Easy DIY Pendant Lamp

Easy DIY Pendant Lamp! (click through for the full tutorial)Hi it’s Sarah Sherman Samuel from Smitten Studio & A Sunny Afternoon, popping in with this clever & super easy pendant light DIY. I was brainstorming on possible projects for my new home with my friend, and fellow maker, Lauren Bradshaw and she came up with this genius idea of turning this gold & black bowl from Ikea into a modern pendant lamp. I love that it is an inexpensive way of getting the look of a Tom Dixon “Beat Light.”

DIY pendant lamp:suppliesSupplies I used for this are: 1. this dish, 2. pendant kit, 3. a power drill, 4. a 1.75″ hole saw, 5. a pretty antique style bulb.

DIY pendant lamp:step 1For the first step, I measured to find the very middle point of the back of the dish and drilled through using the 1.75″ hole saw bit (which you can find at any hardware store). This took a bit of elbow grease and a steady hand. Also, be careful of the little metal splinters and dust that come off while drilling, safely glasses would be a good idea! Once the drill goes all the way through you’ve got the hole in the dish to insert the threaded part of the pendant light. After that, just screw on the little ring from the kit, hang the pendant and that’s it! You’ve got yourself a beautiful modern pendant light.

Easy DIY Pendant Lamp! (click through for the full tutorial) Easy DIY Pendant Lamp! (click through for the full tutorial) I think it works great in my reading nook but it would also be lovely hanging over a dining table, or even two of them hovering over nightstands on each side of a bed! Happy DIY-ing. x Sarah

Credits// Author and Photography: Sarah Sherman Samuel. 
  • LOVE THIS! Any ideas of how to convert a standing floor lamp to a hanging pendant?

  • I really like the lights and the plants combination! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more.

  • Amazing DIY! You really inspired me with your work. I just finished to making this pendant lamp. It was very easy and fun for me. It is looking awesome in my room. Thanks and keep sharing.


  • Great DIY, I think it is better to replace the traditional lamp to LED bulb, not only good looking but also energy efficient. https://www.saving-star.com/category/led-bulb/

  • Absolutely awesome, such a cool project for a decorator on a tight budget. I featured this project on my Pendant Lamp Roundup for October 2013, check it out! http://wp.me/p3aFhG-dU

  • Was the westinghouse pendant kit black? Or did you use the bronze finish? I have searched the internet far and wide for black, but could not find it. Thanks for the tip. I’d like to try this.

  • So cool! Thanks so much for sharing. My husband and I just bought our first home together a few months ago and have been trying to find tons of inexpensive ways to update it and put our own spin on the house. I’m so excited to try this! The currently lighting in our home is in need of some serious help. 🙂 Glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

  • When I first saw this, I totally thought it was a post by Ruby from Cakies! It just looks like her style, plus the plant and the chair 🙂

  • You guys have the most genius ideas!


  • Love this DIY! I’ll definitely try this.


  • Really nice idea! Made me think of all the things I could use as lamp shades. 🙂

  • Such such such a good idea! Theres also so much potential to change it up.
    Esther x


  • I really really love this idea. I’ve lusted over the inspiration so many times but maannnnnnn are they expensive.

  • This looks like something you would spend a crazy amount of money on if you bought it at a store. Great job!

  • i love this! so simple and pretty



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  • This is such an awesome idea! You wouldn’t usually think to make your own pendant lamp like this.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • This is so gorgeous, and it looks pretty simple! Also, your little chair / plant area is so pretty xx


  • So pretty… I love your DIY things xxx



  • This is amazing!! I was just shopping for a pendant life and this would’ve saved me life. Now I know how to make one for next time, though! 🙂

  • sehr coole idee 🙂 so schön adaptierbar. ich häng die wohnung voll 😉

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  • This is darling! I need some extra lighting in one place in my apartment and something like this is perfect! Will have to check it out!


  • Such a great idea!
    Love the pillow on the chair too.


  • Du coup, on peut aussi le faire avec le bol :


  • Lovely post, very good idea……gets me thinking what I have laying about the house……..ideas, ideas!


  • So simple and lovely, we had these at home a long time ago! xx


  • Looks so professional, very impressive!

  • So simple and cute! Such a great touch to the room!


  • Drill away! That’s exacly why Ikea sells their pendant kit. Just use common sense, and be careful with combustibles. Cheers,

  • Fantastic! I’m a Professional Lighting Fixture Designer and Master Craftsman – those cut edges made with the hole saw are probably going to be razor sharp. At the very least, file down the burrs with an emory board. Also, keep in mind the brass surface – acting as a reflector – may cause a bit too much yellow light if used as the only light source in the area. But kudos to you for staying away from those god-awful florescent light bulbs! I dearly hope the antique light bulbs won’t be outlawed in California, as incandescent light bulbs are slowly going the way of the buffalo. Cheers,

  • oh so fun! and i need that pillow asap.


  • Nice DIY, we love this kind of lamps!!!


  • That’s super impressive! I am not much of a homeworker, therefore I wouldn’t dare to try this 🙂

    Love from Germany,


  • Great lamp! I love this idea. I also love the pillow on that chair.

  • Holy crap, that is gorgeous and so simple! Now I want to drill holes in all the things and make lamps. The whole photo is beautiful together, as well.

  • i love the scandinavian influence of this lamp — so perfectly pretty!

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