Easy Crop Top Restyle

DIY cropped shirt from an oversized topHey, guys— it’s Katie here! I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this before, but I just love embellishments and alterations. I adore taking something I already own but may not be super into, and turning it into something I frequently wear. It helps stave off my constant need to be shopping for new things… which my husband greatly appreciates.  😉

I scored this cute top at my favorite thrift store at the beginning of spring, but haven’t worn it. There is nothing wrong with it, I just never really loved the way it fit. I decided to do a pretty small alteration, and now it’s one of my favorites! Here’s what I did:

Turn a baggy shirt into a cropped shirtSupplies:
-a top you’d like to alter

-scissors or rotary cutter
-measuring tape
-elastic (I used 3/8″)
-sewing machine

Baggy shirt to fitted cropped shirt (before)I suppose I should start with a “before” photo to give you a point of reference. Like I said, there was nothing wrong with this top. It was just another thing sitting in my closet that wasn’t getting worn.

Measure and cut the bottom sectionCreating a cropped shirt from an oversized top (click through for tutorial)Step One: Measure up from the bottom how many inches you’d like to remove from your shirt. Keep in mind you will need a little seam allowance for your hem.

Iron the hemStep Two: Turn your top inside out and fold up the bottom. Iron the fold (mine was 1 1/4″). After you’ve ironed your hem, fold up a second time and iron again.

Pin the hemSew the hemLeave an opening for the elasticStep Three: Pin your ironed hem. This will ensure the hem stays even as you run it through your sewing machine. Use your sewing machine to stitch along the top of the hem, leaving a small section unsewn (the circled section in the photo above).

Attach a paper clip or safety pin to the elastic
Thread the elastic through the hem
Step Four: Measure your waist and cut a length of elastic to fit. Attach a paper clip or safety pin to the elastic. Thread the elastic strip through the hole of your hem and out the other side. Make sure to hold one end as you thread the elastic. Pin and stitch the elastic once you’ve made it through.

Turn a baggy oversized shirt into a sweet cropped top (click through for tutorial)Step Five (optional): Sew the small opening closed.

Turn your top right side out and you’re all finished!

DIY Cropped Shirt (click through for tutorial)Great tutorial for turning oversized shirts into lovely cropped tops (click through for tutorial)Turn an oversized shirt into a cropped blouse (click through for tutorial)And that’s it! I turned a shirt that wasn’t getting any love into a top I absolutely adore! I love pairing my cropped shirts with high-waisted skirts and shorts… and more than that, I love breathing new life into things I already own. Happy sewing! xo. Katie

Credits // Author and Photography: Katie Shelton. Photos edited with Imogen from the Folk Collection.

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