DIY Splatter Painted Mirror Wall Art

DIY-Splatter-Painted-Mirror-Wall-Art-Click-Through-for-TutorialEveryone loves a good Ikea hack, do they not? There is just something about adding your own special touch to a piece of plain furniture or decor to really make it yours. Whether you add a bold color to a plain dresser, gradient spray a planter, or in today’s case, DIY splatter painted mirror wall art, a little custom touch is all that is needed. These mirrors started out as cheap $2 white pieces that I have passed over on more than several occasions. But then, all of a sudden, there I was struck with the idea to create a large piece of wall art out of these mirrors. A little bit of paint later, and I am blown away with the transformation! Modern, sleek, and yet colorful. And best of all, you can complete this project in an afternoon!DIY-Splatter-Painted-Mirror-Wall-Art-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-_DIY-Splatter-Painted-Mirror-Wall-Art-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-_Supplies:
16 large framed white mirrors from IKEA
-spray paint
gold paint pen (I have found this to be the best pen for splatter painting)
-masking tapeDIY-Splatter-Painted-Mirror-Wall-Art-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-_Step One: Begin by using your masking tape (washi tape also works) to tape off the mirror portion of each mirror leaving only the frame exposed.

Step Two: Take the mirrors outside and spray paint with your chosen colors, and then let dry fully.DIY-Splatter-Painted-Mirror-Wall-Art-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-_Step Three: Now comes the fun part! Using the gold paint pen, splatter the mirror frames with the gold paint. To do this, vigorously fling the paint pen over the mirrors to release the gold paint in a splatter. Repeat over all the mirrors until you have good splatter coverage, and then let the gold paint dry.DIY-Splatter-Painted-Mirror-Wall-Art-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-_Step Four: Remove the masking tape from the mirrors and hang the mirrors in a 4 by 4 grid pattern on the wall of your choice using wall mounting tape.DIY-Splatter-Painted-Mirror-Wall-Art-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-_DIY-Splatter-Painted-Mirror-Wall-Art-Click-Through-for-Tutorial-_-2Now of course I went super colorful with my DIY splatter painted mirror wall art, but feel free to use all pale pink with the gold splatters or opt for shades of one color for an ombré effect. The fact that you can customize these just the way you want is the beauty of this project! And if you have the paint already on hand like I did, this project comes out to under $40, which is quite a deal for the sheer scale and wow factor this piece brings to the room. xoxo -Kara

Credits // Author and Photography: Kara Whitten. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom.

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