Easy Yarn Wall Art DIY 

This is one of those DIY happy accidents, if I’m being honest. I had this beaded placemat folded in half after using it as a fake clutch prop in another shoot and then stashed a bunch of yarn next to it. After walking past it three times, I realized all I needed to do was stitch some yarn to the bottom of it and I’d have a beautiful wall hanging that sort of resembled a reverse rainbow! This one packs all of the charm of a more complicated fiber piece and can be made in an afternoon.

one wooden, beaded circle placemat
7 skeins of yarn (50 grams each or more) in your favorite colors
-embroidery needle
-white thread

Place your colors in the order you’d like them and then start with your center color. Take a bundle of 20-25 strands of yarn that measure about 38″ long each. Take one of the strands and tie a knot in the center of your yarn bundle.

Thread one side of that strand you just knotted and thread your needle. Stitch through the placemat so that you’ve gone through the base and not just around the strings that hold the beads together. After stitching it through, bring the needle under the arch created by your yarn bundle and then tie that strand to the other strand. You want your yarn bundle to be pulled taut up against your placemat. You shouldn’t be able to see any space between them.

Repeat the process with two more bundles of that same color and then 2-3 bundles of the next color, and so on. And so on. And so on.

Use a blanket stitch to stitch the placemat together like a taco using thread. Then create a knotted loop with yarn and stitch it through the back side so you can hang it easily.

These colors feel like summertime to me, but this would be really great in neutrals or in boy/girl colors for a kids’ room. The wooden beads lend a warm, bohemian touch but you could also use a glass bead placemat for something a little flashier. This one was such an easy project, so it’s beginner-friendly. Hope you enjoy! – Rachel

Credits//Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Rachel and Elise Abigail. Edited with the New A Beautiful Mess actions.

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