Easy Messy Handprinted Polka Dots

Polka dot technique 1It's no secret that I love polka dots! Patterned textiles are taking over my closet and my home! Today I want to teach you how to make your own messy polka dot tea towel. I am always looking for more cute things for my kitchen. I love the imperfect polka dot pattern. I really enjoy printing, stamping and dying fabrics. It's an obsessions and I can't wait to share it with you!Polka dot stepsThis technique only takes two easy steps… 1. Gather 3 things- QTips, Martha Stewart Craft Paint (works on all surfaces), and a textile to print on. 2. Dip your QTip in paint and press it down on your fabric. For every coat of paint you can make 4-6 dots, they will get lighter as you go, which adds charm to the finished piece! Repeat until the entire surface is covered. This can be time consuming, so it's a great project for a movie night or phone conversation! Polka dot technique 2If you love the idea of handprinting your own textiles, you're in luck! This month I am sharing about a dozen different ways to print your own fabric! Techniques will range from super simple (like this one) to more advanced and technical. The best part about printing your own fabric is having a piece of clothing or decor that is one of a kind! I hope you have a wonderful day. xo. elsie

  • Gwyneth, Nope! You need to use Martha Stewart paint or fabric paint, though. Not regular acrylic paint.

  • looks like great fun, and looking forward to the next printing adventures from you…ooooh where are my Q tips…..
    Nattie x

  • I love this! I collect old tea napkins and make little change purses with them. A few are covered in light stains and I just can’t get myself to toss them. Glad I’ve been hanging on to them now, I think the polka dots will cover them nicely!

  • Now I know what to do with the big bow I am making to wear with my blue dress. So excited about learning all your techniques! By the way, dropped by your store the other day and it is beautiful! I feel in love with a scarf and am making a dress just to compliment it. 🙂 Backwards I know…

  • so glad to see you used the Martha Stewart paint. I just purchased some to stamp on shirts for my kids. I was hoping it would be the same as fabric paint. love the dots!

  • How fun is this?! Love it! I also just read your post on 5 tips for lifestyle photography and loved it! Great blog 🙂

  • Definitely going to use this idea for a baby shower I’m co-hosting for a dear friend! Great cloth gift wrap!
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  • I have plain boring white napkins at home that would be perfect for this kind of project. I never thought about using a q-tip!

  • Hi! I was wondering if putting these in the washer would make the paint come off? I am new to the DIY world and cannot(!) wait to try this out!

  • Hi! I was wondering if you can wash these or if the paint will wash off? Lovely!

  • I heard you have interns who make all the projects for you. You should give them credit for their work!

  • That’s really creative. I love your work, I used to take art classes and it helped but in the end I figured that it really was just going to be a hobby for me but that’s fine. I can still appreciate art. 🙂

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