Eggs Benedict: 3 Ways

Eggs benedictEggs Benedict feels like vacation food to me. Elsie orders eggs benny all time when we travel. The very first time I ordered it was with her while we were in Hawaii earlier this year. Here are three ways I like to serve eggs benny.

Lox eggs bennyLox Eggs Benedict involves smoked salmon. You can usually find this near the seafood counter at your grocery store. Simply pile lox over a toasted English muffin, top with an egg and a liberal amount of hollandaise sauce! I prefer fried eggs to poached, but you can serve it however you like. You can see how I make (easy!!!) hollandaise sauce in this article.

Portabello eggs bennyThis is my personal favorite: portaobello eggs benny! Cook a cup or two of hash browns until crispy. Wash and remove the stem from a portobello mushroom and saute in oil and butter until softened through. Layer hash browns with the portobello, top with an egg and hollandaise sauce. I absolutely love how the sauce soaks into the crispy hash browns. Mmmmm!

Crab cake egg bennyCrab cakes egg benny is also super delicious and filling. I’m still tweaking a favorite crab cake recipe, currently I really like this one, except I usually divide the amount in half (as I don’t need quite that many servings). Once your crab cakes are ready, place them over a toasted english muffin, topped with an egg and hollandaise sauce. I love to sprinkle on just a little more paprika just before serving.

Do you have a favorite version of Eggs Benedict you and your family enjoy? xo. Emma

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