DIY Stripe Doorway… with washi tape!

Interior Washi Tape!A little while ago I purchased some extra large interior washi tape from Etsy. I wasn’t sure what I would use it for, until I had the idea to give this doorway a little pop of color and texture. This project was so much fun, not too time consuming and it’s totally “renter friendly” too!

I love the look of painted stripes in home decor, but I’ve shyed away from them in the past because they look so time consuming. God knows I’m no perfectionist, so this method was the perfect alternative!

Washi Tape Stripe Doorway DIYWashi Tape Stripe Doorway DIYI used nearly a whole roll of salmon and mint along with some painter’s tape from the hardware store to complete our doorway. It took me a few hours of taping and trimming with scissors. Totally fulfilling for anyone who loves instant gratification projects! 😉

Washi Tape Stripe Doorway DIY Washi Tape Stripe Doorway DIY Washi Tape Stripe Doorway DIY Washi Tape Stripe Doorway DIY Best part is… eventually, when I get tired of it, it will be super easy to remove! I love constantly changing our living space, so that possibility excites me!

Do you have any fun weekend projects planned? xo. elsie

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