Elsie’s Namesake Cocktail Tradition

Last year, when we moved into our new home, Jeremy and I started a tradition of making special cocktails (and mocktails!) and naming them after our friends and family! We've had so much fun making up silly recipes, naming the drinks and making our guests feel special by serving them. It's a tradition we will absolutely continue in the coming years! 

Here are a few of the namesake cocktails that we've created so far:Elsie's Cocktail Tradition www.abeautifulmess.comThe Honey Tree cocktail named after Jacob and Becky

Elsie's Cocktail Tradition www.abeautifulmess.com The Skunkboy Cocktail named after Johnny and Katie.

Making namesake cocktails for friends and family! a fun tradition! www.abeautifulmess.com The Toy Factory Cocktail named after Carter and Richard. 

Making namesake cocktails for friends and family! a fun tradition! www.abeautifulmess.com  The Pink House Cocktail named after Brett and Rachel

Making namesake cocktails for friends and family! a fun tradition! www.abeautifulmess.com   The Gummy-man Cocktail named after Todd and Laura

Making namesake cocktails for friends and family! a fun tradition! www.abeautifulmess.comThe Late Blumer Cocktail named after Ron & Sheila.

I highly recommend starting a tradition like this at the beginning of any new season in your life. We're saving instant photos of our friends from each time we do this, kinda like an old fashioned guest book! If you're not a cocktail fan, try it with what you love to make! 

Happy tradition making! Elsie

  • I do consider all the ideas you have presented to your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very quick for starters. May just you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  • I want to try Honey Tree Cocktail. Looks yummy. I posted a recipe for my favorite summer drink over on my blog. check it out. http://kittenkaboom.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/dark-n-stormy/

  • Now this is the kind of stuff I do like! The Korbel and St Germaine, perfect! Thanks for sharing

  • Such an awesome idea! And beautiful pictures.
    We need to start this tradition ASAP.
    Thanks for sharing!


  • Love this idea, so fun and festive! Do you guys come up with the drinks completely on your own or have any favorite cocktail recipe books you start with?

    – Heath

  • I love when you share cocktail recipe’s, they always look so delicious.

  • I feel like my name would make a great drink name – Bailey Apple. What do you think? 😉 Throw some Bailey’s Irish Cream into an Apple Martini? (Yuck.)


  • Love cocktails ! Love the idea of naming them after your friends…


  • Cute idea! I should so do this, but I rarely make cocktails anymore. I so need to do this more 🙂

  • The Honey Tree cocktail is my favourite – I’ve started making it on the regular. I introduced it to my parents and have been over a few times to discover discarded rosemary sprigs with a suspiciously, honey-like sheen in the rubbish bin!

  • This is one thing my husband and I are starting up in our home! We love a good cocktail! My fave from yours bong The Skunkboy!

    Lulu xx


  • These look delicious and I love the pictures!


  • This is the best idea ever! I love the Skunkboy one and the frozen toy! How amazing! I totally want to make a cocktail now. We already have one for my husband-a ginger mojito! (he’s a redhead. okay, okay, not very clever but I love it!)

  • These are all so fun and creative! Very inspiring as well.

  • Very cute idea. I want to get a globe and have all our guests sign it, like a guest book, but cocktails are obviously much more fun.

  • You should post the recipes for these, especially the Skunkboy cocktail because that one looks so fun!


  • I’ve loved these posts on ‘Everyday Elsie’ so much! So fancy. Will definitely be doing something similar!

  • These all love lovely =] What a great idea!

    Aysha x

  • You’ve definitely inspired some cocktail creativity over here! I’ve made a couple of my own already–yet to be named, but still delicious. I’m all about the muddle now 😉 Cheers! Xx

  • You’ve now just completely convinced all your readers that they just really need to be your friend in real life.

    Brilliant idea (shamelessly stealing it)!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • This is such a cute idea! I absolutely love it- it will definitely make me think about the little traditions I want to start doing. Thanks!

  • Great idea! I’m starting my own home bar. I would love it if you would do a post on what liquors we should stock to get the bar going. 🙂

  • The toy factory one is my favourite!


  • This is one of the most genius ideas I have yet to hear! I love it!! I just posted a drink recipe on my blog that we served to guests at our wedding – Here it is: http://www.iadorewhatilove.com/1/post/2013/07/recipe-the-purple-drankkk.html

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Dana Ivy
    www.iadorewhatilove.com – Check out my blog!!

  • OH they look delicious !

    XX Luba

    Sea colors inspired look, today on

  • What a sweet idea! I cannot wait to build a cocktail bar in my kitchen.


  • love this idea! I have just recently started getting into making cocktails when people come over! i love it and it makes people feel so special when they are served an already mixed drink! so fun!

  • I love this! Signature cocktails are such a sweet idea. I was dying over The Skunkboy, how appropriate! I’m sure Katie loved it.

    xx http://enzaessentials.wordpress.com

  • Mi little sister is dating Joel Blumer! She always talks about how cool Ron & Sheila are! I think it’s so cute that you’ve named a drink after them! 🙂

  • I love the gummy man cocktail – any excuse to mix sweets and alcohol and I’m in!

  • Hello, I just started to follow your blog through bloglovin. I like “Beautiful Mess”. Maybe you would like to check out mine as well. These cocktails look so fresh and I will try some of them.

  • the drinks always look great as usual!

    – Janine

  • Ahhh, so many cocktails, so little time to try them out. Hope you have a great day.


  • This is a lovely idea! I’m always trying to use whatever I have on hand to make a creative cocktail… what a special way to record and remember them!

    <3 dani

  • OH my goodness that is so fun! They all look so yummy! I want a cocktail named after me! I definitely would love to make cocktails named after my friends. Very fun!

    Juliette Laura

  • This is such a neat idea and tradition. The Honey Tree cocktail is one of my favorites.

  • These sound great! What a fun way to welcome people into your home.


  • This is awesome. I should try it with cakes. I love love baking and it would make it even more special.

  • This is such a great idea! I think I might start this tradition when we move into our new house! 🙂

  • Such a cute idea. Maybe book three will be a cocktail recipe book 😉

  • These all look amazing! What a great idea. 🙂 It would be so fun to have a dinner & cocktail party with a bar stocked full of namesake beverages!

  • What a fantastic idea! I am stealing this for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  • love this idea! and man, that skunkboy cocktail looks mighty fine.

  • I love this! These looks delicious, and that’s a great tradition to share with your friends!

  • I love these cocktail ideas – we often rely on our favorites. What great inspiration to try our own!

  • I love this idea! It seems like it would create some great memories 🙂 I am planning on experimenting with cocktails soon!

  • What a great idea, I plan on doing this sometime in the future. All of the drinks look delicious, especially the The Late Blumer Cocktail.

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