Dreams do come true….. :D

guess what i did today? 

i was a Girl Scout leader for the day… well, sort of. Here's the story…. 

a few months back i posted pics of a ridiculous (and fun) Girl Scout inspired photo shoot. 


Lisa e-mailed me about bringing her Girl Scouts from Nebraska for a visit & craft day at RVA. I was, of course, super excited because it's a dreeeeam of mine to be a Girl Scout leader (my mom was mine!). So, we made plans and today was the day…. the girls drove 6 hours to Springfield and spent the day with me, crafting in my kitchen (that sounds weird.. but my kitchen's really big). 

Here are some photos: 

Girlswe made scrapbooks & comics all day…

Girls3 Comics-socuuute ComicGirls-2


so adorable, right? it was fun. 

IMG_8578 ElsieIMG_8538here's a cute photo that one of the girls took in my studio… 


& check out the RVA dino merit badges i made the girls…. 

Badgesand how much they enjoyed my (not quite) homemade cupcakes. :D 


and last but (for sure) not least…. a few of the AMAZINGly cute photobooth photos they left me on my computer…. 

Photo 484Photo 454Photo 557Photo 450Photo 556Photo 568Photo 395yes, it was a very darling day. 

XO. elsie 

  • Oh Elsie! That just made my day! I was a girl guide (aka girl scout in Canada) and my Nanny (g-ma) was a leader… and some day I totally want to be a leader too! I just moved last month and as I was going through some old things I found my old sash and badges! I have to do something fun with them!

  • It looks like you had a GREAT time!!! What a cool way for you to spend the day and the girls must have been so excited. And you are SO right, dreams do come true, I am living mine right now 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Looks like an awesome day. Sometimes you just need to be surrounded by girls so you can see through the eyes of youth again. Glad you had a great day with your scouts!

  • how cute! I love the merit badges! you should sell those! I so want one!! How sweet of you to take time out of your busy schedule to spend time with those girls. I’m sure it was a magical afternoon <3

  • Oh Elsie—those pictures are adorable and we had such a great day creating with you in your kitchen, thanks so much for having us….your NE girl scouts!!

  • As I wrote on Flikr: you’re an amazing woman! I’d like to have a friend as you Elsie (like a treasure).

  • i wonder what these girls will grow up to do in a few years! i know i am a crafter today because of my girl scout troop!

    looks like a great day and you are a great leader!


  • FUN! I used to work at a small scrapbook store and we always had girl scout troops come in and do craft projects. It was always SO MUCH FUN! I was in girl scouts for seven years and LOVED it! Being a leader would be a blast!

  • They look like they had a blast and very generous of you to have them spend the day in your home/studio. I’m sure you had a blast crafting with them! 🙂

  • OMG, you are so awesome!!! Those girls will never forget this!!! I was a co-leader for my daughter’s brownie troop, that was so much fun. You will be a wonderful Girl Scout leader one day. 🙂

  • I am going through the registration process THIS week to be my daughter’s leader. She’s 5. I remember at my ultrasound with her chanting “It better be a girl, it better be a girl!” I wanted a Girl Scout so badly (I already have 2 boys).What a fun memory you have created for those girls! Priceless.

  • awww! i bet you inspired them so much, and i’m SURE they loved it!:) you’re so sweet for doing that Elsie!

  • My number one favorite girl scout craft as a girl: yarn scarecrows!

    Looks like you guys had so much fun! The girls are adorable!

  • what an awesome opportunity for those girl scouts!! Wish we would have done that when I was a “Brownie”… for one year… i think i just joined because i liked the outfit and patches lol oh well 😉


  • You can be a girl scout leader for real! When I graduated college I volunteered to be co-leader then leader of a troop of 13 year olds and was with them through high school graduation. Now I have a daughter and am looking forward to maybe being her troop leader in a few years but you certainly don’t need a kid to volunteer for girl scouts.

  • how fun! i don’t think we have girl scouts in canada (at least not when i was a kid) but i was a “brownie” when i was little and my sister was a girl guide – it was super fun! we both have very fond memories of it. that’s so neat that you were able to do that for those girls.

  • Elsie, I can see you and the girls had a lot of fun. Wish I had been there to join in on the fun.

  • Oh wow! It looks like you all had so much fun. I am sure you inspired and touched them all in a major way.

  • I just found your blog…and sista I like your style! Crafting in the kitchen with girl scouts good times!

  • Elsie… what is that little tattoo peaking out on your shoulder??? Of course you don’t have to answer, just random curiosity… ;0)

  • I’m a GS leader to 7 fabulous girls(10 & 11 yrs old) – Troop 980. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true to have you at a meeting?! My daughter loves all things Elsie. Wonder how long the drive would be from Texas to RVA? Hmmm….

  • What a gloriously fun and glam day for those girls (and you)! I’m sure they will never forget it! I think you’re going to have lots more requests for similiar outings. I’d love a grown-up day like that!

  • and when i was a girl scout, we never did anything cool like this. oh, and my mom was my leader too! hahah.

  • Man, how come when I was in Girl Scouts we never did anything this cool?!? I’m jealous. Glad you had fun Elsie!

  • oh my gosh…how much fun! when i was in girl scouts way back when we never did anything that cool…you rock for letting those girls spend the day with you!

  • i love this! those girls are never going to forget the time you spent with them! you’re so sweet, elsie 🙂

  • Yes, you’re pretty stinkin’ awesome for doing that for those girls. Paying it forward. It’s a beautiful thing! Brava and thanks 🙂

  • Elsie… is amazing that u take time to spend with your fans and inpired them… congrats..

  • This day was so FUN, Elsie! Thank you for letting us do this! It was a wonderful experience!!!! We also loved Big Mamma smoothies!!

  • Thank you for letting us have so much fun and lending us your supplies! That was the best field trip I have been on since I have joined Girl Scouts! You inspired me so much, especially because you’re living my dream (living above your unique, adorable, hand-made items store)! Thank you for the experience! 😀
    – Kelly (NE Girl Scout)

    I could have spent forever in your store! Keep up the great work! Thanks again!!

  • Than you sooo much Elsie! I had a lot of fun making the scrapbooks and tiny comics with you!! Your store is adorable (and so are you! <3)!!! I also Loved Mig Mamma's food and service! (we danced and cheered our hearts out there! and the people were so nice! I loved the Berry Blast smoothie the most!) I really thank you for letting us come!! You rock, your store rocks, and we had a rockin' time!!! thank you!

  • It was so awsome thank you for letting us spend the day with you!

  • How fun are you? I can’t believe you can fit into a brownie uniform! I have my daughters from first grade with all her badges (try its) I think they’re called. I was a leader too – great to play with kids. Did they hook you up with cookies?

  • You really should become a Girl Scout leader, I’m a Guider over here in the UK and we are celebrating the Centenary this year 🙂

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