Easy Seasoned Carrot Fries (Oven-Baked!)

I am a big late-night snacker. Chips and salsa, pretzels, popcorn … all good candidates to be the fourth meal of the day for me. I’ve been wanting and trying to incorporate more and more veggies into my meals, so I’ve been experimenting with some veggie-based snack options, and so far these carrot fries are one of my favorites! They are pretty easy to make as well and you could even cut the carrots ahead of time to make late-night snacking a breeze.Oven-Baked Seasoned Carrot Fries, serves 2

4-5 medium sized carrots
olive oil (coconut or avocado oil work too)
seasoning mix of choice (I used the pizza seasoning from this post)

Peel your carrots and cut them lengthwise down the center. Cut them in two across the middle and cut the quarters into 1/4″-1/2″ matchsticks (try and keep them all the same size as much as you can). Pour just enough olive oil to coat the fries lightly (about 1 tablespoon should do) and toss to distribute oil evenly. Sprinkle seasoning to taste over top of fries and toss again.Bake your fries at 400° on a baking sheet for 20 minutes (flipping fries halfway at the 10-minute mark) or until soft with browned crispy edges. Serve with a dipping sauce and enjoy!  I love these with some ketchup mixed with a little bit of Sriracha for a bit of an extra kick! I was really surprised the first time I had these at how satisfying they really were and totally covered that late-night craving category while still giving me an extra serving of veggies for the day. Hope these show up during one of your late-night Netflix marathons too! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Looks like they would be great thing to make in the air fryer. Will have to get my husband to try it

  • Carrots did just brighten my mind. Thanks for a article and the recipe.

  • I wish I could eat vegetables right now, because these look A M A Z I N G; my favorite veggies to do this with are zucchini and squash. I never actually thought to do it with Carrots before. You can bet your bottom I’ll be giving this a shot, though, when I can eat them again.

  • They look super delicious and healthy at the same time! Gotta try them!

  • Yum!!! I’ve been looking for some carb-less snacks! This would be perfect!

  • I love vegetable fries, but I’ve never tried carrot fries before! They sound good, can’t wait to try the recipe out! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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