Easy Pumpkin Pie Place Cards!

I love a good place card at a dinner party. For one thing, it’s a great opportunity to add another little decoration element to the table and it also has a much more functional purpose in letting your guests know where to sit. Especially at larger dinner parties there’s always the kind of awkward shuffle dance of “where do I sit” when it comes time to take your seat, so place cards help make that go so much smoother. With Thanksgiving on its way, I thought it would be fun to make a cute and easy pumpkin pie place card (complete with whipped cream dollop!) to add a little decor to your Thanksgiving table! We are partnering with JOANN on this project and thankfully, it only took one visit to their store to get all the items I needed to make my place cards the same day. It’s great that they also have lots of other cute holiday decor in the store as well, so if you need other items to decorate your holiday table with you can get them all at once! Make sure to download the app for coupons as well (and put a little more towards your holiday present fund instead!).

orange (in 2 different shades) and brown card stock
rubber cement glue
hot glue gun
white pom poms
place card template (right click to download)

First, download the place card template and print one out. Cut out the template pieces and use that to trace your shapes onto your orange and brown card stock.

Use your rubber cement glue to glue your smaller orange piece onto the bottom of your pie and then glue on the brown crust as well. Hot glue your pom pom in place, fold your card, add your name, and your place card is ready for use!

How cute does that look on the table? I love things that add a little bit of fun to a table scape (keeps things from looking too serious if you ask me) and this completes that task perfectly! You could maybe add some googly eyes and a smile on these for a kid’s table option (kids love googly eyes), but either way I think these will add some cheer to your holiday table. Let the holidays begin! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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