Dress Up Your Hamper DIY

Dress up your hamper 1My old hamper was a bit dull for my taste so I gave it a face lift without spending a dime.  I used spray paint and duct tape that I had on hand to turn this drab woven basket into something much more exciting!

Dress up your hamper 2Supplies Needed: Large straw basket, spray paint, duct tape. 1. Tape off your negative space. If you're doing stripes I suggest an odd number such as three or five. Press your tape edges down to make sure your paint doesn't blur or leak.

Dress up your hamper 32. Spray paint two thin coats according to manugacturer's instructions. 3. Let your paint dry before removing your tape. 

Dress up your hamper 4Use your large straw basket to corral umbrellas, rolls of wrapping paper, or toys. Enjoy! –Rachel

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