Dream Job E-Course Updates!

Dream jobLast year, Emma and I created an e-course called Dream Job. It's an in depth course about small business and all the important issues aspiring business owners face! We cover topics like branding, product development, photography for small business owners, local and online business… just to name a few! (see a full course outline here). Well, we had an amazing year with our business, Red Velvet, so over the past few weeks Emma and I spent some time updating each session with new information and a brand new session about building a A team! You can read some reviews for this course here

If you're interested in owning a small business in the future or want to take your business to the next level we would love for our to take our Dream Job E-Course! It's a great resolution for the new year. We poured our heart and soul into sharing information that we wish we'd known when we started Red Velvet. 

Have a great weekend! XO, Elsie

  • Happy almost new year, Elsie! Great idea to update the Dream Job e-course, I found it so inspirational when I took it. Just wondered if there were any plans to make the updates available at a price to those who already took the course? Would be great to know.
    Thanks v much,
    PS Sorry if you already got this comment, my wifi cut out the moment I pressed Post so I thought it disappeared! 🙂

  • This is such good timing! I’m working on opening up my own little business in the beginning of this next year, and from the looks of it, there’s lots of information I could use from this course. Along with the ‘Blog Love’ course that I’ve also been eyeing for a while, I’m sure it will be one of the best investments I’ll make for the benefit of my upcoming projects.

    So thank you so much for all this. Your blog and business are a constant inspiration for me! 🙂

  • this is so good!I am looking out for bloggers who are ready to share knowledge and make more entrepreneurs.welldone ladies!

  • I am four weeks off a massive life rearrange so will be making time to do your course in mid 2012 – BTW I would thank you now for keeping the prices so realistic 🙂 cheers le

  • Oh I’m so excited! I feel very lucky that I have my company as my work each and every day and I am so appreciative of the successes I’ve managed to obtain up to this stage. But I am now mapping out a plan for 2012 to hire a couple of new peeps to help carry it up another notch and I think your ecourse will be perfect to prepare and follow through with this next grander step.

    You are a beautiful source of inspiration… and I thank you.

  • p.s. I already purchased it and am digging in! It’s so wonderful and so beautifully done. Yay for you and Emma… YAY!

  • Thanks for this! I love that you’re so willing to help others get inspired and educated so they can also follow their dreams! This e-course sounds like it will totally help me accomplish one of my goals for 2012: start my own small card business! THANK YOU!! 🙂

  • Greetings,
    I LOVED Your e-course that I bought last year.
    I am going to go through it again this year, but I second “Gabrielle’s comment”

    “Just wondered if there were any plans to make the updates available at a price to those who already took the course? Would be great to know.”

    Thanks so much for your time! Your sites are always fun to look at it. 🙂

  • I just bought this course 2 days ago!! Ready to get started in the New Year! Thanks so much y’all have already been such an inspiration to me! Will I be able to access the update since I already bought it?

  • Q: Great idea to update the Dream Job e-course, I found it so inspirational when I took it. Just wondered if there were any plans to make the updates available at a price to those who already took the course? Would be great to know.
    A: Hi there! The course you took *is* updated, so you can login and re-read it with some new info and a bonus section now!
    XO. elsie

  • Elsie, I’m interested in your thoughts:

    Can someone interested in starting a business start one without ANY business background/knowledge??

    Can having a driving passion in something be enough to build a business on??

    Gosh, I’m such a back-and-forth, wishy-washy mess. Hee hee!

    Happy New*Year!

  • As soon as I finish the Blog Love e-course (which is amazing) I plan to start the dream job course! Love your blog. Happy New Year!!!

  • Hi Elsie,
    Just purchased the Blogger E-Course, can’t wait to get started.
    Thank you for being such a great source of inspiration to myself and many others.
    – Meaghan

  • I was just going over my wish list for 2011 and saw I wanted to take a business course and hadn’t found the time this past year. And then Boom! Here you are!!! I can’t wait to get started!!!! Thank you for constantly inspiring me.

  • Hello! I read you from Spain, I found your blog by chance and it really made my day. I’ve haven’t had many reasons for being happy this Christmas and this past days reading your blog really cheered me up. It’s so full of nice things and good feelings, inspiration and happiness I just wanted to thank you for it. Now I have you in my favorites so I’ll keet track 🙂
    Have a very happy new year!

  • i love your blog!! happy new year!!! love this blog, i hope your blog gonna keep being this nice place to be! that 2012 brings loads of new things to our lives!
    let the year begin!


  • Hello Elsie, I read you from Spain. I discovered your blog by chance and I just loved it. I didn’t have many reasons to be happy over this christmas and this really made my day. I just wanted to thank you about it. Now I have the blog in my reader and I will keep track of it. Have a wonderful new year.

  • I still would love to buy the sewing e-course, to try to show up my boyfriend (he’s actually fantastic with a sewing machine), but I’ve got no spare time… Maybe after exams 🙂

  • hi elsie and emma!
    i’ve bought your course on sunday and i’m studying it right now.
    i own a little shop of clothing and lingerie in Italy, where i am from.
    In this moment i really need your tips to make my shop grow up.
    so thank you!

    ps: when i read about your business’ second year, well… i felt shocked.
    i have just started my third year and the last was the SAME of yours.. full of tears, fears, argue with bf, ecc ecc…
    but i’m positive, i can go over it!

    with love,
    Valerie (from Italy)

  • Have been hovering over this E-course for a few weeks now not knowing wether to click or not. Hoping to open my own little business in 2012 so i think that click is really going to happen after pay day! 😀

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