Elsie’s Breakfast Room Updates

Hello, hello! I’m so excited to share the progress we’ve made in this room today! When we first moved in, everything was big, blank and beige. While we still have a long list ahead, certain projects have helped us feel cozy (and at home) here in our pre-renovation space. Each project has brought us just a little bit closer to the vision we have for this home.

This project came to me at the perfect time! I had just reworked my home mood board (I will share that in a future post) and I knew I wanted to lean into a new direction. This wallpaper is perfect for our space. I love how it adds a cozy feeling to our room and acts as a perfect frame for the views of our outdoor space.

Schoolhouse Electric is one of my favorite home shops of all time, and when I heard they created a wallpaper line with Hygge & West, I was immediately excited! After ordering basically all the samples (there’s a lot of good options!), I decided on the Olive Grove pattern in Spruce.

I hesitated to call this a “tour” because there are still several more things I want to do in this room in the future, including changing the floors, paneling the ceiling, adding a chandelier, and painting the trim. In the view not shown (looking into the pantry), I also plan to add either an arched opening or pocket doors. So, with all that said, you can see this room is far from “finished,” but I do think this wallpaper is here to STAY and is the beginning step for what we want this room to eventually become!

Links: Wallpaper/Schoolhouse Electric X Hygge & West, Table/Room & Board, Chairs/IKEA, Curtains, Rods, Holdbacks, and Clip Rings/Amazon, Salt & Pepper Shakers/Anthropologie Here’s a peek at my tea drawers—my favorite part of the pantry (which is right beside this room!). Collecting teacups was one of my random phases last year. I found this one on Etsy.

Thanks so much for following along with my home progress! I am SO excited about where this project is headed! xx- Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly.
  • I gotta say… I was appreciating all of the bold wall paper choices you were making but I wasn’t “getting it”. Then I watched My Fair Lady (Kendall at the MET anyone!?) and WOW your breakfast room wall paper feels like it is straight out of the movie! Also, the all-over wall paper office feels like the bedroom Audrey Hepburn slept in. I am “getting it” now and I love it!!

    • Oh my gosh… THANK YOU!!!! Definitely shooting for that nostalgic old movie vibe.

  • Gotta say, you and Emma nailed the wallpaper drapes combo, between here, the guest bedroom and Emma’s nursery. Busy, small print wallpaper isn’t my style and I think it would be too much, but the solid color drapes are the perfect combination. The contrast and the solid place for the eye to rest is perfect

  • Ooooooooh where are those white hanging planters from? Been searching for this style recently!!

  • That wallpaper is SO beautiful! It creates such a special feeling in that room. Can’t wait to see phase 2! 🙂

  • I love seeing what you do to this house. We recently moved out of a similar-type property that was full of high-end but dated finishes that were definitely not my style…. but I was hesitant to do anything but paint. I know now that it was because it wasn’t a house we planned on staying in but at the time, it felt like I was short-changing myself. So it’s very satisfying to see you make big changes here (even if it’s nowhere near what you have planned) and since this is your “forever” home, you have the time and the freedom to do it.

    • Awe thank you Holly! I completely understand that tension. It’s definitely easier to change and remove features that are REALLY bad or broken as opposed to just sorta dated, or sorta not your style! Thank you so much for following along. 🙂

  • Hello! It looks great so far! And I love the wallpaper!!!

    For your table, did you get the quartz top or the marble?

    Thank you, Dayna

  • I love the curtain tiebacks too! Do you have a source for those? I’ve been looking everywhere for something simple and pretty like these!

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