DIY Wooden Circle Earrings — 2 Ways 

I’ve gotta say, I think the statement earring trend is the best thing to happen to crafters in 2017! Why would you even need to buy earrings when you might already have everything you need to make a pair you’ll love? You wouldn’t! (Though, do support your fellow crafters and shop from artisans whenever you do inevitably buy a new pair of earrings while the trend is still hot!)

I have, perhaps, an oddly large stash of wooden circles leftover from my foray into dollhouse making and other miscellaneous craft endeavors, so this project was a no-brainer for me! And if you don’t have randomly specific crafts supplies laying around your home, don’t worry! These supplies are super cheap. So check out how simple it is to make your own statement earrings below!

DIY wooden circle earringsDIY wooden circle earringsSupplies:
Dremel with drill bits* (or an inexpensive twist drill)
ear wires and/or earring posts
7mm jump rings*
-paint + primer in colors of your choice
painter’s tape
-multiple lightweight wooden circles (I used this variety pack.)
super glue (not shown)

*Drill is not needed for third earring style, and jump rings are only needed for second earring style.

DIY wooden circle earringsMOD CIRCLE EARRINGS

I love how graphic and mod this dangle earring is, but it still feels minimal and works well with simple, everyday styles. You can change up the size according to your wants and needs, but remember, in 2017, bigger is better when it comes to earrings!

DIY wooden circle earringsSupplies:
-two larger wooden circles and two medium wooden circles (I used this pack)
-pair of ear wires
super glue (not shown)
Dremel with drill bits or twist drill
painter’s tape

Step One: Stack the larger circles and drill a hole very close to the edge.DIY wooden circle earringsStep Two: Paint the circles with primer or paint + primer, and then after paint has thoroughly dried, tape off half of each circle with painter’s tape and paint with your darker color of paint.

Step Three: Peel off the painter’s tape and glue the medium circle on top of the larger one as shown above right.

DIY wooden circle earringsDIY wooden circle earringsCIRCLE DANGLE EARRINGS

This dangle style of earring is so simple, but so bold! The simplicity makes it work well with casual outfits, but I think these earrings would be great for a night out too! I’m totally playing favorites, and this earring style is my personal fave!

DIY wooden circle earringsSupplies:
-10 small wooden circles (from this pack)
-pair of earring posts or ear wires (your choice, but I prefer posts for these!)
super glue (if using earring posts)
7mm jump rings
Dremel with drill bits or twist drill
painter’s tape (optional, but helpful)

Step One: Trim a hole on either opposite end of 6 wooden circles, near the edge. Then drill one circle near the edge of the last four. If you are using ear wires instead of posts, you will drill double holes in 8 circles, and single holes in only two.

DIY wooden circle earringsStep Two: Prime or paint + prime all of the wooden circles. I use rolled masking tape to hold down the circles so they wouldn’t blow away from the force of the spray paint.

Step Three: Connect the circles with jump rings. I didn’t need to use pliers for this, just my fingers. It depends on the gauge of your jump rings, though. Then glue the posts to the back of the top circle.

DIY wooden circle earringsDIY wooden circle earringsSMALL GRAPHIC STUDS

When you want just a little something on your ears to signify your coolness factor, these earrings are perfect for the job. They also win the prize for being the easiest to make!

DIY wooden circle earringsSupplies:
-two small circles (from this pack)
-two earring posts
super glue
painter’s tape (not shown)

Step One: Prime and paint the circles, and once dried, tape off half of the circle. Then paint with your darker color.

Step Two: Glue the posts onto the back of your earrings, and voila! You’re finished!

DIY wooden circle earringsDIY wooden circle earringsThis project was so simple, I’m already thinking of variations I can try with my leftovers. And if you like these, check out Laura’s acrylic statement earring DIY!

I think I’ll make a version using wood stain rather than paint! What colors would you use? –Mandi

Credits//Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • it is so beautiful love your style !
    I know that are looking for people who know how to DIY etc…
    recommend you to check it out 🙂

  • The earrings look too cool. Almost like candy.

    Loved them !!

  • So nice!!!!
    I just realized that I find them both yummy and beautiful – always a great combination for my taste on accessories 😀

  • SUPER FUN! I’ll give these a try with my daughter 🙂 I have two of the materials handy, the earing posts and wooden circles 🙂

    Ursula @ {modern, easy, lovely crafts}

  • How easy they are, and they look amazing!

  • These are so cute and seem pretty easy! Will have to try this out <3

  • Love these! Might have to add something similar (though maybe already painted and drilled) to my Crafts + Cocktails earring/Mother’s Day event in Kansas City!

  • I would never have thought about making my own earrings! These look super cute though – might have to rummage through my craft drawers! x

  • These are too cute! I love making my own statement earrings but never would have thought to use wood to make them. I especially love the mod pink and white circle ones and the dangle small circle ones!!!

  • I always avoid danging earrings because they can be so heavy! But these look lightweight and could be dressed up or down. Awesome idea!

  • I love the dangling circle earrings you made. They’re so simple and minimal, yet creates such a glam look!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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