DIY Wooden Bead Chandelier

Love this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier - Click for tutorial Lighting projects can instantly up the style and feel of a space. Oftentimes it gives the space the extra detail it needs to put it over the top! We were dying to make a wooden bead chandelier, and we love how it all came together. The raw wood beads are my favorite! I love the organic feel of them.

Love this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier - Click for tutorialSupplies:
-1 hanging basket
-white spray paint
-approximately 700 5/8″ wood beads
-approximately 130 1/2″ wood beads
-white cotton string
hack saw or Dremel tool (optional)

Love this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier - Click for tutorial Start by stringing one small (1/2″) bead on about 12-18″ of string. We tied the small bead to one end of the string and then added eight of the larger (5/8″) beads to make one strand of beads. Set aside and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Love this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier - Click for tutorial Spray paint your basket any color you choose. Once you have several dozen strands made and your basket is completely dry, you will begin attaching the strands to your basket using a double (or triple!) knot. Trim excess string with scissors.

Love this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier - Click for tutorial We used about 85 strands of beads. This is when a Netflix binge is totally acceptable. Oh, FYI: when we had 80 something strands tied, we decided we didn’t want our chandelier to be 4 tiers and quite as big, so we removed the top chains, removed the top tier of the basket with a hack saw and reattached the chains. This is totally optional, and if you want an even larger chandelier, by all means keep the top tier. You will need more wood beads if you choose to keep the top tier.

Love this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier - Click for tutorial Love this DIY Wood Bead Chandelier - Click for tutorial This project is super simple but pretty time consuming. It took two full evenings of making the strands. I love it as an accent piece, but it would also be easy and functional to add a plugin light to it. We absolutely love how it turned out and now we want to add wooden beads to everything! Aren’t they so fun? –Mallory & Savannah

Credits//Author and Photography: Mallory and Savannah. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • These a beautiful! I love them!! I have not been able to find a metal basket with 2 rows like this. In order to make it look tiered I feel like it needs both. Would you mind sharing a link where you purchased them?

  • Where did you purchase so many beads? Did you find a bulk site?
    Very Nicely Done.

  • Can I ask how much you spent on beads and where you got them? Just debating if I should go through Amazon or a craft store. Thanks!

  • Looks amazing! Do you have a good source for that many beads? I’ve been looking online and haven’t had great luck with the bulk amounts needed! Thanks!

  • So cool! I’m really curious though how it looks in the dark. Does the light come through it? Is it possible to tell or make a photo?

  • wow this looks so amazing <3
    I love it so cool and such an amazing idea!!!
    so simple and easy but pretty

  • This is simply stunning! I love the juxtaposition between the fancy chandelier vibe & the laid back natural wood beads.

  • This is so beautiful! I love your DIYs! Quick question: where did you source the wooden beads? I assume you would need to buy in bulk. Thanks!

  • Yes, I have saved this post to post on my DIY wedding blog.This is definitely one of my favorite posts. You will find your post on in the near future—if not today. I will send a pingback your way when I do. Thanks!

    – YoSantana

  • This looks awesome! Very nice job. Where did you find the wooden beads? I’ve had trouble locating wooden beads in different sizes at places, like Michaels lately. Thanks!

  • So pretty!!!! But can we talk wood beads for a sec… CRAZY $$$ for large ones (even for the non pre-drilled ones). ugh.

    I love the raw wood look!

  • I love this, though I would love to stain the beads in different shades and get a bit of a stained ombre look…. hmmmmmm

  • I love this! The effect belies how easy (if time consuming) it seems to have been to make!

  • Wow, looks like a lot of work but it’s totally worth it! Very cool idea!

  • This looks like something you would buy in a store! It looks awesome! I cannot believe that is a wire hanging basket!

  • Wow, your chandelier turned out great! I also love that gold mirror in your last photo.

  • I absolutley love this idea! I think I would paint the beads flat white and maybe a metallic gold? Brilliant DIY 🙂

  • This is such an amazing idea, and it looks so pretty. I love your DIYs! <33

    Valentina from

  • WOW!!! This does not look “homemade” at all but like an expensive piece of art. According to your instructions, it doesn’t even sound that hard. What a brilliant idea, ladies 🙂


  • oh my goodness, so cool! It’s one of these projects that the moment you see the tutorial you have an AHA! moment, the feeling of “I have to try this!”

    thanks for that 🙂

    with love from

  • it’s so New Orlean’s style…

    & if you want to know what are brands like Dior or Calvin Klein doing to get GenerationZ’s attention, don’t miss my latest post!


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