DIY Refrigerator Calendar

How to make a magnet calendar for your refrigeratorI've been wanting to make a calendar for my refrigerator for sometime. I have a pretty standard size black refrigerator that came with my home. It's in good working order and matches my black stove/oven but I wanted to add some kind of design element to it since it's just so… black.DIY Refrigerator CalendarElsie used to have a large marker board/magnet calendar from Pottery Barn in one of her past studios. I tried to find a photo online, but I guess they don't carry it anymore. Anyway, I loved the design and decided to create something similar. My brother helped me create print outs of the months, days and numbers with hand drawn circles around each. If you want to make your own you can download them here: Download CalendarEasy tutorial for make a refrigerator calendarSteps for making a magnet calendar for your refrigeratorOnce you print off the sheets, cut around the words and numbers. Then adhere them to magnetic sheets (I needed two of the size you see above). Now cut out your new magnets and hang them on your refrigerator.Magnet Calendar from abeautifulmess.comI really love the simple design and feel like it adds a lot of needed character to my plain refrigerator. I'm excited to move the magnets around and update it as the months go by. xo. Emma

  • That is a brilliant idea and do wanna steal it!!! 🙂 x

  • Thats a nice way to spiffy up the side of a fridge. Too cute.

    Vintagehoneybee.blogspot. com

  • Really love love this idea! And the comment that you could put post underneath. So gonna do this!

  • Love it!! I am a stationery/organisation nut so I would love to try this :))

  • oh, what a cool idea. I want to make this for our REF. I need to bookmark this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This is SO FREAKING CUTE. Brilliant idea, so simple but such a nice touch!


  • Oh inspiration. Same idea with clothespins so I can attach things I need to do/rememeber!


  • This is a really neat idea! I’m definitely going to make one for my refrigerator! xx

  • We always like to have a calendar on our fridge so this is a fab idea!

  • this is a super idea!!! I must do this. I have been loving decorating my fridge with magnets lately. I have loads leftover and a whole other side to fill so this is the next project for sure! thanks for the inspiration! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • So cute! such a fun project!

  • That’s a cute idea. I would love a fridge with chalkboard paint on so that I could draw my own calender every month and write in important dates

  • Love this! Something simple and pretty for a fridge and perfect to keep track of the day! Love it.

  • Wow! Looks like the one I did! But I used a little bit of color! I also added some figures to remember the appointments and it´s available for download at my blog! Take a look if you can, I´ll be glad 🙂

  • You’re kinda, sorta, totally awesome, Emma.

  • What a wonderful idea! Love that you can just change them around for each month


  • Looks like a fun project and a great way to stay organized!

  • Very cool! To take it a step further, maybe laminate the dates so you can write things in the white sections with a dry erase marker. Then it’s functional too!

  • what a wonderful idea! I always wanted a red refrigerator and I am sure this calendar would look great on it. I would add some magnets with quotes, notes and pictures. I love a crowded fridge, all these memories…

  • This is really cute! We’re moving soon so I have a hunch that this is a project I’ll be revisiting soon. And it would be so easy to stick invitations, concert tickets, or appointment cards under the corresponding date magnets to keep track of your month!

  • Really cute idea! I would probably cut out letters for the name of the Month in a cute font….love this idea 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

  • Looks cute! I like how it makes the fridge seem more playful… if that makes sense.

  • Cute! I made one out of little acrylic domed magnets and I shove concert tickets and whatnot under the numbers so 1.) I know I have something happening that day and 2.) the tickets are right there!

    Love the size of this one though. Mine is teeny 🙂

  • Love it! Such a simple way to stay organized! Plus the fridge is the first thing I go to, makes reminders easy and delicious 🙂


  • How nice! You can use the magnets to attach some notes below the dates or some papers that have to be send etc.

    I like the idea very much!

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