Easy DIY Art Collection

Life Is Beautiful Art CollectionLately I've been needing more geometric art pieces to compliment the pieces I already own. I love painting groupings, but it's difficult to group several detailed pieces. These simple, patterned art pieces are the perfect solution for accenting your own handmade pieces or your favorite prints and paintings from Etsy! 

I made two super simple pieces and one that has more of a focal point. Each of these pieces costs less than $12 to make and under 30 minutes to complete! Here are the details… 

Stripe canvas how-to1. Supplies Needed: Canvas (I used a 12×12 square), painters tape, acrylic paint and a paint brush. 2. Tape vertical stripes across the entire canvas. 3. When painting taped off stripes it's always smart to brush the edges with white paint before using your color. If you do this most of the bleed will be white and your lines will be much more crisp and professional! 4. Apply two coats or colored paint. Allow to dry and remove tape slowly. Touch up any imperfect edges with colored paint and a small brush. 

Stripe canvas DIYThis canvas only took 15 minutes to create (plus drying time). It cost less than $12 for the supplies needed. (actually much less for me because I buy all of my canvas on sale) This pieces is great for a large scale focal pieces, like above a fire place. I also love the stripe canvas as an accent piece. This piece is great for pairing because it adds pattern to your group without needing to be the focal point. 

Dot canvas how-to1. Supplies Needed: Canvas (I used a 12×12 square), paint and a circle sponge. 2. Dip your sponge in paint and practice a few dots on scratch paper. Twist your sponge as you make each impression. 3. Fill the canvas with dots. You can keep them in rows of fill the canvas without rhyme or reason. 4. Allow the dots to dry completely. 

Dot canvas DIYThis is the simplest painting ever! It can be completed in just five minutes. Similar to the stripe painting above, it looks great paired with more complex, illustrated pieces. You can add a pop of color and pattern with this easy canvas. 

Quote canvas how-to1. Supplies Needed: Canvas (I used 8×10), acrylic paint, newspaper, ModPodge, foam brush, paint brush. 2. Use ModPodge to adhere newspaper to the front of the canvas. Cover the sides of the canvas with newspaper, use ModPodge to seal down the corners. 3-4. Use a smaller paint brush with black paint to freehand a quote across the front of the canvas. I like to lightly draw my phrase (as seen in step 4) and then add more paint to each letter. 

Quote canvas DIYThis canvas is a little bit more of a focal point, but still looks great when paired with illustrated or patterned pieces! Sometimes a little phrase is all you need to complete a collection.

Life Is BeautifulLife Is BeautifulHere are some ideas for using these simple art pieces in your home…. 1. Experiment with size and scale. Simple pieces look amazing in larger sizes! 2. Pair your simple handmade pieces with collected favorites from Etsy or friends and family. 3. Choose colors that compliment and accent your art collection and room decor! 

XO. elsie 

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