Eggs Benedict: 3 Ways

Eggs benedictEggs Benedict feels like vacation food to me. Elsie orders eggs benny all time when we travel. The very first time I ordered it was with her while we were in Hawaii earlier this year. Here are three ways I like to serve eggs benny.

Lox eggs bennyLox Eggs Benedict involves smoked salmon. You can usually find this near the seafood counter at your grocery store. Simply pile lox over a toasted English muffin, top with an egg and a liberal amount of hollandaise sauce! I prefer fried eggs to poached, but you can serve it however you like. You can see how I make (easy!!!) hollandaise sauce in this article.

Portabello eggs bennyThis is my personal favorite: portaobello eggs benny! Cook a cup or two of hash browns until crispy. Wash and remove the stem from a portobello mushroom and saute in oil and butter until softened through. Layer hash browns with the portobello, top with an egg and hollandaise sauce. I absolutely love how the sauce soaks into the crispy hash browns. Mmmmm!

Crab cake egg bennyCrab cakes egg benny is also super delicious and filling. I’m still tweaking a favorite crab cake recipe, currently I really like this one, except I usually divide the amount in half (as I don’t need quite that many servings). Once your crab cakes are ready, place them over a toasted english muffin, topped with an egg and hollandaise sauce. I love to sprinkle on just a little more paprika just before serving.

Do you have a favorite version of Eggs Benedict you and your family enjoy? xo. Emma

  • I just had Eggs Benedict @ the Royal Hawaiian for brunch a couple days ago- it was wonderful. Coming back to fall in Chicago was quit a jolt 🙂

  • Ahh you made me so hungry! Our favorite is Irish benedict. English muffin topped with corned beef hash, eggs and hollandaise. It’s a regular weekend breakfast for us 🙂

  • yumm! I love the portabello one since I’m a veggie and a traditional benedict isn’t for me. Great ideas!!

  • The portabello version sounds devine!

    I’m currently trying the eggs benny at a different cafe every week and blogging about it. It’s my favourite part of the week 😀

  • I’ve never tried eggs benedict but these look so good!! I’ll be sure to try it someday

  • I love cooked breakfast! And eggs benny are some of my favourites! What great ideas!

  • I love Eggs Benedict! It is my go-to food when I’m out for breakfast or brunch. I still haven’t come close to my favorite from an old cafe I used to work at, but it’s a slow journey! It’s all about the hollandaise!

  • I have had it with the crab cakes and its delicious but you just can’t be the classic eggs benedict. It’s the best.

  • I tend to order Eggs Benedict vegetarian style when I’m out to breakfast on vacation, too!

  • mmm

    my favourite way is when my boyfriend cooks it for me 🙂

    but norm with smoked salmon and eggs or bacon and over muffin or bagel!


  • Yum! There’s a little cafe in y boyfriends village which does a lovely eggs benedict poached egg with bacon on a muffin. I want one now!! X

  • Eggs Florentine <3
    Its basically just Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and lovely steamed spinach.

  • Oh deary me, I do love a plate of eggs benny! They’re so indulgent and always make me feel like I’m on vacation. What a treat!

    Maria xx

  • I’m vegan, so eggs are not a thing I eat, but I make a pretty delicious faux eggs benny with tofu and a sauce made of mostly veganaise and nutritional yeast. The secret is Kala Namak, which is a black salt you can buy in East Indian markets that has a bit of a sulfurous taste. Sounds totally gross but it gives it an egg-y flavour.

  • Yum – love the idea for all three! I always gravitate towards smoked salmon when I have eggs benedict and I love my eggs poached 🙂

  • I love the first idea with the smoked salmon eggs benedict! YUM!

    Love your ideas! 🙂

  • My fiance adores egg benedict – I love the sound of portobello eggs benedict I am sure it would taste absolutely divine!

    xo Emilie @

  • Hi Emma, should eggs Benedict not be made with poached eggs? I don’t think it’s Eggs Benedict with fried eggs like you have done?

  • I had eggs benedict for the first time when I was abroad and loved it! I don’t eat out too much while I’m home so I can’t wait to try this.

  • yummm, i love the idea of hash browns with eggs bennedict! i’ve only ever tried it with toasted english muffins..

    Katie x

  • Oh these looks delicious! I love Eggs Benedict! I usually just get the classic but love when I get the chance to switch it up! On our honeymoon in Jamaica I ordered it with smoked salmon every morning! And more recently in Chicago, I ordered one with barbeque pulled pork (not too barbequey though)… Absolutely my favorite Eggs Benedict ever!

  • These so yummy! They remind me of my favorite place at Rosemary Beach- Great Southern Cafe, I had their fried green tomato eggs Benedict! with smoked gouda grits to top it off! Thanks for the sharing!!!

  • Oh girls you made me hungry! But to tell the true I’ve never tasted them! I don’t think it’s that European thing, or rather eastern European thing… Oh well, should have tried some when I was overseas!!! Next time…

  • We have a version of Eggs Benedict here called Eggs Oscar. A crabcake topped with aspergras a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Delicious!

  • I´ve never tried eggs benedict. No one ever made them for me and I think I never went to a place where I could have ordered them. I think, they aren´t much known in Germany.

  • These all look so yummy! I’m reading this blogpost in a spare class and I am getting so hungry for lunch!


  • Those all look so fantastic! I’m so hungry for seafood now 🙂


  • Yummy, `i think I go for number two tomorrow 😉

  • You need to come cook these for me! Seriously, I will have to train, I would love to replicate those but I’m quite not sure I can :/

  • SO glad you did a gluten-free version! (with hashbrowns instead of English Muffin). I have always thought that eggs benedict are something I’ll never get to enjoy anymore with Celiac. Never would have thought to use hashbrowns! So excited to try it!

  • My family has a traditional south german recipie, where you cook rice (or noodles) and bolognese sauce and just pour two eggs (or more, depending on how many people are eating ;)) into the boiling sauce and cook for 10 minutes. Then top the rice with emetaler cheese and bolognese-egg sauce and enjoy! A truely awesome combination. The sad name is “rice with lost eggs”, but it tastes so delicious…

  • I have never had Eggs Benedict! Must try it the next time it’s on the menu.


  • I love Eggs Benny, as you call them, but what I love even more are English muffins. Do you have a recipe for them? I tried them when I was in Canada and I fell in love with them, I had one for breakfast everyday for the entire semester, and they’re not available in Chile. 🙁 Help?

  • My favorite Eggs Benedict is biscuit, crab cake, fried green tomato, and poached egg topped with hollandaise.

  • I recently discovered this, on my birthday to be exact. They are so tasty. These combinations look all incredible!

  • Last minute Halloween costume ideas? Im dying trying to figure one out and I know you and Emma are incredibly creative. Please help!

  • I love my favorite version of SoCal eggs benny! English muffin, bacon, avocado, tomato, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce!!!! The crispy bacon with gooey egg and hollandaise and creamy avocado literally rocks my world.

  • I feel the same way about eggs benedict! I order them california style (on top of english muffin, tomato and topped with sauce and avocado) at our local diner. but i have always been a little afraid to make them myself. I think I will give it a try though, seems simple enough!

  • Oo, I’ve been planning on attempting eggs benedict for ages now and this post has given me the kick up the bum I need to try!

  • Eggs Benny with lox! Love it! I never thought to serve it with a mushroom. And I adore that you call it eggs Benny for short.

  • You girls are life saviours! I’m hosting my first brunch at home this Sunday and this post is perfect!

  • Oh wooow 🙂 My favourite posh breakfast ever. (The salmon ones are actually Eggs Royale, Eggs n Spinach are Eggs Florentine and Eggs n Ham are Eggs Benedict) – Will defo have to try the crab version! xx

  • Oh wow, I love eggs benedict and these 3 ways look absolutely amazing!

  • Being Swedish living in England, I love English muffins and the combo with smoked salmon is my favourite (but I also love adding prawns and dill)! Can’t have runny eggs either at the moment being pregnant and thinking about it I think I’m not allowed the smoked salmon either at the moment! I need to google it…;)Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • The best I have ever had was Eggs Benedict Caprese. Sounds crazy, but it was SO killer! The hollandaise combo w/ a balsamic glaze worked really well.

  • Yum! I’ll have to try this sometime. My fiancée is always wanting to try eggs in new styles. Thanks for sharing!

  • One of my all time breakfast faves! It’s killing me right now because I can’t eat runny poached eggs while pregnant. Will have to try soon…thanks

  • We call the smoked salmon version Eggs Hemmingway. It is the best! I love the portobello idea. In Kentucky, our eggs benedict often feature country ham.

  • This is the only way I eat my eggs , or breakfast. Your making me so hungrrrryyyy


  • I love eggs benedict, but since I’m a vegetarian, I usually take off any meat that’s with it, but the second recipe is vegetarian friendly, and looks delicious! Thank you so much!

  • I love eggs benny! One of my favorite breakfast places always has a different Sunday special version. I have never had a portabello benny, that I will have to try!

  • Eggs benny is like a vacation food for me too for the same reason! I’ve never tried it over the portobello mushrooms but that sounds amazing and pretty healthy. I’ve had it over crab cakes and I liked that. Especially since I’m not a ham eater.

  • The portabello benedict sounds amazing! I am definitely going to try the crab cakes benny too. Awesome post!

  • By far my favorite breakfast food, especially while on vacation. Thanks for sharing!!

  • My husband and I LOVE Eggs Benny. We’ve made up a little tradition to make “Eggs Chesapeake” for his family whenever we visit them in Baltimore. His mom’s best friend brings the BEST crab soup for the annual Christmas Eve bash. On Christmas morning, before opening presents, we top English muffins with fried Taylor Pork Roll (Some weird kind of breakfast meat from his childhood. Kind of like bologna. Just go with it.) and some leftover crab soup (instead of hollandaise) and poached eggs. Delicious! I know it sounds strange, but it’s really good, I promise 🙂

  • Loooooove eggs benedict! one of my favorite places in Paris serves the lox version with some sort of salad (my dictionnary calls it lamb’s lettuce, not sure it will make sense to you…) on top of the whole dish, it’s delicious
    I’ve had some great crab eggs benedict in san francisco once, basically exactly like the lox version, with fresh crab meat instead of lox. Simple and amazing
    Definitely trying the portobello one this weekend!

  • I haven’t fallen in love with eggs benedict before but I think I’ll try the portobello version and give it another shot!

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