DIY Monday: Fabric Journals

Journal DIY headerDIY Monday is back! I am so excited to share with you this simple and super fun idea for covering journals…. 

Fabric floral Farbric vintagestep 1: choose some fabric that you love! i buy almost all my fabric from (search under ‘supplies’). i love vintage sheets (like these), cute japanese patterns, and random designer patterns. 

Moleskine journalyou’ll also need a couple moleskine journals (or any paper covered journal… and of course, you can always DIY your own from scratch if you like). i like large journals with unlined pages for sketching!

Ironstep 2: iron your fabric. you won’t want any wrinkles on your book cover. 🙂 

Spray adhesive step 3: trim your fabric so that it’s about 1 inch (on all sides) larger than your book. lay it facing down (so that the backside of the fabric is showing). spray your book cover with spray adhesive & wait about 5 seconds for it to dry just a tiny bit (so it’s not too wet) and turn your book over so that the cover adheres to the back side of the patterned fabric. next, immediately, close your journal and make sure there are no ‘bumps on your fabric… smooth the front and back of the cover with your hands. 

IMG_6154(lay your journals under something heavy for about 10 minutes while the glue dries)

Trim edgesstep 4: trim the fabric right up to the edge of your journals. 

Scraps(pretty scraps… i thought they needed their own photo.)

Sewing machine step 5: add machine or hand stitching to add extra durability to the edges of your journal. this step is optional! 

Machine stitchingYay! your journals are done! I have a few more cute ideas to add a little extra personality to your books…. 

Disappearing penfirst, use a disappearing pen to draw a cute mustache on the top of your journal. 

Fabric paint next, add an outline with some fabric paint and fill in the inside. then use a paint brush to even out the application. 

Floral_journal_DIYta-da! it’s adorable and quirky! another fun idea is to adhere patches to your book cover. 🙂

Floral_journal_samplei want to carry these everywhere! hope you’ve enjoyed DIY monday! XOXO. elsie 

  • WOW! This is like the last year I’ll be able to make these, then I wont be on high school, and stuff. Thanks a lot!!

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  • I love this idea! I am probably using it to cover a commercial organizer I’ve been given.

  • wow. it is unbelievable. I love it so much . Thanks for your sharing. cool .great. I sure I’ll come back soon.

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  • I will use this tutorial for my next sewing class. Thank you

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  • Love it! I featured it on my blog here:

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  • i so totally love the mustache its super cute n i love the whole idea ill try making one for myself… 🙂

  • I cannot wait to make these for my bride’s maid gifts of L-O-V-E. Also, these are bad, bad, bad for my journal addiction. I come up with a reason to get a new one almost every week. I am addicted to the blank page.

  • What a great idea! Only problem is I’m hunting around for blank journals and haven’t been successful in finding any, yet. I have some fabric that is dying to be used and when I eventually find a journal, I’m onto it!

  • one can never have too many notebooks! great diy…i like to do this with scrapbooking paper too.

  • these are adorable…love em’. now if only i had a sewing machine, cause i know my sewing is not all that great. thanks for sharing this DIY.

  • I have been wanting to make fabric journals, so this is perfect. Thanks so much. Love your blog! 🙂

  • You should visit this website:

    It’s were I buy all my fabric, and I though of you 🙂

  • Thank you for a great DIY, I just bought a hole bunch of super pretty, but small, pieces of fabric that needed to be put to use 😀 Will definately make a few of these… Take care! Johanna

  • thanks everyone. :)))
    courtney, this bag is a ‘thrift treasure’. wish i could be more helpful! XO.

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the journal with the merit badges on them! perfect!

  • That is a cute idea! I was wondering where did you get your bag? It is sooooo adorable, i’ve been looking for cute massenger bags and can’t find one i love.

  • But where do you get the great blank journal. I’ve been looking and looking and can’t find the completely plain ones anywhere.

  • i love this idea. i am thinking of making them for my friends as a belated valentines gift.

  • These are adorable and I just so happen to have a bunch of moleskines lying around that could use this DIY!

  • SO cute! I don’t use a journal much, but I could always do it to a photo album 🙂

  • Claudia… the ink disappears (usually in about 24-48 hours!). You can pick these up at any craft store in the sewing section. XOXO.

  • great idea 🙂

    I have a question about the disappearing pen.. what is it exactly? does the ink disappear? and where can I purchase one?

  • super cute elsie, i might have to do this next time i have a blank notebook like those.

  • This is probably really weird for me to post this, but here’s a website for vintage engagment rings. They’re all gorgeous! Thought you might find something you like on it.

  • These are gorgeous! It so happens that I have a couple of blank moleskines and fabric lying around the house, what a timely DIY post 🙂

    Thank you!

  • thanks everyone!!

    kira, these are really pretty. i just browsed through them. we *just* finished ring shopping (yay) or else i would consider one of these vintage beauties. XO.

  • so cute! my boyfriend is a writer and this may be a belated valentine’s day gift. thanks for the inspiration!

  • Oooh, what a great project. If I’m snowed in tomorrow I may just have to make one–or a hundred! Oh, do I have any notebooks?

  • Hi Elsie,
    I really like the mustache one and the badges on is really cute. You are so clever!
    From Emily

  • cant wait to try this. i have a huge collection of vintage fabric i’ve been dying to use..thanks els!

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