DIY Twist-Back Top

DIY Twist Back Top (click through for instructions)Hey, friends, it's Katie here to share a fun way to cut up your T-shirts today. Clothing modification is one of my very favorite types of DIY. It's fun to take a simple, plain top and give it a little flair. True, sometimes nothing beats a good, plain tee, but other times you buy multiples of the same top (guilty and guilty), and it's fun to experiment! If you're looking for a twist (hee hee) on the traditional tee, give this a shot!

-T-shirt you don't mind cutting up

-extra jersey fabric
-sewing machine

Step 1- remove the back panel of a tshirtNow, before you do that thing I typically do where I get intimidated right off the bat by a project, let me just say that, yes, this DIY requires a sewing machine… BUT, we're just sewing a straight line here. Beginner level stuff! You can do it!

Step One: Remove the back panel of a T-shirt. Try to cut this as evenly as possible.

Step 2- pin the sides and hemStep Two: Fold the edges into the inside of the tee and pin into place. Now let's run this through our sewing machine. Again, make sure your fold is facing the inside of the T-shirt. It's always annoying to accidentally sew something inside out. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3- pin the twisted fabric in placeStep 3- pin the twist pieces in placeStep Three: Now that we've created the new hem, take your extra jersey fabric, and twist and pin in to place. My pieces were about 7" x 3 1/2". Use a tape measure to place the pieces evenly.

Step 4- sew the twist pieces in placeStep Four: Carefully sew the twisted strips in place, trying to follow the previous hem line. Remember, your shirt should still be inside out at this point! It's okay if you get a little off the hem line. Jersey is pretty forgiving. Do your best not to stretch the fabric as you go.

DIY Twist Back Top (click through for instructions)Twist Back Top DIY (click through for instructions)Twist Back Shirt DIYThis is such a breezy and cool top to wear in the summer months! Now throw on a cute, strappy bra, and enjoy your new shirt! xo. Katie

Credits // Author and Photography: Katie Shelton. Photos edited with Imogen from the Folk Collection and Spring from the Signature Collection.

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