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Every time a kid’s birthday or Christmas came up, I used to feel like I was always stuck wondering if I should go the pure fun route with a toy or the more educational route so the kiddo can learn something new. As I’ve gotten further into my parenting mode, I’ve started to realize more and more that there are tons of toys out there that are fun and educational so there’s no need to choose one over the other if you pick the right gift. Now, I totally realize that “educational” means something totally different for a 10-year-old vs. a 10-month-old, so it’s a little more focused on new motor skills in the beginning rather than science knowledge. But hey, we all have to start somewhere, right? Games and toys that help with stacking and threading skills (like the rocket and sheep) are great for little ones and then you can move onto things like the wooden beehive to help with the pincer grasp or puzzles to fit shapes together. I love dress up kits like the doctor set to help jumpstart imagination play with older toddlers and fun science kits or builder sets are awesome for older kids. Hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for the next kid birthday on your calendar! xo. Laura

  • These are so great! We have some already but I found a few more to add to our wishlists!

  • These are great! We have #10 but all the others are new to me! Def a few things on there that would be great for my 18 month old and 4 yr old!

  • So colourful! I love how cute some of these toys are. Aesthetically-pleasing AND educational? Yes please! 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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