Easy DIY Pendant Lamp

Easy DIY Pendant Lamp! (click through for the full tutorial)Hi it’s Sarah Sherman Samuel from Smitten Studio & A Sunny Afternoon, popping in with this clever & super easy pendant light DIY. I was brainstorming on possible projects for my new home with my friend, and fellow maker, Lauren Bradshaw and she came up with this genius idea of turning this gold & black bowl from Ikea into a modern pendant lamp. I love that it is an inexpensive way of getting the look of a Tom Dixon “Beat Light.”

DIY pendant lamp:suppliesSupplies I used for this are: 1. this dish, 2. pendant kit, 3. a power drill, 4. a 1.75″ hole saw, 5. a pretty antique style bulb.

DIY pendant lamp:step 1For the first step, I measured to find the very middle point of the back of the dish and drilled through using the 1.75″ hole saw bit (which you can find at any hardware store). This took a bit of elbow grease and a steady hand. Also, be careful of the little metal splinters and dust that come off while drilling, safely glasses would be a good idea! Once the drill goes all the way through you’ve got the hole in the dish to insert the threaded part of the pendant light. After that, just screw on the little ring from the kit, hang the pendant and that’s it! You’ve got yourself a beautiful modern pendant light.

Easy DIY Pendant Lamp! (click through for the full tutorial) Easy DIY Pendant Lamp! (click through for the full tutorial) I think it works great in my reading nook but it would also be lovely hanging over a dining table, or even two of them hovering over nightstands on each side of a bed! Happy DIY-ing. x Sarah

Credits// Author and Photography: Sarah Sherman Samuel. 

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