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Elle's Patisserie in Springfield, MissouriElle's Patisserie in Springfield, MissouriElle's Patisserie in Springfield, MissouriWell, it's official! We found our favorite ice cream shop in the the whole world. We are obsessed with Elle's Patisserie on Cherry Street (in Springfield, Missouri). They have the most delicious homemade ice cream, croissants, truffles and spicy hot chocolate. Elle's Patisserie InteriorElle's Patisserie InteriorElle's Patisserie InteriorWe stopped in the other day for a little treat. It's always really hard to choose a flavor, but here's what we ordered: Homemade Ice Cream at Elle's PatisserieLavender, Mint Chocolate Chip and Pecan Pumpkin Pie… yum! Katie at Elle's PatisserieKatie at Elle's PatisserieKatie at Elle's PatisserieEmma was at home baking, so we ordered her some cute truffles to go. Halloween Truffles from Elle's PatisserieThey had Halloween truffles this week. We thought they were too adorable, so we got one of each! 

Thanks for taking a peek at one of our favorite spots! If you go in, order a spicy hot chocolote (my pick) or a salted hot chocolate (katie's pick) and hurry up and get some ice cream before it gets too cold! xoxo. Elsie 

  • Ahhh the decor is marvellous. Aren’t they just amazing at making beautiful spaces and beautiful pastries? Damn.

  • This place looks just like what I want to own one day on the East coast:)


  • that place is adorable! the salted hot chocolate sounds delicious, but so does the honey lavender float!

  • Elle’s shop is super sweet and such a reflection of her personality. You captured it perfectly. Great feature!

  • Oh My goodness!!!! This place looks adorable!!! Looks like you all had fun too♥

  • Those truffles look amazing! At hotel chocolate they are selling some really amazing Halloween chocolates!


  • Ice cream, truffles and hot chocolate all under one roof? Sounds like heaven to me! I may have to make a quick road trip to Springfield just to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  • Those truffles look fantastic – and spicy hot chocolate sounds just the ticket!

    Maria xx

  • Oh my goodness! This place looks amazing, I wish I could try some of those treats! Yum!


  • Okay.. this looks like THE cutest place ever. Everything about it makes me so happy. Especially how the outside is PURPLE. love. i wanna go here!



  • I just bought my ticket to visit my mom in Nixa and I’ll definitely need to take advantage of this in Springfield! Looks like my kind of place!

  • Looks cute, and delish! My go to ice cream choices are lavender + pistachio!

  • According to Google, it would take me 12 hours to drive there from my hometown. That’s pretty far, but doable. However, I currently live on the other side of the world. Not doable. *cries*

  • Oh, this looks adorable! I lived in Spfld for lotsa years and ma mere still lives there. I’ll have to let her know about this place!

  • This place looks so fantastic! I’m craving ice cream now….
    xo Heather

  • Oh my goodness, the drinks menu looks heavenly! What a lovely little place! x


  • This looks great! You have a creative eye and a truly great head for fashion and sweets! Check out http://www.socialbliss.com/stylefeed for more inspiration and fashionistas with your eye!

  • Omg what a cute place! It’s so hard to find cute places like this in my area…so many chains.

  • Wow! It looks really nice and lovely, let’s see if somehow sometime I can make my way over there! (:

    Nice blog!


  • Looks so yully yummy yummy!
    And I really love the décor of this patisserie ♥

  • Mmmmm… Spicy hot chocolate sounds amazing! & such a cute place! Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Xo, Inna from Baking in Couture.

  • How Fun!
    I feel like places like that are only in fairy tales because they are so few and far between.

    Just by looking at the pictures, I know if I’m ever in Springfield I’ll definitely be stopping in for a scoop!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • So nice post. I like the pictures and the Halloween truffles look great.


  • Haha I love the halloween treats!! Looks like such a fun little place to visit! 🙂

  • Mmmm lavender! Not only does that sound delicious, but it looks so cute there too!

  • Ooof this place looks adorable! As do you lovely ladies :). We have an adorable little cafe in our village that does AWESOME cakes & treats called Gorge Us (cute right?!). I’ll have to go with my camera some time 🙂 xx

  • I love the local features you do. I wish more bloggers highlighted wonderful places they had locally. They’re all just so gorgeous and adorable. Oh, and it makes me want something sweet. 🙂

  • Beautiful place, so thoughtfully decorated. I wish I lived nearby, but London is a bit far away, I’m afraid. LOL


  • This is totally my kind of place. Although it would be a bit of trek to visit all the way from England!

  • Well, if there´s a patisserie in Cherry Street, it has to be a treat. The halloween truffles look awsome!

  • These little Halloween treats are adorable! NOBODY in Paris celebrates Halloween and it is making me nostalgic for home! (That’s why I’m loving your Halloween-themed posts so much, Elsie!) Please keep them coming 🙂

    Smiles and all the best,

  • the salted hot chocolate sounds divine! I love salty sweet treats right now, salted caramel is a big favourite in our household.

    Looks like a lovely place to visit, can see why you like it x

  • The Halloween truffles look too cute to eat! Looks like a lovely place.


  • This place looks wonderful,although I adore a Starbucks pumpkin spices latte I love finding lovely new independent places to hang out and try delicious treats, I discovered a new cafe recently and it’s my new favourite place to be! 🙂

  • I so wish was I nearby to visit this adorable place!


  • Oh so totally beautiful. I’ve pinned it so I can be inspired by it again at a later date. I’m totally into the honey lavender float! Will need to hunt around for a recipe. Thanks for sharing this gem of a place with us!

  • Looks amazing. I absolutely adore places like this. They fill any town/city with so much character and fun. So lovely!!

  • how adorable! I wish there were more cute places like this where I live. the whole design of the store alone is super cute <3

  • Love the photos and this place looks so damn cute!

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

  • Honey Lavender float?! One for me, please! 🙂 You’ll have to show me this cute spot next time I’m in town! xo

  • I cant even. like. omg. this is my favorite blog and i literally live a block away from this store. I cant even process this like what do I even do now. Everybody on this blog are like celebrities to me and omg. ive been in this store. and. omg i cant even. omg.

  • Oh my goodness this place is the cutest place ever! It’s so doll-like and dreamy. I so desperately want one of those ice creams now.

  • so mignon! Adorable. And when you come to L.A. check out Valerie Patisserie in Silverlake. Just got my rose petal 15 layer passion fruit ganache cake their! Amazing!

  • What a cute little shop! Very old school and quaint:) I love the lavender.


  • I just recently came across your blog and I am in love with everything you have to offer. This shop is adorable!

  • This is a GREAT shop! Everything tastes awesome – if you go, the salted caramel truffles are a must.

  • Aw it looks like such an adorable little place. reminds me of the little sidestreet cafe’s in paris <3
    too cute



  • Yummy I love the look of those halloween truffles!


  • I am now craving ice cream. Looks like a really sweet shop! 🙂


  • the finger truffle kinda freaked me out lol but I’m in the mood of ice cream! Nom nom nom :9

    welcome to visit: http://mary-andrikus.blogspot.com/ 🙂

  • All of you ABM/Red Velvet gals are way too cute and seem like you have a lot of fun. Sweet post. 🙂

  • Mmmmmmm! I’d love to try lavender ice cream, but the honey lavender float on that sign sounds so good too!

    xoxo, Michelle

  • i spy a honey lavender float on the sign.. say it ain’t so! i’d love to visit elle’s patisserie and try these yummy foods/beverages, especially those cute halloween truffles!


  • This place looks so cute! And if they’re your favorite place, that must mean that everything tastes as good as it looks, which is the most important thing. I also love that they switch up their offerings to suit the season, so something different is on the menu round the year to keep you coming back. What a great local (for you!) spot!

  • This place looks soooo lovely!! And how cute are those hallowe’en treats? There’s a lovely little tea room near where my parents live – http://lilystearoom.com/ – all floral wallpaper, homemade cakes and mis-matching cups and saucers. Must go back there soon 🙂

  • Sounds amazing 🙂

    You all look beautiful.


  • This looks like a great place. I absolutely love the Halloween truffles!’


  • Everything sounds so good (I’m dying for somem pumpkin ice cream!) And thsoe truffles are adorable!

  • Love love LOVE these places we love posts! springfield seems like such an adorable place!! Wish we had more places like that in Wisconsin!!!



  • That is one cute little dessert shop. I really love it’s look; making it look like one of those old fashioned diners mixed with a touch of elegance. The menu written in blackboards with frames is just too cute. Oh and the ice cream and desserts are looking so delish! Even if I haven’t been there, these photos make me feel like I’ve been there! Thanks for sharing the places you love!



  • This place looks amazingly cute! I am so very envious that you are so close to it. 🙂 Choosing flavours is always the hard part, especially if there is a queue behind you!

  • Such a beautiful place! The ice cream looks delicious!

  • that place looks adorable!
    i could go for some ice cream now (:
    xo, cheyenne

  • This place looks fabulous! The truffles are to DIE for! It’s so tricky to find a good icecream place!

  • this shop is so cute! did you like the lavender flavor? i already tried here in Provence (i guess that’s really the place to try it) but it’s quite a strange taste to me…
    nice photos as always!

  • Those Halloween truffles look amazing, and the spicy hot chocolate sounds delicious! Such a cute shop too!

  • Indeed, those treats look yummy! I wish Elle’s Patisserie could be somewhere within Poland so I could try them out!

  • Awww! Makes me wish I lived in Springfield again! (graduated from MSU c/o 2008) and a Joplin native 😉 Hubby is in the military so we’ve traveled around a lot, but sw MO is HOME!!

  • This place looks amazing! Those Halloween truffles are so cute!

  • Ah how fun! You all are so cute. So totally random, but I love doing the webstagram hashtag projects and this weekends is all about neon signs. That ice cream one would have been perfect to use! I just don’t live in an area with cute neon signs… sigh oh well hehe =) Have a great weekend!


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