Dress Line Updates: Fittings & Final Planning


Hi everyone, this is Mallory!  Elsie asked me to give an update on how our dress line is coming!  Right away we chose designs and fabrics, then ordered sample yardage and test swatches.  My biggest task so far was to draft all of the flat patterns and sew mock-up samples in plain fabric to test the fit.  Today I spent a majority of the day figuring out fabric yardage, zipper lengths, and other notion specifics, so we can make our final big supply order in the morning.  The rest of my week will be filled with making the dresses to be worn in the lookbook video we're filming this weekend with Brandon Goodwin and later on in the photo shoots.  Our models, Sarah and Morgan, are going to look amazing!  We've been dreaming up some great styling ideas ever since I arrived and shopping for accessories. The total number of garments to be produced is 165, plus a few coordinating accessories. We have been super busy, but every step along the way has been equally exciting. Love, Mallory

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