Easy & Natural Contouring & Highlighting (Perfect for Summer!)

Easy Highlighting and Contouring (click through for tutorial) How to Highlight & Contour Naturally (click through for tutorial)One of my very favorite ways to add dimension to my makeup look and give myself a little bit of a glow is by highlighting and contouring. For some people, the technique can be overwhelming and seem way too time consuming! While there are different methods, today I’m going to share a super easy way to give yourself a little bronzy glow and add a little definition that looks both lovely and natural.

Easy Highlighting and Contouring (click through for tutorial) Step One: Using a bronzer a few shades darker than your natural skin tone, apply bronzer from your hairline to the middle of your cheekbone. Be sure to blend up and on the cheekbone line and NOT blend down below the cheekbone. This helps create a more defined cheekbone. If you accidentally get a little too heavy-handed, blend blend blend! When it comes to bronzer, blending is your best friend. 😉 Since I have such fair skin, I love using the Milk Chocolate bronzer from Too Faced (it smells like chocolate too!) I also LOVE the Shade & Light Contour Palette from Kat Von D. It has a great selection of shades for so many skin tones. Just a little tip, whichever bronzer you use, for this method, make sure it has a matte finish!

Easy Highlighting and Contouring (click through for tutorial) Step Two: With just a touch of bronzer on your brush (I love this bronzing brush btw!), lightly dust/blend the top sides of your forehead avoiding the middle. Also dust the sides of your nose and your jawline. The trick is to use hardly any product and build up the bronze very slowly until it has just a hint of color. Don’t forget to blend, girl!

Easy Highlighting and Contouring (click through for tutorial) Step Three: Time to apply your blush. The blush will go right above the bronzer you just put on. For the spring and summertime, I love using an illuminating blush that leaves a slight glow. I’m constantly reaching for this one, and it’s a great price! You can find my favorite blush brush here; it applies like a dream. (This one is pretty great too!)

Step Four: Highlighter might very well be one of my favorite makeup products. I love the shimmery glow it can give and how effortless it is to look bright and awake using a highlighter. I’m convinced they are made from unicorns. 😉 Use a highlighter brush to lightly dust your glow on the very tops of your cheekbone, above the blush. Be sure to keep the highlight from getting too close to the side of your nose. Just a little dusting from your hairline to your mid-cheekbone will do perfectly. If you’re looking for a beautiful highlighter, check out the ones from Becca, The Balm and Wet n’Wild… They are fantastic!

Easy Highlighting and Contouring (click through for tutorial) Step Five: With just a little more highlighter added to your brush, lightly dust the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. This will give you such a lovely, sun-kissed glow! Voila!

Just a little tip, when applying your bronzer, blush and highlighter to your cheekbones, think of it as a sandwich. The bronzer goes at the bottom, then comes the blush, and the highlight tops it off right at the high-point of your cheeks!

How to Highlight & Contour Naturally (click through for tutorial)

Easy Highlighting and Contouring (click through for tutorial)Here is a little before and after so you can see how subtle it is, but also how it really does define my cheeks and nose and adds a nice little dimension to the entire look!

Easy, right?! This is such a beautiful way to define your face and make it shimmer. I’m not gonna lie… it’s hard to hold back on the highlighter sometimes. If I don’t practice a little self-control, I’m tempted to bathe in it. 😉 Rock that gorgeous highlight and contour, babes! Lots of love, Sav.


Credits//Author and Photography: Savannah Wallace. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

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