local hardware stores. Sometimes they don’t have all heights available, so in the past I’ve had to call around to save myself the driving around town.

  • I got this set from Lowes, but I’ve found them at other hardware stores too.

  • Sure thing! I got it from Urban Outfitters a few years ago.

  • Nice… So simple & sturdy. Wouldn’t it look fun to paint them in different colored stains? Red!

  • I love the look of the wood with the plants! I don’t know what it is about them, make because tree are made out of wood and they’re plants? Wow I don’t know what I’m thinking anymore. But this stools look so cute and adorable, I’d love to make one for my living room! 🙂

  • Simplicity & teeny tiny legs.

    I hope you have a beautiful day!!!

    xoxo, the bbb blogger

  • This is so stinkin’ cute! Doing this as soon as I move into my new place 🙂

  • Hey Mandi, I love your carpet! It looks so nice and the colours are just perfect. Best Luu

  • Now that’s something different. I like it. It’s a teeny tiny plant table. :] // ☼

  • This is such an awesome and simple DIY! I’d love to do this for some of the plants I have. Where did you get the midcentury legs from?


  • this is so freaking cute! those little legs are adorable!


  • Cute! So much better than plant stands I’ve bought in the past – and a similar price! Totally want to make one of these.

  • This is a lovely idea! It’s so small and cute too. I want one 🙂


    Laurali Star

  • So darn sweet! What a great way to display your plants!

  • I bet you could find a wooden circle like that at hobby lobby and use you app for the 40% off coupon! I’m going to check!

  • the rug also caught my eye 🙂
    can you also share the source of the white plant pots, so simple and pretty.


  • Oh this is perfect and I have just the plant that needs this!

  • Oeh, nice effect of the wood finish! Good idea 🙂
    x Eveline from

  • That’s gorgeous, it makes the plant so much more visible! Great project!

  • Beautiful. But that rug is what totally caught my eye – can I ask, where is it from?!

  • So simple and lovely! I would love to see you guys do a post on what indoor plants you like and what has worked well for you.

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