Elsie’s Bedroom (BEFORE)

SmAR5A4941 copyYAY! I cannot wait to get to this room!! It’s no where near complete and we haven’t even moved into it yet. So come and dream with me….?

My big goal for the room is to keep it WAY simple. That’s weird for me because I don’t love bare, minimalist decor. I do, however, love a good night’s sleep. And I’ve realized that I sleep better in a sparser, simpler and very clean environment. So for that reason, I’m building this room’s theme around that goal. I don’t want it to be completely plain. But I want it to feel very simple, fresh and cozy.

We aren’t allowing computers in this bedroom at all, which is a HUGE change for us. We used to watch Netflix in bed every night, and to make matters worse, I used to kind of halfway work while we were watching our shows. So basically we realized that this habit was keeping us from having the serene calming bedroom we wanted so badly.

The big challenge here is keeping it simple and clean, but still decorating it and making it feel cozy and complete. I think a palette of mostly white with lots of texture will do the trick. I am seriously thinking of doing a wallpaper ceiling, though! I just haven’t picked the wallpaper yet. Maybe I’ll do a DIY thing instead?

SmAR5A4942Here’s the entrance to your right and to your left is where the bed will go. Those double doors go to the master bathroom. We have NEVER lived in a house with a master bathroom before. I take that back, I guess I did have one apartment once that had one and I LOVED it. Privacy, you guys. It has a lot of space for all our daily getting-ready type stuff and I just LOVE it. But I’ll save talking too much about that for its own before post.

Those blue walls never stood a chance, did they?

SmAR5A4943Here’s the wall opposite the bed. Plenty of space for a giant dresser. I haven’t even started shopping for one yet, and I’m totally OK with that. I’d like to find or DIY something along these lines. SO pretty! And I’m feeling like we may have to relocate that thermostat. It seems like it’s kind of in the way, where a mirror should be. We’ll see!

SmAR5A4941Here’s where the bed will go. We considered upgrading to a king size bed, but ultimately chose to stay with the queen size bed/bed frame I’ve had for about ten years now. I still love it and am excited to give it a new coat of paint and a new style to match this space. I’m thinking white with gold corners?

SmAR5A4939That big window makes me smile SO much. The light in this room is excellent. It has really REALLY good vibes.

SmAR5A4935I can’t complete any before tour without a crazy carpet photo. It’s what I do!  This carpet is now gone and I’m excited to do something fun with those baseboards since it’s just a small space and you can only see it from the bedroom. I’m not sure whether to keep the rail or not. It doesn’t really seem necessary for us, but it’s still up for now.

OK! I’ll be back in a bit to share the master bathroom before photos! (It’s going to be a big transformation!)

If you have suggestions or ideas for creating a clean and neutral bedroom that’s cozy, NOT totally boring, I’d love to hear them!! xx- Els

  • I would go for the white wood or light grey wood floor look. I have that in my place and I just love it.

  • I hope you leave that Parisian trimming in tact on all those doors. I would die for those home details.

  • Maybe this wallpaper on the ceiling? How serene would it be to plop down in bed and look at those waves? Plus, it’s a funny nod to the blue theme of the past! Now that I’m thinking of this idea I might have to do this in my bedroom!


  • If you do an art wall / frame collage over the dresser, you could still include a mirror, but keep the thermostat there and cover it with something, I’ve seen DIY ideas for that around Pinterest. I’m excited to see what you do with the little stair space. Decorating cubbies is fun. 🙂

  • DEFINITELY KEEP THE RAIL!!! If someone falls & your homeowners insurance finds out there once was a rail & it was removed you could be held liable.

  • Oh my gosh that carpet is horrendous! Must have felt so good to rip up! Lucky you with all those gorgeous huge windows. Can’t wait to see the transformation:)

  • http://m.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/art/10221421/

    Check out the IKEA Tarva 6-drawer dresser. It’s super adorable and comes unfinished so you can make it your own. A can of paint, some new legs, and fun pulls would completely transform it!


  • Thank you so much Elsie for sharing your new house with us, I really love these posts ! I know how difficult it is to move and renovate a house so I send you positive vibes and optimism !

  • You’re way ahead of me in the blogging game, but I like to think that one thing we accomplished in our bedroom was the calm & serene feeling!


    This space has so much potential! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclun

  • Another handrail comment, double check your local building code and with your insurance company. Often there are rules/bylaws to consider about handrails (in my area it is 4 rises or more) & even if it’s not a bylaw your insurance may still require it.

  • I just ordered pale pink velvet to sew up some throw pillows, and white faux fur. Makes anything cozier 🙂 But also totally neutral. <3

  • All of your rooms have so much potential! I’m so jealous of all that space. I think the white walls would really open it up a bit and maybe a large piece of art against one of the walls to make it feel simplistic but homely? I can’t wait to see some major transformations!

    Lucy xoxo


  • If you think you may ever be pregnant, I would keep the hand rail. You will want the support!

  • If you want a DIY version of that dresser I recently found this online using IKEA hack that looks quite good. http://sarahshermansamuel.com/cabin-progress-bedroom-storage/

    If you want something unique why not try painting the room to halfway in a dark color like deep navy? Or the top 1/3 of the wall and ceiling? Seen some good examples on pinterest of this in a bedroom and looks lush.

    What is under that carpet? That HAS to go. ugh.

    I am also inspired by serene / quirky bedrooms, so if you’d like some inspo check out my pinterst board [sleep] https://www.pinterest.com/philippawestlee/sleep/

  • That dresser from Anthropologie is stunning! I hope you find one like it for your space!

  • oh my gosh, i’m studying these ‘Befores’ as much as any Afters i’ve loved! Haha! wow, -work your magic!!

  • SO JEALOUS of all your before photos! Your house has great potential and such an awesome playground for makeovers. Excited to see what you do in all your spaces!

  • Oh man… I can’t wait to see this transformation!!!

    Props to you guys for not having a master bathroom for so long!!!

  • I think you should challenge yourself and your decorating palette and paint the room something other than white. I think a soft blue totally works, maybe with white curtains, trim, doors.. So basically how it is now but give it a total facelift! Blue is a calming, cozy color!

  • Keep the panels on the doors, you can accent then with gold or silver paint (really any color-depends on your color theme). Muted colors with nice accent pieces, is a great way to go. This window treatments get the side eye. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. You guys do a great job.

  • just a small tip on the handrail. i would keep it! we have wood floors in our house and a 3 step staircase onto a landing. putting a handrail in is on our to-do list because those floors can be slippery! especailly if you are carrying a bunch of stuff and just need a little extra support.

    cant wait to see the finished room!!

  • Renovations and redesigns are SO exciting! I can’t wait to see what you decide. I’m sure it will be beautiful.

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  • There’s an artist named Aleksandra Zee who did the whole neutral, cozy, texture thing really well. You should check her out-her stuff is BEAUTIFUL and I think you’d love her style 🙂 her Instagram is @aleksandrazee

  • You have such a great space to work with, its going to look amazing!


  • I can’t wait to see what you’ll do! There are so many ways to play with texture in a white room. You can mix matte and glossy paint on the walls and furniture for patterns/texture, add molding or a molding picture rail, incorporate both light gauzy fabrics and heavy quilted ones, use chunky and fine knits, have a plush rug or throw pillow and so much more! I personally love the idea of white with gold accents and one more muted color in there (dove gray? a luxe, muted tan? a soft gray blue? ecru?) and a pop of green with an indoor plant. However you decide to do it will be amazing and great for you and Jeremy. Good for you guys for making the bedroom about SLEEP and not work or screen time. Seriously stoked to see in progress and after photos and for YOU to enjoy YOUR results!!!!

  • Yup. I would keep the rail. I know you’ve mentioned having kids in the future and they really need it. I like Cindy L’s suggestion of a colored stain. I could repeat the effect of your new floor!

  • That is an amazing room, I especially love that entry into the master bathroom! I wonder how it will look in the end!

  • I’d definitely keep the stair rail–especially for little ones, when you get around to that “project”.

    How about seeing it as an opportunity to add a color stain? It will look like a modern piece of art, so linear and bold. One of your mom’s paintings would look amazing there!

  • Can’t wait to see it finished!

  • oooo white, gold, or grey…big wide, cable-knit throws, rabbit fur pillows (real or fake, no judgment) A seating area with a tufted leather footstool for books and trays of hot dranks!
    Keep it white or grey then swap the browns and golds for rose gold and lilac or ice blue in the spring!!!

  • I love the idea of a plain wood shelf above the bed for plants that vine to gently hang down. I also love the idea of a big indoor tree for a bedroom. I’m in the process of moving and have plans for a similar simple bedroom space – just whites with texture — and I’m hoping to give it an earthy feel with plants. Have plants in a room relaxes me.

  • I love how whites, light wood and some plants bring life and light to a natural and serene room. But I’m sure you’ll surprise all of us with a new idea that we’ll love! 😀

  • Oh my goodness I looooove the paneling on those doors! So excited to see what you do with the space!

    xo, Regina

  • That house seems more and more humongous everytime you share a new room!!!! This big a house would cost a fortune where I live but I’ve noticed that the real estate market is really different in some US cities. I’m glad you got rid of the carpet……I was affraid there for a minute in your pictures with the “ideas” written on it, you were saying “should I keep the carpet”. All I could think about was “god no!”. Horendous blue carpet be gone!

  • to me the combination of a lot of white and light wood really creates a warm but simple atmosphere. Especially if you combine it with some nice coloured textiles.

  • If you want serene, consider a star ceiling…not the old plastic or sticker things, but the new paint or fiber optic effects. Some of the new products are amazing.

  • I am also looking for whole unit reno at my end!!!
    So inspirational

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