Easy DIY Circle Tote

Easy DIY Woven Circle ToteAs an avid lover of circles (Yes—that’s a thing!), I’ve been really diggin’ the circle purse trend. After searching for the perfect woven circle tote for spring, it finally occurred to me—this is the perfect DIY opportunity! Basically all it took was a couple of placemats and a leather strap! Check out how simple it is to make your own circle purse.

Easy DIY Circle ToteSupplies:
-two woven placemats (I used these)
-2 yards of 2″ or 3″ wide leather strip (I ordered mine from here)
-needle and thread
-optional and not shown above: toggle button and leather cord (You can make a cord by trimming a sliver of the leather piece you cut in step one.)

Easy DIY Circle ToteStep One: Cut about 6″ off the end of your leather strap. At this point, you may choose to cut a sliver off the edge of this segment to use for your cord in step six.

Step Two: Sew the leather to a portion of the perimeter of one placemat. Keep the bad side of the leather facing inward, as shown above. Be sure to leave even sections of leather hanging off at either end. I stitched my leather around more than half of the circle.

Easy DIY Circle ToteStep Three: After one placemat is attached to the leather as shown above left (with almost even ends hanging free), sew the second mat to the leather as shown above right. I did not find any pinning to be necessary during this step. (Thank God—because who loves pinning? Not me!)

Make Your Own Circle Tote BagStep Four: Determine how long you want your tote straps to be. I cut about 3″ off the ends of each end of the leather strap. Then stitch it together. This stitch will be hidden, so it doesn’t need to be neat… unless you’re just that fastidious!

Step Five: Use your the scrap of leather you cut in step one to wrap up the middle of your leather strap. I folded the strap before wrapping it, then stitched it into place so it wouldn’t slide around.

DIY Circle PurseStep Six: I hadn’t planned on adding this detail, but I thought the purse could use a little something extra, so I decided a toggle button would be the cherry on top of this cute tote. I stitched a section of leather cord just long enough to go around where I had attached the toggle button. Easy enough, and quite cute!Make Your Own Circle Tote Bag

Looking for more sewing projects?

Make Your Own Circle Tote BagThis tote is just big enough to stash books and magazines, but not so mammoth that you’ll lose your sunglasses inside. I had so much fun whipping up this tote, I think I’m going to make one in pink too! –Mandi

Credits//Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson and Matthew Graber. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.
  • This is an amazing diy bag. I love it!
    Thanks for sharing this!

    Ngumabi xxo | ngumabisglam.blogspot.com

  • very nice and simple bag. I like white color bag. your instructions are very easy and clear.I will try it.

  • I absolutely LOVE this idea! There are so many things you can make out of placemats. I actually made a placemat purse too! (http://sweetteal.com/2017/03/diy-seashell-placemat-purse/). They are so easy and fun!

    xx Jenny (DIY + Style)

  • Oh my goodnes I’m a circles lover too!! SO making myself a round bag 🙂 eekkk fun!
    Ursula @ http://kraftmint.com {modern DIYs}

  • I’m definitely an avid lover of circles! (And this purse is pretty cute!)

  • This is an amazing idea, would be a perfect beach bag!

  • I’ve really been after a circle bag! Love this DIY it’s perfect for summer

    – Natalie

  • Really good content Mandi, The final product is so much more than the sum of its parts!

  • omg. this is just like the store bought ones. so pretty, love the button. Wish i knew how to sew or had a sewing machine. LOVE it!


  • What a great idea! I’ll add some tassels and pom poms to mine 🙂

  • hmmm I actually have these very placements at home! hmmmm
    may have to ‘lose’ a few 🙂
    totally love this x

  • That’s a stunning bag. It looks so different and unique. And it seems relatively easy to do.

  • That looks so cute! Such a perfect design for a trip to the beach <3


  • Wow, love this unique idea. I love the cleanness of the white, but can imagine the possibilities are endless! Actually think this would make a great DIY project for a girls’ wine night. Thanks for the instructions!

  • This is SUPER cute and looks really fun (and easy) to make! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  • I didn’t know circle purses were in trend right now! I really like the way your tote looks, simple enough to balance the bold design!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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