DIY: Spring Baby Cardigan [by Janae]

In high school I wore shrugs all the time. 10 years later, I am wondering how to transform them into something useful.
I guess I just cant let them go! As I was spring cleaning this week, I decided to transform them into cardigans for my daughter Hazel. 
This is super easy! You can hand sew or use a sewing machine. If you do hand sew it, all you need is a measuring tape, needle and thread. So easy!


1.  Measure around child's  torso, chest and around the upper arm. Write down the measurements. I also grabbed one her sweaters and measured it to get an average measurement. 

 2. Put your shrug inside out and lay it flat. Then use the measuring tape to mark the length you intend to use for child. I used pins to mark it.

3. Sew up both side of the shrug, following the measurement points. The arms can be tricky, you may need to fit it on your child a couple of times to get the correct fit. Sew along the marks you have made. I started with the sleeves and worked my way down.


4. Once sides and arms are sewn, check the opening of the neck. This shrug was too big on Hazel's neck area. A fun and quick way to fix that is to sew around the neck and pull the string until the material gathers.

I also added new buttons to make it more fun and colorful!

I always trust my sewing instead of a factory made outfit. Here is your chance to sew the buttons on really well, so little fingers can't tug it off.

Here is the finished product! Depending on the length of the shrug, you can pair them with tights or put it over a sweet spring dress.

*Isn't this DIY adorable? Thank yous to Janae Hardy for sharing this beautiful project today. Check out her blog if you haven't yet! She's amazing. XO. elsie  

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