Dream Job E-Course (new!!)


I'm so happy to announce our newest e-course, Dream Job! Dream Job is a course for creative business owners. Emma and I developed this course together, we've been working on it since last summer! We cover a wide range of topics (see below) as well as sharing personal advice for aspiring online shop owners, local shop owners, vintage shop owners, handmade shop owners, food business owners and independent musicians. Emma and I poured our hearts into this course and it's filled with stories, things we wish we had known and tons of homework to help you get started! Here's a little info on each session…. 


Session 1: Branding-Developing a Name, Logo and Style This session covers the importance of developing a solid brand style, creating a pricing model, tips for choosing a name and logo and the technical aspects of branding. 

Session 2: Product Development-How to Make an Idea into a Quality Product This session includes tips for developing a new idea, market research, creating prototypes and pricing; as well as ways to streamline production and how to expand on popular products. 

Session 3: 10 Tips for Your First 5 Years by Elsie This session includes my top ten personal tips for creating a successful new brand. Everything I talk about in this session comes from my personal experiences in my first five years of owning an independent business. 

Session 4: How Social Media and Blogging Can Help Your Business This session outlines all of the social media outlets we use and tips for getting the most impact for your time. It also shares tips for blogging in relation to promoting your small business. There is a lot of homework and practical advice! 

Session 5: Press and Promotional Ideas This session outlines how we pursue press for Red Velvet including tips on sending press e-mails. It also includes ten free promotional ideas! 

Session 6: Tips for Creating Customer Loyalty This session covers creative ways to create a sense of loyalty among your customers. This session is all about adding personality to your brand! 

Session 7: How to Create Collections and Seasonal Workflow In this session I share the stages and steps I go through to create a collection. There is advice for pricing and creating a cohesive product line. I also talk about workflow and share how we stagger our projects throughout the year and prepare for heavy sales seasons. 

Session 8: Photography for Businesses: Products, Models & More In this session I talk about creating a styling guide for your brand, lighting, styling models, styling product and tips for creating your first lookbook or catalog. There are also 10 tips for getting started in commercial photography. 

Session 9: Be Distinctive: Styling and Creating Displays that fit with your Brand This session includes examples from my styling work and 5 Simple Tips for Creating Distinctive Displays and Brand Styling. 

Session 10: Creating and Maintaining Steady Growth for your Business Growth happens slowly and in this session we share how to create and maintain steady growth. This session is focused on how to know when you're ready to go full time and learning to write your first business plan! 


Session 11: 
Nomadic Selling: All about Pop-Up Shops, Festivals, Wholesale and Consignment Opportunities This session focuses on choosing the perfect places to market and sell your products. Emma talks in detail about the pros and cons of each and shares tips for getting your foot in the door! 

Session 12: Dream Space: Setting Up a Studio You Love This session includes tips for setting up a functional and stylish workspace that fits your personality and inspires you to work. 

Session 13: How to Evolve, Re-Brand and Expand your Business without Losing Your Roots This session tells the story of our re-branding process and gives tips for businesses wanting to evolve and grow without confusing loyal shoppers. 

Session 14: Work and Play-Having a Balanced Work AND Personal Life In this session Emma teaches how to cut out things that don't matter and make time for work and the balanced personal life that we all need. 

Session 15: Necessary Evils: Hiring, Firing and Copyright Issues This session includes tips for some of the trickiest things in business. Learn to handle these inevitable obstacles! 

Session 16: Money: Goals, Budgets and Fundraising Ideas This session includes some great advice for managing business expenses, setting goals and fundraising!  

Session 17: Overcoming Troubled Times: Our Personal Story This is the personal story of how we overcame obstacles in our first few years of business. It's encouraging to know that every business faces times like these and that there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Session 18: Customer Service: How to be a Sweetheart without Getting Stepped On Learn to write a solid return policy and educate your customers so that you have fewer issues. This session is packed with personal advice and stories. 

Session 19: When are you Ready to go Full Time? Think you are ready to take the leap and quit your day job? Learn to build a strong support system and prepare for the transition into full time! 

Session 20: Staying Inspired: 10 Ways to Collect Inspiration This is one of my favorite sessions. It highlights ten ways that I collect inspiration and keep my creative pencil sharp! 

Session 21: Goal Making: Create a 1 year plan with Elsie This session is a step-by-step guide to making goals for the coming year. It's full of examples and stories from my past goal experiences. 


Tips for Local Boutique Owners

Bonus: Tips for Online Business Owners

Bonus: Tips for Handmade Business Owners

Bonus: Tips for working with Vintage

Bonus: Tips for Food Industry Business Owners

Bonus: Tips for Independent Musicians (written by: Jeremy Larson)

*This is a 'work at your own pace' e-course. There are no due dates or expiration times. We encourage students to follow along at their own pace. When you receive login information you will receive the full course access, no waiting! 
*E-Course cost is $38 USD. Get more information and sign up here.  
*Login information to our private blog will automatically be sent to you via email! 


I hope you can join our new course! XO, elsie 

  • Thank you! I am miles away from starting any kind of business but it is something I dream of and I see this being such a powerful resource.

  • i got the course today and have been reading through it while at my not-so-dream job. i am currently breaking from my creative business to reevaluate and “start over” and this e-course it absolutely amazing so far. and, yeah, yeah, i’m breaking the rules and reading it all at once. haha, don’t worry i will go back and do the homework. geeze, you girls are tough 🙂

    i highly recommend this course (and i haven’t even finished it yet!) great job elsie and emma!

  • Oh my gosh this looks so great, Elsie!

    I took Indie Biz 2.0 with you, Jill, and Leigh-Ann and it was seriously one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I think I might have to cave and go for this one too, it looks too amazing to pass up!

  • This is great as I JUST opened my Etsy shop. You have been a great inspiration and these tips will be very helpful.

  • Yay! This is just what I need! My job has gotten me soo down lately, and I’m working towards making the switch to being self-employed…I can’t wait to learn from one of the most inspiring, hardworking girls around! You are so kind to share all your knowledge with us, Els! Thank you! <3
    xo. Amy

  • How very exciting! Right now this is just a dream for me, but once things calm down in my life I hope to be working towards making it real.

    I think this is going to be my next present to myself, a reward once I get some other things on my To-Do list done. Maybe that will keep me motivated to get the yucky things done.

  • I was on the Red Velvet site earlier looking at Rachel’s new e-course when I saw this one! I may have to take them both!

  • I am really excited about this. I’ve been enjoying your blog so much since I discovered it this winter. And I am actively contemplating my own business, so your timing couldn’t be better. So lovely!

  • valejam, we are currently developing a PhotoShop course that will be out soon (this month, most likely!). We plan to develop a photography course as well, but after this class I am taking a break till June for wedding stuff! :))

    Thanks for your support & kind words, everyone!

  • Oh WOW! When I heard you were preparing to launch this I really couldn’t wait to read all about it. Now it’s here and it looks/sounds awesome and just what I need to replenish my ‘creative biz flow’. And such a steal at the price! I am SO in! Totally exciting!

  • I am in! This is such a great idea, and incredibly well intentioned. You are so generous. Can’t wait to dive into the course!! xo

  • Gabby, This course is a completely different course and the first of it’s kind through Red Velvet! Even though I contributed to Indie Biz last year I can’t give discounts to all the students (I don’t even have those records). However, this class is suuuper afforable, so I hope you choose to take it anyway! XO!! 🙂 Elsie

  • Loving the sound of this. I have my major Univerisyt deadline next week. I’ll be handing in my collection of 6 outfits. (I’m a Fashion Design student). And this is gonna be my lil treat to myself to help get the ball rolling, and keep me occupied should job opportunities be slow once I graduate.
    Thanks for brightening my day girls. 🙂

  • Woohoo! Excellent timing! I’m so excited to check out this course, Elsie! I loved your recent blog e-course and this one looks just as great!
    xo Shannon

  • I am so excited for this e-course!! You and Emma are such huge inspirations to me, and I can’t wait to read all of your personal business stories and tips. Thanks you so much for creating this course!! xx

  • I saw your article in Ready Made…Im impressed and I would love to learn from you and your tips!

  • This is just the course i’ve been looking for! I’ve been contemplating self-employment after college ever since i stumbled across your blog and saw how much love and dedication was put into your job. Hopefully i can participate in this course! I’m so excited for the possibilities :]

  • i’m excited for this course! your blog is always inspiring and thoughts of opening up a handmade business on the side have always hung around in the air for me. this e course came at the perfect time. i cant wait for it to start! im sure it will spark lots of inspiration and guide me in some direction!

  • Hi, i´m from México

    and i wish i could take the courses

    it´s sounds great 😀

    :S but i can´t..

    i only write this for say

    that i love the things that you create

    i love it … and i love do that things

    i know that i have amm.. the

    how can i say amm.. i can´t remember how can i say it in english the [DON] for creat beautiful things.

    My best wishes for all of you

    and sorry if i´m wrong in some words 😀

    i hope you can answer me 😀

  • i have just started writing a business plan and taking a few courses on starting a new business. your red velvet story has always been such an inspiration to me. i am totally signing up for this course!

    so excited 🙂

  • Great, great idea! The course is really inspiring and well made. I’m sure I will learn a lot about it and I hope to start my own “dream job” very soon :)))
    THANK YOU girls!!!!!

  • OHEMGEE! This sounds fun. I can’t wait to try it. I’m currently going through this stage right now. I recently rebranded my blog (coincidently, without trying to while I was at work one day). I’m still a little undecided on certain aspects but I’ll making my way slowly but surely. This is bound to help.

  • Oh gosh this is just what I was hoping you would put out. I am so excited to start this! Though I should probably wait until school lets out so I don’t get distracted. Once I get in the throes of creativity I tend to lose all focus.

  • Is the e-course just for business owners or also people who are looking forward to start one? that’s my case, I’m from mexico =)

  • I just finished Indie Biz 3.0 over at the Freckled Nest.. this sounds fabulous! Thanks Elsie and Emma.. xo u guys rock!!!

  • I just ordered this! I’ve taken the blogging & vintage style e-courses before and both were amazing… can’t wait to do this one, too!

  • Jessika, the course is for aspiring business owners (who haven’t started yet) AND very young businesses who still want guidance and need to develop a vision for their brand. 🙂

  • Just discovered your blog and I am SO INTRIGUED. Everything you are doing with your shop/blog/etc is exactly what I have always dreamed of doing. You have inspired me! I am still very young so I hope one day to be doing something similar to you! If you have any more advice I am dying to learn more!

  • Omgsh! This is amazing! I’m signing up right away! I am so in need of this kickstart right now and am really grateful that your course is so reasonable. Excited to soak up your wisdom : ) xoxo

  • Just purchased this e-course – I can’t wait to get started! This is exactly the kind of resource I’ve been looking for!

  • Just signed up! I took the blogging course, and LOVED IT!
    Can’t wait to get started on this one 🙂

    Love you girl!

  • I love your classes! I’m looking to take your blogging class and now this one looks amazing! You are such an inspiration. Can’t wait!


  • just signed up too, I also took the blogging course and it was really helpful, can’t wait to do this course 🙂

    Many thanks always.


  • Really considering buying this! I’m in school right now for f&b management but it’s always great to get out of the textbook and hear from real experience.


  • I got laid off today, sign from god? time to get out of the Grey cubicle? Suck it corporate world!

  • How long will this be available for? I’d love to take it being a student interested in running my own business, but I don’t think I can afford it right now!

  • just got it and i am so inspired. i had no time to read all of it, til now. but what i´ve read so far is so wonderful and positive, to be who YOU really wants to be. thank yout so much, elsie, emma and jeremy!!! just got the motivation i needed to go on with what i really love!!! xo julia

  • I like the way Emma has the scarf tied in her hair in that picture. You guys should put together a post about different ways in which you can wear scarfs on your head.

  • This course looks really cool, I think I will sign up. I also think it would be a cool idea to make this into an e-book though. Maybe even a workbook type of layout, which would give everyone another option of how to take in the information.

  • Oooh cool! I’m doing the Blog Love one at the moment and loving it. Will do this one next and looking forward to the photgraphy one too. The photoshop one is no good to me as I don’t have photoshop (*dreams* maybe some day) 😛

  • I really want to do this. It’s sort of exactly what I need right now. Is there a “last day to sign up” or is it an open thing? I get paid at the end of the month.

  • Hi, Elsie…I’ve actually had an online business for five years now and though I am proud of what I’ve achieved…I still feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing in a lot of ways and because of that am kept in a place of where the only thing I’m doing consistently is struggling. I bop from this to that trying to find SOMETHING that will get me off this plateau and truly believe I could be absolutely thriving if I just had someone who DOES know what they’re doing to sort of hold my hand and coach me away from my mistakes and sort of help me to know what I don’t know. You obviously very much know what you’re doing…and to me this seeing you offer this course is an absolute gift…the advice I’ve been craving…from the very best. Will be purchasing this afternoon!

  • Will this course still be available in, say, two or three months? Because I barely have time to breathe right now, but I would looove to take it in the near future!!

  • Ooh – this looks great. I just finished Indie Biz course and am on track with my business. More knowledge is always a good thing (…considering, thinking, counting $…) 🙂

  • I’m so tempted to sign up for this. Its my dream to set up an online shop and one day turn it into a full time job!

  • i understand you’re not offering a discount for indie biz 2 alumni, so with that aside… i’m just wandering, how much of the info is a repeat from that class?

  • Q: I would be interested in only the musician part, is that possible to get separate?
    A: sorry, this is a bonus section and it’s not available separately. the whole course is applicable to anyone in a creative field, though! 🙂

    Q: How long will this be available for? I’d love to take it being a student interested in running my own business, but I don’t think I can afford it right now!
    A: This will be continually available in our shop (for the next 2 years at least!) there’s no huge rush, so buy it when you are ready to jump in! 🙂

    Q: This course looks really cool, I think I will sign up. I also think it would be a cool idea to make this into an e-book though. Maybe even a workbook type of layout, which would give everyone another option of how to take in the information.
    A: That’s a great idea! Maybe something we can do in the future.

    Q: i understand you’re not offering a discount for indie biz 2 alumni, so with that aside… i’m just wandering, how much of the info is a repeat from that class?
    A: All of the basic info is still there (as you would expect with any business course aimed at young aspiring creative biz owners), but this course was developed from scratch with our personal stories. While there may be some repeat info the course wasn’t inspired by Indie Biz, so it’s very very different. :)) Read through the sessions, they give a pretty good idea of what to expect!

    Thanks for your support everyone!!! I’m really happy and honored by the response to this course!
    XO, elsie

  • Eep! I have always wanted to open my own bakery and I am clueless 🙂 this shall help so much eep!!!

  • Well, I was hoping you would do something just like this :)… I have my notebook all ready- can’t wait to fill it with homework and ideas!

  • Ive already taken the Indie Biz class from Freckled Nest and enjoyed it very much! I like your other classes but I dont want to take something that Ive already taken!

    oh well.

  • This e-course looks amazing! I already own a business, and I can’t wait to take this course and get a new perspective!! Thank you for this!

  • Omg, sounds and looks just amazing, something I really wanted to know about. I am only thinking about to start my creative business, do you think this course will be useful for me as well? Thank you! 🙂

  • I just bought it!! Yay! So excited as I’m trying to take my jewelry business to the next level and need support and advice.

  • What dream job were you trying to set up? You really did a good job promoting the site; the way you explained the steps is very easy to understand, and you sure make it sound fun to do. No wonder a lot of people are trying it out after you did!

  • I’ve been reading your web site for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!

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