(Easy) Sweet Potato Pie Pastries

Easy sweet potato pie pastriesSweet potato pie is kind of the over-looked step sister of pumpkin pie. Don't you think? I bet every year when the internet goes crazy for pumpkin spice everything, sweet potatoes everywhere think to themselves, "You know, I'm basically the same thing but sweeter."

And they are correct. But they still go unnoticed it seems. But who want a sweet potato latte? No takers? Well, I guess that's part of the problem for them. Sweet potato pie bites!I could go on. But I have a feeling I'm starting to cross over into weird kitchen lady rambling territory. So I'll stop. Let me just say one final thing about sweet potatoes: They are delicious. They smell, taste and are colored like the autumn season with just a little more natural sweetness than pumpkin. Not that it's a competition. And these little pastries are an absolute breeze to throw together if you're ever in need of just a little something sweet. Add a few marshmallows here and there and these are just too fun not to make. Easy sweet potato danishSweet Potato Pie Pastries

1 package (2 sheets) frozen, thawed puff pastry
1 can (15 oz.) sweet potatoes in syrup
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
1 egg
marshmallows (optional)

Drain the sweet potatoes from the syrup. In a bowl combine the potatoes, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and mash together until nearly no lumps remain. Spoon batter onto puff pastry sheets. Form any kind of shapes you prefer: pinwheels, spirals, braids, crescents, etc. Brush with an egg wash. Bake at 375°F for 15 minutes. If you are adding the marshmallows, do so during the 2 minutes of baking. Super easy sweet potato danishEnjoy these! xo. Emma

Credits// Author and Photos: Emma Chapman

  • these sound fantastic! One question – I’ve never seen cans of sweet potato here in the UK – would cooking and pureeing my own work the same way?

  • This looks so yummy! This may be what I have to bring as my item for the holidays this year.

  • Sweet potato lattes are actually extremely popular in Korea. You can get them at almost any coffee shop!

  • I have never tried anything like this! But I do love sweet potatoes 🙂 I will try it out soon!

  • Man these look so yummy, here I am meant to be going to sleep, instead Im getting hungrier reading A Beautiful Mess. Yummo!


  • Mmm these look delicious! Butternut Squash seems to get overlooked too
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • I just made your choco buttermilk cake- it was a huge hit!
    Maybe some autumn pumpkin or chocolate fudges are something you could experiment with? I love seeing whatever you come up with!

  • Ha! Yes, you’ll note I discard the syrup. Not a big fan. But it certainly saves time since you don’t have to bake fresh ones. But if you have the time that’s certainly and awesome option too. 🙂

  • I hope not because my note book is brimming with Thanksgiving menu ideas already. It’s my favorite holiday to plan for. 🙂

  • How interesting. If you don’t mind my asking, what part of the south?

  • Sweet Potato Beer?!?! You just blew my mind. I am on a major beer kick at the moment. My current favorite is Alba Scots Pine Ale. I am very jealous of your local brewery, I would love to try the Sweet Yamma Jamma!

  • The egg is only for the egg wash on top. This makes your finished pastries shine and get just a little more golden as you bake. But it’s totally optional-won’t change the taste at all if you leave the egg out. Sometimes I brush a little buttermilk or melted butter on instead of an egg wash, so you could try those options too. Good luck and happy baking!

  • These look so fantastic! There is a fruit here in Honduras that tastes a lot like sweet potato that I think I will try this out on. Yum! (We’re Navy, just got here two months ago, kind of a long story, adios!)

  • This looks great and like it’s actually a use for those awful canned syrupy sweet potatoes. (My mother in law serves those for holiday dinners – yuck!) I want to try this recipe!

  • This looks so yummy! I’m going to try a Sweet Potato Bread recipe for my blog pretty soon but I may have to try this as well while I have sweet potatoes out 🙂

  • My next door neighbor owns a food truck. Last week he gifted me TEN POUNDS of puff pastry. I’ve been looking for puff pastry recipes ever since. This is now on the list of things to make.

  • I’m totally stealing this idea for our halloween party. Don’t tell anyone. 🙂

  • Amazing! Thank you. I much prefer using fresh ingredients if I can. Plus, I have no idea if my grocery store even has canned sweet potato (not that I’ve ever looked for it).

  • Cute! What a fun idea! Love the fun designs. Perfect appetizer for a party! 🙂


  • As someone from the UK Im not convinced about sweet potato in a non-savoury dish (I know, it has sweet in its name, but Ive never tried it). But you are slowly convincing me with all your sweet potato recipes! Likewise I’ve never tried pumpkin pie either!

  • These are amazing! I’m always really excited to add pumpkin or sweet potato to anything once it’s autumn!

  • I like it and I prefer recipes like that. Easy and quick. xa. That looks so yummy.


  • Yum! Can’t wait to make these – love the idea of using pre-made pastry dough!

  • To make this using a fresh sweet potato what I do is bake my sweet potato in the oven at 400* for 30 min and then use it like the can stuff which I hate cause it taste nothing like a fresh one.

  • Ohh, they loook both fun and delicious

    XX Luba

    Ying Yang inspirations in my look, today on

  • i never need a reason to eat more sweet potatoes. but thanks for giving me one:)


  • Well I know what I’m making this weekend. I think I may try it with fresh sweet potatoes – just bake them with a little sugar on top, then mash them.

  • Easy + sweet potato pastries? Yesss. Can’t wait to try!

  • These look amazing. The idea of sweet potato with marshmallows is such a north american thing, but one I am more than happy to embrace. nom nom nom. I may have to try this.

    I may try to get hold of Caribbean sweet potato though, apparently it is healthier for you (or has more of the good stuff to balance the excess of marshmallow I will use). I’ll have to let you know if it tastes any different.


  • these look perfect for thanksgiving! (am i too early to already be planning thanksgiving?)

  • all of the different shapes make this dish that much more exciting. love this as an appetizer in the fall time. must try it. I love easy puff pastry dough recipes! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  • My sister always makes sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving and it is the clear dessert stand out – gonna have to ask her to try these as well.

  • These look and sound AMAZING! I really need some like now… Sweet potatoes are probably my absolute favourite food ever xo

  • Oh, I needed some ideas for sweet potatoes. I’ve been wanting to experiment with puff pastry.

    Interestingly, I lived in a part of the deep south for a short time where everyone was into sweet potatoes and shunned pumpkin. Sweet potato pie was king and pumpkin pie rejected. I guess it was a quirky regional thing.

  • I have always said the same thing about sweet potato! Poor sweet potato, just as lovely as her flashier younger sister 😛

  • yum! I agree about sweet potatoes being overlooked. I was so excited when my favorite local brewery recently introduced a Sweet Potato BEER! Its called Sweet Yamma Jamma from Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis. Its so amazing and perfect for Fall!.

  • You just blew my mind. I love using puff pastry (I usually do a pizza pinwheel sort of thing), so I can’t wait to try these out!

    Do you know of a way of making these with a fresh sweet potato rather than canned?

  • that looks amazing and delicious. Do you have any suggestions for me because I am allergic to eggs? i feel like such a troublesome person because of that, and if I could lose that allergy I would!

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