Donna’s Dress Shop


Yesterday I took a little day trip to Kansas City, Missouri and visited a few lovely shops for the first time! My favorite was Donna's Dress Shop! Thanks to all of my amazing readers who recommended it! It was magical and so inspiring… a must see for anyone visiting Kansas City. I purchased a pretty dress and some earrings. So much fun. I'll definitely visit again soon! Here are a few quick photo from my phone…. 






I had a wonderful day! I'll share more pics soon (i'm sorta in boyfriend mode today since it's his first day home….) XOXO. elsie 


PS.. for those who are curious, my garage sale will be Saturday, May 8th from 9 am till 5 pm. It will be located outside of my store, Red Velvet Art at 200 E. Commercial Street. I have already given away most of my furniture, so the sale is mostly small items, housewares, clothing ect. Loves!!     

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