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(NOTE: This online class is now closed)

Hi! I am so excited to share with you the details on my first ever online class…

This is a 6 week online class (beginning on November 10th and wrapping up just before Christmas)! I have a personal goal of making most of my Christmas gifts this year & I hope that this class will inspire some people to create handmade gifts as well!

Each week you will enjoy 5 new projects, which you can work on at your own pace. Projects come as tutorials, videos, step-by-steps and/or downloadable PDFs (whichever is most appropriate for the specific project!). All projects come with lots of photos & inspiration!

These are a few of the projects we will be creating:
-Scrapbooks (5 mini books and 1 12×12 album full of handmade embellishments!)
-Creative Photography Tutorials
-Felt Doll Patterns
-Embroidery Patterns (including a holiday set I created exclusively for this class!)
-Handmade Gifts (journals, stockings, toys & charms!)
-Holiday Decor Tutorials & Patterns
-Felt Charm Necklace & Bracelet tutorial
-Holiday Gift Wrap & Tag Tutorial.

*Each week also includes a private chat and journaling challenges!

Class fee is $60 (it's only $2 per project! :D)

*this is not a kit. supplies needed for the class are common household items and inexpensive craft store items. allowing you to collect these supplies for the projects saves both of us time & money! i am able to offer many more projects in this format than in a traditional class and there are no shipping charges! 🙂

*after you have purchased your class spot you will receive an e-mail with login information to our private blog within 24 hours!

*I do have a limit on available spots, although i am not sure what the exact number will be. I will be keeping this class small enough that I can communicate with every person individually through our chats and project conversations. 🙂

I am so excited about this class! If you have any questions, please ask.

xo. elsie





  • hi Elsie,

    i’m from singapore but i do not have paypal but i really really want to sign up for your class. how do i go about making payment?

  • all i have to say is yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*


    i can NOT WAIIIIT

    this class = me very 😀


  • i just signed up i am SO EXCITED! and randomly this weekend i became obsessed with making candy corn out of pilar beads, and when i read your blog today i was cracking up because you seem to have used them this weekend!!!

  • This is going to be a blast! Thanks for sharing your fun ideas with us, Elsie!!!

  • HELLO 😀 this sounds very exciting :O) I love the idea <3 The pictures shown here, are they examples of what you will do at the lections? are there special things/stuff we will need to buy before the course, like nobby-pearls or felt? the fee is only for attending and not for any kind of supplies? Or? I just have to check cause my english really "sucks" *lol* hugs VyanMica

  • i would love join this classes but dont have a creditcard or paypal so i send you a mail sweetie hope you can answer it oke loves karin

  • Wow! I would love to participate…but unfortunately, grad school is kicking my butt right now! I have papers, exams, projects. I hope you do another one of these in the future.

  • As soon I get home I’ll be signing up! This is so exciting and looks incredibly fun. Thanks for sharing, I always love what you come up with.

  • this is going to be so fun! I signed up 🙂 My good friend Inka (above) and are so excited! We feel like with this, we can craft together from across the world 🙂 (Canada and Finland).

    Thanks Elsie! This is a great idea!! 🙂

  • Aww, it looks like *so* much fun!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The next couple of months are insanely busy for me so I’m going to have to pass….but I know you all will have so much fun! 🙂


  • eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk! i am SO excited. Just went and signed up! yay! 🙂 Hope Jeremy had a good birthday!

  • Wow – I’d love to sign up and have a go…but I don’t have a credit card…and I’m not sure what the price would work out as anyway here in England.

    But please, post some photos of the work!


  • Aww Id really like to join but I don’t have a credit card and not sure what the price would be in English money…Never mind 🙁

    Please post photos of the work!


  • hi everyone! to answer a few of your questions…..

    if you do not have a credit card feel free to e-mail me personally at [email protected] to make other arrangements.

    Also, i have recieved quite a few messages from people who are interested in taking the class but are very busy right now. When you join the class you will have access to these projects/tutorials & chats for a *full year* so you can work at your own pace, even once the class has ended.

    Hope that helps! Have a great day!


  • hey elsie:)

    this class sounds really fun! im glad that the tutorials will be avaliable for a full year. It will help with my busy schedule.

    Can you please give us an idea of what type of supplies we will need to purchase?

  • Just signed up because these projects look YuMmY! You are such an ‘all-round’ artist and I can’t wait for this online class to start…! WoooooooHooooooo! 😉

  • These all look (and sound) gorgeous – but I don’t think I have the stamina! Maybe when the kids are older. I’m off to have a nanna nap now…zzzzzzz…..

    Good luck to all who participate – it looks like fun!

  • Looking forward to learning from you. Looks like you’ve got a bunch of great stuff planned here. I know it will be a lot of fun!

  • sounds like fun I’m in. I make all my gifts so hopefully I can get some good use out of it. Something to note i have trouble with “directions” though! ;D

  • oh my gosh! Grabbed my spot this morning and I can’t stop smiling! I’m so unbelievably excited!!!!

    this is going to be so inspirational!!!!!

  • ooh! how exciting. how long will

    sign up last? pay day seems so

    far away! good luck with the class elsie! (hope i can join!) xoxo, danielle

  • Hi Elsie!

    I loooove all your stuffs…

    I’m from Brazil, I really want to learn with u…I dont speak as well as I wish in English…but I understand everything! And…I don’t know if I’ll found the papers and all here but I’m already lokking for…what you think? Can I do this???

    And one more question…the classes, what time is it starts?

    Thanks anyway!

    I’m excited!!!




  • Hi Elsie! Wow, I’m so happy. I thought it was too late since I just got on the computer just now and I’m glad I got a spot! The big seller for me is the fact that we can access the class for up to a year because with all the craziness that happens especially during the holidays, that’s probably how long it will take me to accomplish all 30 projects! And by that time, I will have my handmade Cmas gifts ready for next year!

    Thank you, Elsie!

  • I’m also interested in finding out what materials and supplies we should have handy.

    The felt doll look so cute!

  • Hello Elsie,

    OMG! I am so excited that you are doing this! I heart your style and you are such an inspiration! Just one question…

    Does any of these projects involve a sewing machine?

  • I’m sooooo torn with this! I want to do it so badly, but it ends up being around $100 australian dollars. Eeep! While I’d be tempted to still buy it (I am), I need money badly now for my trip to Japan next month.

    Is there going to be another opportunity for this?

  • UK girlies – according to http://www.xe.com it works out at *roughly* £38/£39

    Just joined another online class so can’t afford this one at the mo. Maybe next time eh?

  • i only recently happened upon your blog and am so happy to have found it amidst extensive cyberspace. and thrilled to have this opportunity to creat alongside you through this class. i signed up yesterday, but don’t want your emails going to the paypal email address. should i email you from my private email account?

  • my comment right now is just that i hope you can hold a spot until monday when i get paid, this is already the best christmas present of the year!


  • I love the felt dollie! So so cute! Can’t do the classes right now 🙁 Maybe next time though! Hope you will do them again! xXx

  • I so badly want to take this class! sigh… my birthday is he 16th so ummmmm maybe someone will get me a spot in this class.. sigh.. a girl can dream!! 🙂

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