Do You Make Your Bed?

I recently started making my bed. It may sound like a small thing, but it’s been a pretty big positive change in my life.

It’s basically the exact same thing as taking the time to get dressed even though I work from home. Or taking the time to clean off my desk at the beginning of the week even though I am the only one who sees it.

Recently, I have had a pretty big mental shift in how I think about small tasks and how I prioritize my time. As someone who works from home and is not a perfectionist, it’s pretty easy for me to let small things slide. But I started to realize that all these small habits were rolling into larger habits, and in the end having a huge impact on my quality of life.

So I started small. I made a list of things I wanted to change or improve and things I wanted to try.

Among that growing list there have been things like schedule a dentist appointment I have been putting off, make my bed, get dressed in the morning, send mail to my grandmothers and return online purchases that don’t fit the same day I try them on.

These things are mostly small and I will be honest, not worthy of being super proud of. However, as the months have begun to pass by, I have felt empowered to take on more and more positive changes.

Making my bed was just one small thing. Something I didn’t even think was bothering me. One tiny shift.

But looking back now, all of the small actions have begun to add up and are a boost to my self-confidence and mental clarity. I’m sleeping better, more able to say no and overall feeling less stressed and overwhelmed.

I realize this is nothing groundbreaking, but I wanted to post it here to encourage those of you who may be craving some change in your own lives. Start with a small list of goals like making your bed, do the things on your list and keep adding more. You may be, like me, surprised by how quickly these little actions can snowball into positive change in your everyday life.

These photos are sentimental to me because they are the last photos taken of our bedroom before we swapped to a king-size bed. I had this bed for more than 10 years and as silly as it sounds, I was truly attached to it. It was hard for me to see it go!

That said, it was time for us to move on to a king-size bed and we are already 1000% happy with our decision. I will be shooting new photos of the refreshed room next week. I’m torn between just changing a few details (new side tables, maybe a pillow—LOL) or going for a bigger change with paint. We’ll see … xx – Elsie

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  • I do make my bed! After I feed the baby in the morning, my wife gets up to take over while I get ready for work. I toss the blankets back on while getting dressed. I don’t *like* making the bed, but I love having made it! Especially at the end of the day, no matter what’s happened (two moms with jobs, plus one almost-nine-month-old, plus one senior dog usually means a surprise or two!), crawling into an already-made bed at the end of the day makes me feel like at least I have that together 😉

  • Same here. Not making my bed before was not an issue and it did not bother me either. But since I’ve been doing it, I feel content and smile when I enter my bedroom at night.

  • I know what you mean Elise, I also work from home and I started dressing (IE: not getting to 3pm and still being in my slippers or workout clothes!) and making my bed about a month ago. I too have really noticed the difference. Jenny

  • Just catching up with your amazing blog posts! What a lovely bedroom! love the art and the succulent in the concrete pot. And yes I make my bed every morning 🙂 But I like it simple and I always make sure it looks nice but is quick to make, or I wouldn’t have the patience to do it at all!

  • I am the same! I have to do these small things to feel so much lighter! I sometimes just starts dancing in the middel of the room because I have been tackling all those small things, and bam, the big pictures get so much clearer too! Think i haven been on this for the past weekend only but the differance is huge!

  • hi, I love your room so much. I was wondering where you got the pillows from.

  • It’s a must! I don’t necessarily like doing it first thing, but love it when I come home at the end of the day.

  • I try to start my days off by making my bed, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I totally agree with you about how small, simple tasks like making your bed can really have a positive impact on your life. Similarly, if there is a project I need to work on or if I am just feeling a little stressed I try to tidy up my work space. A clean space helps me think clearly and not feel so anxious. I’m trying to pick up more and more good habits and it starts from picking up the small ones! 🙂

  • I purposely leave my bed unmade. A few years ago I learned that making your bed prevents sweat etc from the night to evaporate, creating a perfectly protected and moist area for bacteria, fungi and other nasties to grow. If you make your bed, leave the covers open so it can air, especially in summer!

  • I’ve recently moved to a one bedroom apartment. Now need to control my collected items that have been with me for years.

  • YES! It’s a small ‘win’ that I can count on each and every day. With 2 kids (ages 9 and 16) what I have planned to accomplish in my day frequently gets blown to bits. There are a few things–making the bed, putting on a bit of makeup and actual clothes, etc.–that I do first thing in the morning to make me feel like I’ve at least started on a productive day. Plus, it calms me when I walk into the bedroom and things look tidy. Make it or not, I’m all for whatever just plain makes sense.

  • I can’t leave the house with the bed unmade – even when I know I’ll be stripping it and washing it in the evening. The one bad habit I need to snap out of still is washing up straight away instead of leaving it for the next morning and usually, until I get home from work in the evening!

  • I always make my bed in the morning, and you’re right, it’s a small thing, but this way I feel like I have started the day right!

  • Since joining the no-top-sheet camp I do. As a life long non maker of beds its been a revelation.

  • I never made my bed when I was younger, but now that I’m an adult, I actually make it all the time. I love seeing my room put together and organized!


  • I always make my bed 🙂 it feels like a bad start to the day the odd time that I can’t. Sometimes small changes are the hardest, like just yesterday I finally booked a haircut appointment that I’ve needed for like 2 months but never got around to it. Small manageable steps are the best for big change for me 🙂

  • I always make my bed, everyday. On the rare occasion I don’t, I will make my bed before getting in it to go to sleep. I’ve heard studies show that your day starts with a better mentality if you make your bed! Another tip my mom always says: when cleaning a room, clean clockwise 😉 try that too!

  • Nope! I can see I am alone among the commenters, but frankly my bedroom is the one place I comfortably allow a mess. The rest of my apartment is tidy and I keep it organized, but my bedroom is cozy and very lived in, which is a nice way of saying messy. I am also allergic to dust mites and making your bed traps in moisture, which mites love. Whethet or not you are allergic to dust mites, you should let your bed “air out” during the day!

  • I’ve been making our bed too! During my toddler’s nap time (aka mama’s chore time), that is. Then it becomes a nice blank slate…for laundry folding LOL. We upgraded to a split king with an adjustable base (so basically 2 adjustable twins side by side) and it’s been AMAZING in improving quality of sleep. I can raise the head up high enough to support my back during a nursing session with my girl, and raise the feet to offset any future pregnancy swelling. And my husband does his own thing too. Game changer.

  • Hi Elsie,
    A while ago you mentioned that you and Jeremy had banned cell phones/laptops/tv in your bedroom, I was wondering if you could give us an update on how that is going (if that’s not too personal). I would find it incredibly difficult to keep that up so I really admired that you took on that challenge and would not judge you if you changed your mind!!

    • Hi Claire!

      We don’t use our laptops or watch tv in our room, but phones are another story. I sleep with mine on airplane mode and am constantly trying to get Jeremy to do the same.

      I would love to go totally without phones in our room, but we haven’t gotten there yet!

      We used to watch tv in bed on our laptop in all our other houses, but switched when we moved here and it’s definitely made a noticeable difference in our sleep! xx

  • I make my bed everyday. . I live in a house where the bed can be seen from our living area so I really like to have it made.

  • Making my bed is one of the small things I’ve always done that I see people ignore a lot today. Idk why, personally; making the bed just feels like a nice, solid start to the day- and makes me less likely to want to crawl back into it and keep sleeping!

    I’m glad you’re starting to feel more in control, and I hope these little changes continue to help! Sometimes it’s all just baby steps <3

  • I love this post! Small things do add up, and creating little habits does impact life in general. I find that the bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in a bedroom unless one has a truly lavish set-up, so our eye tends to gravitate to it. In that sense, having a nicely covered bed instead of rumpled sheets makes a big statement even if you’re the only one to see it.

    My little things would be:
    Cleaning up as I cook (I’m so bad at this!)
    Not kicking off shoes and leaving them around
    Keeping a more organized purse

  • I do make my bed every day! I love pretty linens and pillows, so seeing my bed all made up makes me feel happy, and even if it’s just pulling the covers up and straightening the pillows, it makes me feel more centered and grounded. I don’t feel good getting into a messy bed at night! I change the sheets every Sunday, so on Sundays I give myself a break and don’t make the bed.

    Don’t re-paint your room! The pink/ivory is so yummy and calming.

  • I make my bed… after I get home from work at 7pm. Haha! I feel uneasy without it made, but don’t have time in the morning since I’m always in such a rush!

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