DIY Laundry Room Shelf

DIY Laundry Room Shelf (click through for instructions!)Elsie recently updated the laundry room in her home (more photos soon!). She mentioned to me that she wanted to add a small shelf that could hold two laundry baskets to hold clothes and linens ready to be washed. So I put together this super simple plywood shelf to perfectly fit her space. Here's how we made it.Laundry room shelvesSupplies needed:

two 36×26 inch pieces of plywood (the long sides)
two 20×26 inch pieces of plywood (the top and bottom of the shelf)
one 19×26 inch piece of plywood (the middle shelf)
one 20×36 inch piece of ply wood (the back of the shelf)
two sets of small L brackets with screws (six total)
wood glue
power drill and saw
sand paper
primer + brush
paint + brush
*These are the measurements I used to fit our space and the laundry baskets we had. You can easily adjust the measurements for the plywood pieces to customize a shelf to your space.Easy plywood shelvesFirst cut your plywood to fit the measurements you need. Begin assembling the shelf upside down. Attach the top shelf and middle shelf pieces to the side pieces using the L brackets and screws. You will need someone to help hold the shelf together as you work.Diy easy plywood shelvesUse wood glue to attach the bottom shelf piece. Allow to fully dry. Use wood glue to attach the back of the shelf. This is mostly easily done by laying the back piece flat on the floor or your work surface, add glue around the edges and then lay the shelf on top in place. Allow the glue to fully dry.

Sand the entire shelf. Prime the shelf and allow to dry. Then paint the shelf to match your laundry room space.DIY Laundry Room Shelf (click through for instructions!) Super easy right? This shelf is very light-weight and can be assembled very quickly. However, keep in mind that it was originally created to house laundry baskets. This shelf is not a good designs to hold lots of weight, like a book shelf. Thanks for letting us share one update to Elsie's laundry room. And like I said, stay tuned for more photos of the laundry room's makeover. xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman

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