Elsie’s BNB Tour (Part One)

I’m so so excited to begin sharing my freshly completed Nashville bnb space with you today! I decided to start with the living spaces—the kitchen and dining room and the living room! My bnb is now available to rent here.

When we purchased this property a few months ago, it was very basic and builder grade. It was a new construction, which was great because there were not a lot of repairs needed. But it was also lacking in personality. I did my best to bring color, texture and warmth to this space and make it a cozy, family-friendly home.

I reused quite a bit of decor from my previous bnb space, so I wasn’t starting from scratch this time. My favorite part of our last bnb was the green kitchen, so I decided to do a green kitchen here as well. The green color we used in the new kitchen is Privilege Green by Sherwin Williams.

Dining room time! For this little nook, I used Lulie Wallace wallpaper and it really brings the space together! It’s one of my favorite patterns of hers! I love her wallpapers because they are whimsical and come in great colors, but they are also traditional looking. They’re not going to go “out of style” anytime soon. I love that!

I debated whether to add a rug under the dining room table. I even purchased an outdoor rug, but it didn’t look right. In the end, no rug made sense and it will definitely be easier to maintain over time.

This home is around 1,700 square feet and the layout is really optimized. It has three bedrooms, three full baths and two living areas. It’s also an added bonus that the home has THREE porches. So there’s lots of spots to sip your morning coffee or rosé on a summer night.

Next up, a little record player set up! I always love it when my bnb has a record player or a way to play music in the living spaces!

We collected a lot of vintage records from our local used record shop. There’s even some Elvis in there—my fave.

Nova painted the painting shown here. I tried my best to work in little personal bits like that wherever I could. Most of our guests are not blog readers and have no idea who we are, but for those who are longtime followers I want to leave little Easter eggs like a painting by Nova, a map of our favorite spots and a chocolate bar from my hometown. Details are so important in a short-term rental.

I want our space to feel clean, functional and spacious. So I am careful not to overdecorate it. I’ve asked all my close friends what they love and value in a bnb and most people prefer a minimally decorated space. Not too much clutter! My sister said the funniest thing: She said the only thing a bnb really needs is Internet and a wine opener … she’s not wrong.

I found this vintage rug on Etsy. I love adding vintage to every space I decorate so it doesn’t feel cookie cutter. These rugs are so easy to clean and take care of and they last forever. It’s already had several lives in other homes—I love that!

This light fixture is from World Market. It’s affordable and so pretty. I typically lean pretty hard on mid-century light fixtures, but for this space I wanted to branch out a bit. This was the first time I used a wood bead chandelier and I loved it so much we already added one to our Springfield bnb home!

This weekend, my family and I are staying at the bnb to double check everything and make sure it’s super functional. I know a lot of guests don’t cook full meals, but I want people to be able to when they choose! There’s nothing worse than staying in a bnb where they don’t even have basic stuff like a way to make coffee or salt and pepper. I hate it when you can tell the host has never stayed there, so that’s something we do now for quality assurance. 🙂

The last 10 percent of the decor is always the most difficult for me. I find it easy to pick big furniture and choose tile, but that last little bit—making it cozy takes me longer. I finally feel like this space is ready to share!

The backdoors are so great for natural light. We have a good-sized yard, a porch and some yard games back there.

OK … heading upstairs next for the living room!

At the top of the stairs is this living room and there are two bedrooms to either side of it, each with their own bathroom. There’s also a laundry closet on this floor.

I added shiplap to make this nook feel a little more cozy. Plants and shiplap are things I leaned hard on in this space. I also added personal details like some coffee table books and board games hidden away in the TV console.

Here’s the link to our listing. I’ll be back soon to share the bedroom reveals with you! xx – Elsie

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Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop. Project Assistant (aka, I couldn’t have done this without him!): Collin DuPree.
  • This is absolutely amazing. Your work is so beautiful you should have your own show on HGTV! I love how you used so many plants to make the space so lively. Awesome work, so glad I found your blog!

  • Where is the dining room art from? The beautiful landscape. I did not see this linked. Thanks!

  • Hello! Do you know the color of grout used in the kitchen? And I know you’ve worked with subway tile a lot, do you typically use 1/16” spacing? Minute details, for sure – but they make a difference! Thanks!

  • Internet and a wine opener… and an ice cream scoop! I’ve been in multiple short-term rentals that don’t have bottle openers or ice cream scoops… making it harder to get to the two treats I look forward to most on a trip!

  • Great job on this kitchen! I’m in love with that chandelier pendant light hanging over the island. I love the green hue used throughout the space! Just beautiful! I really like all the plants too and use them throughout my own home as well! Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh my goodness, can I just move in?! I love your choice with the light fixture, one of my favorites parts as hard as it is to decide between the beauty of this entire space! Did you paint the kitchen cabinets yourself or are they brand new? I love your color choice with the kitchen and how it really sets the tone for the rest of the house! When I come to Nashville, I’ll definitely stay here (though I have a feeling it’ll book up fast!)

  • Love it!! I would definitely stay here!!
    XO, Katie | http://www.meshkomoments.com

  • Congratulations Elsie! This is gorg. That little love seat with the mirror above is the cutest little nook and I’m in love with the wallpaper. I’m sure this is going to be very popular on AirBnB!
    When I Shop

  • This space is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait till next time I go to Nashville, hopefully this rental will be available then! Thanks for sharing!


  • You may have already thought of this, but having a pack and play at Airbnb’s is SO helpful, nobody likes flying with them. I always have a hard time finding Airbnb’s that have them.

  • This may sound a bit stupid to say – but thank you for having nice tableware! I have stayed in a few rentals where they provide plastic based plates/bowls/cups/cookware etc (washable) and I cannot use anything. I have food allergies so cross contamination is an issue with plastics since they can be permeable or scratchable. So, thank you!

  • I love Nova’s painting! I’d like to make one with our little girl. Do you have any tips? Did you give her a palette of colors to work with? Is it acrylic paint?

  • Elsie and team, this looks amazing! I’m loving the trend for chandeliers to be over islands. Loving that chandelier in particular, too. About to google diy wood bead chandeliers…

  • Hi! I love this so much. I love seeing all the room renovations and designs on A Beautiful Mess. It’s my favorite part!

    Where did you get the bookshelf that’s holding the records and record player?


  • Hi! Where did you get the little wall baskets next to Nova’s painting?

  • i love seeing the shiplap in a modern setting (just like your home too)! it’s so refreshing to see it outside of modern country farmhouse decor.

  • So cute…..hoping to stay there in October, once the rest of our group agrees where we’re going this year.. 🙂

  • Love the house tour! Your style is the cutest, Elsie. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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