DIY Wooden Trivet Set

DIY trivets (click through for tutorial)If you're wondering what the heck a trivet is. Don't worry, I wasn't familiar with the term at first either. I knew about trivets. I just didn't know what they were called. While traveling last week, I bought a couple magazines to read on the plane. One was Bon Appetit. They had a two page spread showing a bunch of different kinds of trivets. Many of them were vintage or made of cool materials like marble or crystal. There was also a wooden one that caught my eye. Not only did I learn the proper name for these, I was also inspired to make my own.Make a modern trivet set (click through for tutorial)These are not exact copies of the ones I saw in Bon Appetit, but they're pretty close. You could stain the wood any tone that fits your table top aesthetic. Or you could choose to leave them raw, paint just the edges, use neon colored rope, etc. If you make a set, feel free to customize to your liking.How to make a trivet1.) Supplies: enough wood to make ten 8×1.5×0.75 wooden pieces (you can cut your own or have them cut at your local lumber yard), rope, 24 washers, wood stain, brush or clean rag, electric drill, 1/4 drill bit and tape (I used painters tape). 2.) If you are cutting your own wood, measure and cut the ten pieces you will need. You can make them slightly longer or shorter than 8 inches if you prefer (based on how big of pots you have). 3.) Sand the edges until they are smooth to the touch. 4.) Use a brush or clean rag to stain the wooden pieces. Wipe off excess. Allow to fully dry. 5.) Measure and mark 1 inch in from each side of the wood. Use your electric drill and drill bit to make holes where you marked. 6.) Add washers to each side of the holes and pull through the rope. I found that adding tape to the ends of the rope made this way easier. Also, I recommend stringing both ends of each piece of wood as you go (as opposed to stringing all one edge then doing the other). Tie knots in each end.DIY wooden trivet setThese could make a really fun holiday gift or hostess gift idea. Just a thought. Happy trivet making! xo. Emma

Credits// Author and Photos: Emma Chapman

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