Dolly Inspired Hair Tutorial

Dolly inspired hair tutorialWe’re pretty huge Dolly fans around here. In this hair tutorial Katie is shares her tips for getting big, fabulous old country inspired hair! Enjoy…

Steps 1Step 1: Beginning at the top of the head (near the part), take a section of hair and spray the underside with hair spray.

Step 2: Tease the underside of the hair and continue down until all of the hair is teased.

Step 3: Flip the hair over and smooth only the top.

Step 4: Begin rolling the hair into the hot rollers by starting at the top middle section.

Step 5: Continue rolling the hair– doing the sides next, and then finish up with the back.

Now let the hot rollers sit in the hair and cool down. Tick-tock… tick-tock…

Steps 2Steps 6-7:  Unroll the hair from the curlers.

Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.

Step 8: Tease your bangs or front section of hair.

Step 9: Curl the bangs and any other face-framing pieces that may not have made it into the hot rollers.

Steps 10-11: Pulled the curled bangs up and to the side.

Step 12: Hair spray!  Use lots of hair spray to keep that volume and help the curls stay in place.

Dolly inspired hair DIYDolly inspired hair DIYHave fun styling! Katie

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  • So cute! I love it!! very Fashion!!
    friend link:

  • I say the bigger the hair the better! BTW, love the high waist-ed jeans! Where did they come from?

  • I am hoping I can build a site similar to your own and will check out your posts with great interest.

  • I am hoping I can build a site similar to your own and will check out your posts with great interest.

  • These photos shows so detailed hairstyle making process. Got this.

  • love all of you hair tutorials and diy and..practically everything you do!!!
    huge fan visiting red velvet is actually on my bucket list!!
    yeah..i know kinda creepy its just ive read so much about that i really need to see for myself
    anyway..katie looks a litlle bit like emma from once upon a time

  • I love this! I really wish I could do this with my hair! It looks perfect on you!

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  • Two words for you – Dolly Rocks

    Need I say more?? Love the hair, Katie.

    Jenny Leigh


  • Two words for you – Dolly Rocks

    Need I say more?? Love the hair, Katie.

    Jenny Leigh


  • Two words for you – Dolly Rocks

    Need I say more?? Love the hair, Katie!

    Jenny Leigh


  • this is something i DEFINITELY need to try (:


  • Katie is absolutely beautiful and her hair tutorials are always great!

  • Another beautiful hair do by my American name twin!! 🙂 Serious hair envy Katie haha!!

    Love, Katie xoxo

  • so going to try that!
    I love your blog! x
    check out mine

  • I’m a fan of Dolly Parton too! She wrote so many beautiful songs. Unfortunatly most of them is famous for their covers, not for the original.

  • i really love it <3


  • Beautiful! I wish my hair could stay like that!
    And you have my absolute favourite colour for hair, I could look at pictures of you all day!

  • where did katie find that teal & white dress she’s wearing! it’s adorbs! 🙂

  • Cute hair sadly my hair is not long enough

  • Amazing hair and look 🙂

  • this is brilliant! i love the colour of her hair, it’s gorgeous!

  • amazing!! i love it when kate does fun hair stuff.

    but if i had time, i would totally do this!!

  • So cute and looks so easy. I may have to try this out soon.


  • OK, yes! Big volumey curls! I’m so happy to see a look with some volume! Katie would be cute with any hairdo though, let’s just be real. 😉

  • So cute!!! Kinda bummed my hair doesn’t coopperate with me.
    xoxo Jess

  • Love … only prob is my hair is so soft and fine – I fear ever with spray, back combing and rollers it would still look floppy!!

  • She is adorable and I am TOTALLY trying this tutorial out! I also tried out your tutorial about how to make long hair short for this 20’s themed Lawn Party and it totally worked! It was so cute too! THanks!

  • Oh God, I love this!
    Unfortunately I have too fine hair for that, but it looks GREAT!

  • Oh Katie, you’re so beautiful!

  • oh, so cute! i love this tutorial:)

  • yeah. long search for this. now i can style my hair. thx!

  • Wowsers this looks like hard work and a lot of invested time but my goodness is it a cute look! Maybe one for a lazy weekend morning…

  • GORGEOUS!!! BIG Dolly fan here too!!!
    Thanks for the tips Katie….
    Big hugs

  • My hair would never do that… and I don’t have that great colour. But it’s a fantastic look nonetheless!

  • Oh my god this is heaven. I have prom this weekend so maybe this is something I could do. Yes, if it works… 😛 Love it!!

  • Love this tutorial, can’t wait to try it. That pink shirt is so adorable too! x

  • This was so wonderful and cute! I love that headband and I’m thinking I might want to go grab one of my own! Any places with an affordable one? Does anyone know a good tutorial for one? Let me know!

    – Tara Joy

  • Oh SO amazing! I love me some Dolly too! You have such a gorgeous red, Katie! Is it natural? And if not, how can I get it? Been thinking of trading my blonde locks in for some amber ones soon;)

  • This is absolutely great!


  • Katie, I really love all of your hairstyling’s, so cute!

  • LOVE the color and LOVE the curls! I hope one day you can do a tutorial on what to do with short hair (like shoulder length)!

  • Oh my goodness – if I ever managed to get my hair to look like that, I´d be in heaven! 😀

  • Most definitely gonna try this soon. Who doesn’t love Dolly? xx

  • Very cool! It looks so cute!

    “Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music”

  • I love it! Nothing beats BIG hair!


  • Gorgeous! Need to try.

    xO, vicky

  • I love this! Think it’s time to get the curlers out 🙂

    Becky K

  • Totally adorable!


  • So cute! Always love these hair tutorials 🙂

  • Aww, it’s too cute!

    Christen :>

  • This is really cute! I love how naturally messy and fun it look when its all said and done. Love.


  • Too cute! I’ve been styling my hair bigger and bigger these days, so this looks like a good ‘do to try out!

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