Elsie’s Everyday Styling Routine

Elsie's Everyday Styling RoutineIt's my turn to share my everyday styling routine! Ready, set, go…I like to keep it simpleI'm not a fan of owning tons of makeup. This past year I cleaned out my collection, keeping only essential items that I use every day. Now everything I need easily fits into my little travel bag. My routine consists of products and techniques that I have found over time. I'm 30 years old, and I think that my 15-year-old self would laugh at how simple my routine has become. When I was that age, I woke up SO EARLY before school and spent silly amounts of time on my fussy hair and makeup routine. Now I can be ready in 30 minutes, easy! So I guess the jokes on you, 15-year-old Elsie. 🙂Let's beginEvery morning I wash my face and put on moisturizer. Then I put on foundation and a little concealer for my dark eye circles. I like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup and MAKE UP FOR EVER Lift Concealer. The concealer is the best I've ever found. I've used it for years and recommend it to all my friends.SunscreenI wish I started moisturizing and wearing SPF products at a younger age. Moisturizing is so important for healthy looking skin. My favorite is this Mario Badescu lotion. I use it every day along with my foundation, which has SPF 20. One reason I didn't use it when I was younger was because I tried some brands that stung my sensitive skin and eyes. If that's you, keep trying to find a brand that works for your skin type. It's worth the time and money, I promise. 🙂EyeshadowMy eyeshadow routine is super simple. I like to highlight under my eyebrows and on my eyelids with light shadow, and I add a little bit of brown shadow in the crease. I like Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Quad.EyelinerI love eyeliner. When I was in high school I wore a terrifying amount of eyeliner all the way around my eyes. I later learned that less is more in that department. Now I only wear a line on my top lids with a slight cat eye. No eyeliner on the bottom. I like liquid eye pencils. My favorite is actually e.l.f. Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen ($1 at Target!). I also like L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mistake-Proof Marker Eyeliner and Almay Liquid Eyeliner when I want to do a super defined cat eye, mostly for photo shoots.

After eyeliner I put on mascara. I use about 5 applications, allowing a little dry time between each one. My favorite brand is L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara. My mom has always worn this brand, so I got this one form her. I've tried others throughout the years, but this is the best I've found for plumping up my wimpy lashes.Brow linerBrows are something I struggled with for a long time. When I was younger I over plucked and had practically invisible eyebrows… yikes! These days I pluck as little as possible. I also line my brows to give them definition, since they are not very prominent. I love Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings. I'm so glad women are embracing fuller eyebrows these days.Blush + bronzerNext, blush and bronzer! I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer in Posie Glow. Since I have very pale skin, I try not to overdo the bronzer and I use a tiny bit all over my face and neck. I use pink or peach blush at the very top of my cheekbones. I also use a highlighter sometimes, I use Shimmer Waves Blush from The Body Shop.LipstickI'm not the best with lipstick. No matter what I do it wears off super quickly. For this reason I don't usually wear super bright colors. On an average day I wear tinted chapstick (love Burt's Bees!) or my favorite subtle color, Clinique Raspberry Rush.Done!All done! On rushed days I skip the eyeliner and lipstick. 🙂Hair essentialsNext up, hair! My daily routine is super simple. All I need is a comb and a flat iron to style it each day. 🙂 My hair used to take forever to blow dry. My stylist recommended Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil and it has helped SO much. I use it after every shower. I also use this spray to give my hair a little shine.Everyday Hair Routine1. I like to backcomb (tease) my roots to give my hair a little bit more body. I always tease lower (hidden) layers, so the top of my hair doesn't look ratty. 2-4. My stylist taught me to curl the bottom of my hair using my flat iron. I love the subtle waves and the fact that I never need a curling iron. I currently use the Remington Wet 2 Strait flat iron. I bought it on a business trip when my bag was missing for a couple days. It's the best (inexpensive) iron I've ever owned. I run my fingers through the curls to loosen them up, so they look more natural. I don't normally use hairspray because I only wash my hair every 2-4 days and I feel that it stays shinier with less product. That's it! Easy peasy.

When I wear my hair up, which is often, I usually go for easy braided styles. A few of my favorites are maiden braids, knots and a messy top knotElsie's Everyday Styling Routine Elsie's Everyday Styling Routine I hope you enjoyed a peek at my everyday routine! It was fun to share. xo. Elsie

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  • I don’t think my brows will ever recover from overplucking. 🙁
    So pretty…something about you always reminds me of Zooey Deschanal. (sp?)

  • Just wanted to say you look gorgeous in that first picture with a bare face. Thanks for sharing your routine. =)

  • I am in love with your blog! This is adorable! I don’t use blush or bronzer in my day-to-day makeup routine, but I love how it looks here so I think I might give it a try! Thanks for the tips, Elsie! You’re the best!

  • You and all of the ladies on the ‘everyday styling routine’ have such great complexion! What face wash do you use?

  • I never can seem to figure out how to curl my hair with a flat iron! It looks great the way you do it, though!



  • Beautiful!:) You have such a nice and clear skin. I’m a little bit jealous.

  • I was wondering how you get your hair so pretty and shiny? Its so lovely

  • Mindy- Thanks so much for your comment. I was unaware of this and I will definitely look into it. Do you have any good websites or resources to recommend?
    Also- Thank you so much for phrasing your comment in a kind and respectful tone. 😀 I know people have strong feelings about these issues, but speaking up with kindess is 100x better/smarter/more effective than being preachy. Go you!

  • Hey Elsie! First off I love your blog. I don’t mean to offend, but it surprises me that you use brands that test on animals. I don’t know if you are unaware that they do, but you seem like you would care about that sort of thing so I am just passing along the message! If you are interested it’s easy to google which brands do and do not test. 🙂 I love MAC makeup because it does not and is really great quality!


    A long time fan and reader,


  • Hi Elsie,

    Do you use the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil to help cut down on the blow drying time? Maybe I misread 🙂


  • You look naturally beautiful ! Thanks for sharing these awesome tips and products. I can’t wait to give a few a try ! Gorgeous.

  • Awwww so beautiful, I like your post, it is good to see work related to hair. Thanks for share. Cheers

  • I have way too much make up and I only use less than a quarter of it. I’m trying to use up most of it so I can only have the things I really need.

  • not what i would call a simple routine, but i have the skills of a 5 year old when it comes to applying make-up. anyway, i think you look better without it!

  • you’re so beautiful even without any make up 🙂

  • You are such a beauty! I recently took a pic of you to my hair stylist for inspiration. I love how it turned out!!! Its quite a bit shorter than yours but I’m slowly but surely getting there. Also, don’t you find that its a lot more important to darken or define your brows because of the length of your bangs. I’ve really noticed that it makes a HUGE difference and mine are already fairly dark and defined. Thanks for the tips and for showing us that you don’t wear crazy extra makeup for all your photo shoots.

  • Great tips! I also love using my hair straightener to make soft curls 🙂

  • That is a super simple routine! I don’t really wear makeup everyday, but for the days I do, it’s usually mascara and foundation. I’m yet to find a lip colour I love that suits me though. I agree about eyebrows… I used to overpluck, so I get mine done every 2 weeks at a salon, to ensure it doesn’t happen anymore!

  • Amazing! So beautiful. Such a great post!


  • Hi! I know this is about your routine, but I’m in love with that top. Where did you get that? I have a slight addiction with polka dots lately.

  • hi elsie, thanks for the eye shadow tip. i didn’t know Neutrogena produced their own range. will definitely try it out.


  • I accidentally discovered using a flat iron to curl my hair years ago! I never looked back a curling iron! They make the perfect loose curls and they stay in much longer too! I love your look 🙂

  • Elsie, your skin is amazing even without makeup!

    Thank you for all the tips!


  • gosh, you are such a natural beauty! that photo of you sans makeup is so so gorgeous! i’d love to know more of your skincare routine, you just glow!

  • I think I might check out the neutrogena products you mentioned in this post. They seem to be a staple for you, hence good!

  • Just saw the camera bags from JoTotes and I have to say that the Georgia Nautical and Georgia Herringbone are my absolute favorite.

    I love your blog!

  • nice ritual… i didn’t know about Mario Badescu lotion…Thanks for sharing your favorite products!

  • LOVE this camera bag from JoTotes!


    Amazing 🙂

  • Awesome get ready tips! Simplicity is always the best. I’m going to try out the Mario Badescu lotion. Looks great. Thanks for sharing, Elsie!


  • I am going to try your SPF moisturizer. The one that I am currently using is too oily.

  • i am loving this post. how gorgeous are you and how simple and easy to follow! gonna try this!
    kw ladies in navy

  • Thanks for sharing! Still beautiful without makeup 🙂


  • Dear Elsie,

    Could you please tell me /us which colour you use of the Neutrogena Liquid Makeup?

    Your skin colour looks really similar to mine, but I’m having a real hard time on choosing the right shade when I’m in a store. Whatever “lightest”/ ivory shade I buy is a bit too beige or too rosy on my cheeks.

    Your makeup looks like the perfect shade, it’s so amazing! I’ve been waiting a long time for your makeup routine just to find out the colour 🙂

    Best wishes,

  • for lips, I highly recommend tarte. their products are amazing, long lasting and moisturizing and some have SPF. I also recommend their other products…. everything they make is long lasting and no ingredients are ever tested on animals.

  • You have absolutely beautiful hair! 🙂

  • This is amazing, I have almost the exact same routine for both hair and makeup! How fun! I mean apart from the products of course… Thanks for sharing!

  • You look GORGEOUS!!! That blush looks so pretty on you


  • Great post! your blush look really awesome so pretty x

  • Very lovely! I think it’s awesome that you wash your hair that often and it looks so nice! How does it not look like a crazy bird nest when you wake up or like an oily mess as the day goes on? I am currently washing mine everyday for this reason. Does the Paul Mitchell and other spray help with this?

  • its my first time to visit your blog and i’m sure i’m not the first one to say that youre adorable!
    and you remind me so much of zooey deschanel =))


  • HI Elsie!
    Great simple routine! 🙂
    Waht is the name and brand of your brush/comb? Love it!!

  • i try to use makeup as little as possible. i’m kind of afraid of all the chemicals they put in there. even moisturizer… i make my own with coconut oil and shea butter. do you know of any natural makeup lines?

    love, x

  • I love this series. Also, I’m glad you posted your hair routine because I’ve always been a fan of your hairstyles!

  • Ah, what a pretty color that lipstick is! I’ve been thinking of flirting with bronzer/blush but I was worried I was too pale – but I think we’re about the same shade. Maybe I will give it a try!

  • I love to see super easy, very simple makeups – and HOW to do them. My mother never taught me how to do my makeup, and I NEVER tried to do my own makeup until well after college. It was kind of a failure, cause I really have no idea what I’m doing. I’m also not a big fan of crazy amounts of makeup on people anyway – I love the natural makeup look.

    Thanks so much for the tips!

  • This is beautiful. Your eyes stand out so much with or without makeup. You are a natural beauty and very lucky 🙂


  • My goodness, you have such pretty eyes!

    <3 Melanie

  • Thanks for taking the time to share, your hair looks so healthy, i’m jealous! 🙂


  • This is my first comment on your blog and I’ve been a big fan…

    I love this post on make up eventhough I don’t wear any. I am over the moon with how you manage to get a perfect line on your eyelids. Can you share some tips using the liquid liner??? please please please?

    Thank you!

  • WAIT, you’re 30?! Oh my God, I could’ve sworn you were 20! Anyways, I loved this tutorial, I needed something simple but nice to go to work and this looks perfect 🙂

  • You look cute with or without make-up Elsie 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  • I’m always more interested than the everyday things rather than the extravagant once in a while events. Also thanks for the eyeliner recommendations. I’ve been trying to find a good cruelty-free liquid eyeliner and both ELF and Almay fit the bill

  • I have too tried so many kinds of mascara and always come back to L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara too! I love the stuff!

  • super pretty! love how easy and natural the look is!


  • Thanks for the tips! My skin/hair types are very different from yours: I have brown skin (I’m Indian), long eyelashes, and thick eyebrows (which I don’t tweeze/wax/thread often enough). Regardless, I love the simplicity of your routine, and that’s something any girl can appreciate. I’ll definitely look into that hair oil and flat iron, because I dread styling my hair and wish to make it easier to tame.

  • Love the simplicity! I’m not one for using a bunch of products every day, so this is a great routine that I am going to try out soon!


  • I also use the Mario Badescu Collagen moisturizer, and it’s so great! Definitely worth it, and it’s lasted me a long while. I love that your makeup and hair routine is so simple! I’ve always been afraid of liquid liners, but for $1, I might have to try that e.l.f. one.



  • I like your look. It’s lovely. But would you be upset if I said I prefer your first picture? You’re beautiful!

  • Looking lovely! And yay for fuller eyebrows. I am happy about that, too. 🙂

    xx Kaisa


  • I LOVE these types of posts! As a beauty junkie, I know I’m going to look into every one of these products that I’m not familiar with. I use the Mario Badescu Rose Toner and I love it. Thanks for sharing!

  • i so agree about the moisturizer! i’m 37 next month and redheaded so i’ve always been careful about protecting my skin from the sun, – but last year i noticed my face was starting to age and look more dull all the time. SPF moisturizer removes the dullness and my sun-on-face anxiety <3

  • SO pretty and natural, I completely agree less is more! Make-up is about enhancing your already there features not creating a mask for yourself!


  • Moisturizing is my favorite step in my styling routine! My face always feels so fresh and hydrated – especially with SPF!
    L’Oreal Paris’ Voluminous mascara is one of my top choices too.


  • I am so glad ladies are embracing full eyebrows too! I had the same problem in high school – super thin eyebrows. I love that you use a lot of affordable brands! I love buying makeup at Target and saving a few special items for Sephora. You look gorgeous as always. I’m going to learn how to curl my hair with my straightening iron now. 🙂

  • Love this! I’ve been waiting on it for a long time! 😀
    Funny, it looks similar to mine 🙂 I’ve never quite overdone it. You look wonderful!

  • I can’t get over how gorgeous and even your skin looks with NOTHING. also, I love your simple and pretty eye makeup, so it’s cool to see what you use!

  • Thanks for sharing! It’s actually quite similar to mine, but with different products. Also, glad to hear I’m not the only one who went through a pluck-your-eyebrows-silly phase during my teens! 🙂

  • Great post Elsie! I love your styling tips 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • Oh I loved this post! You look lovely!


  • you’re so beautiful! thanks for sharing your tips. my hair takes f..o..r..e..v..e..r to blow dry as well. i am totally going to try that treatment oil. xo


  • I’m so happy that you’ve shared your styling routine! I also have pale skin and dark hair and I’ve been trying to find the right products for me, but it’s always helpful when someone with the same complexion shares their tips!

  • What color is your hair? I love it… mine is currently black, but i’ve been wanting a dark cherry look for awhile now. do you do it yourself or have it done? Thanks!

  • Thank you Elsie for sharing your daily routine ! You are pretty ! I look a little bit like you (dark brown hair with a fringe, pale skin…) so your tips might be really helpful to me. I was searching for a moisturizer and I think I will try the one you use. Thanks again 🙂

  • I have been waiting for this for 2 years. thank you SO MUCH for posting!
    Also thanks for sharing which straightener you use! I have been looking into getting one that wasn’t a bank breaker.

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m not too far from the same type of routine. And it’s refreshing seeing someone post their makeup routine using drugstore brands 🙂

  • Really lovely Elsie! I heard a thin layer of corn flour between two layers of lipstick help to keep it from rubbing off (Though I haven’t tried it myself!)
    Thanks for sharing! x

  • This is such a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing your beauty routine! You’re so gorgeous!

  • Your hair and make up is so nice! I’ve recently started to wave my hair with my straighteners, I love the look:)


  • Beautiful! I am still struggling with my “everyday look”. Sometimes I like it’s too simple if that’s possible lol

    xo Jennifer


  • Your make up is so beautiful. It’s very simple, yet very elegant! Love the hair routine! http://www.alwaysfashiongirl.com

  • I have dark hair and bangs and I turned 30 (creepy? hope not!) (and barely have time for makeup). Thanks so much for these tips!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I’d like to change my routine to avoid washing my hair everyday. Do you have any tips on how to keep my hair from getting too oily in between washings? That’s my biggest problem. Help.

  • You’re gorgeous girl! Thanks for the tips and you’re hair is stunning.

  • Gorgeous lady! 🙂

    I love reading (or watching on Youtube) “getting ready” routines. I’ll have to try that liquid eyeliner! I’ve heard good things about it

  • You know, I’d really like to see some 15 year old pictures after all the references to “then” vs. “now”. 😉

  • Hi! Sorry- I forgot to mention my flat iron. It’s the “Remington Wet 2 Strait”. I bought it recently on a biz trip when my bags were missing and I needed something (cheap and quick) for a couple days. But then I loved it. It’s a very decent flat iron for $30. Better than many I’ve tried in the past. Hope that helps!

  • I really enjoy seeing each step of your beauty routine! Isn’t it funny that the older we get (I’m 32) the less makeup we actually need? I just found your blog and really enjoy digging through your archives, everything is beautifully written and presented!

  • Really, really great post. Have a nice monday.


  • I use to also spend a ridiculous of amount of time getting ready when I was younger, obsessing over little details that probably no one would even notice! I appreciate your quick and efficient styling routine and can’t wait to incorporate some of it into my own day! Thanks Elsie!

  • wait… YOU’RE 30? you look so young… and beautiful. Thanks for the routine, by the way 🙂

  • Nice post, Elsie!
    Have you tried Naked Skin? Lovely product!

  • I prefer no make-up at all on normal days – that’s what i call “keep it simple”. 😉

  • I stopped plucking my eyebrows 2 or 3 years ago and while I should probably do a little cleaning up, I just can’t bring myself to do so. It’s kind of fun having strong brows!

  • Your styling routine is so simple and polished! I most definitely went though phases of far too much makeup, especially with eyeliner. Haha. I’ve really been enjoying this series!

  • You look gorgeous with and without makeup! Thanks for sharing!


  • I would love to learn to curl my hair with a flat iron! I love your subtle makeup – it accentuates your natural beauty just enough!


  • How do you get away with only washing your hair every 2-4 days? I wash mine every other day, but by the end of the second day, it’s greasy and I can’t wait any longer! What shampoo do you use, or what other tips do you have for going that long?

  • Elsie, you are so beautiful! So much fun to see how you “doll up” each day:)

    Stephanie May*


  • I really like all those Everyday Styling Routine posts!!!
    Fresh and beutiful make up!thumbs up!


  • Adorable 🙂 Thanks for the concealer suggestion. I’ve been on the hunt for a good one!

  • I’m so glad you posted this! I loved this series and was actually just thinking about how you hadn’t posted one yet. Thanks! I love hearing how people style their hair and makeup and you always look so beautiful in your photos!

  • A tip that will hopefully have you comfortable wearing bright lipstick: Get a liner that matches the lipstick. Line your lips and THEN (!!!) fill in your entire lip with the pencil as well. Pop the lipstick over top and you should be good!
    The lip pencil will help to give the lipstick something to grip onto. Also, if the lipstick does start to wear away.. you’ll still have that lip pencil all over your lip.
    If you stick to matte finish lipsticks, they will generally last longer than others.

  • You look so beautiful! I hate to rain on the parade but some of those products have parabens in them. I’m always looking for great products but I switched to all natural, I just can’t go back to the chemicals. Do you use any natural products? Thanks for the post! I could use your techniques with the natural options I have. : )

  • lovely post !! you look just like Zooey Deschanel on those pics…


  • This kind of posts are my fav!

    MIAMI guide and Miu miu in http://cravingforbarneys.com

  • i also started using my straightener to curl (or wave, if thats a word) my hair! and i love it:)


  • so simple and pretty! i need to try that concealer….I am forever on the hunt for a good one.

  • I love these series (and all others 😛 ) Elsie, you are the girl who I relate to the most on this blog, I love reading your posts and we have the same make-up routine!
    Can’t wait for another nice post 🙂

  • I have the same make-up bag! I store all my Essie nail polish in there.

    Great tips!

  • So much cuteness! Ah the life of a lovely lady!


  • I enjoy the everyday styling routine series so much, thanks for sharing! Sadly my eyeliner never turns out as neat as yours, it would be great if you could do a tutorial some day!

  • Thanks for sharing! I also spend about 30 min. on my styling routine. I’m going to try your advice on using my flat iron to curl my hair. It’s finally grown out long enough to actually do that! Yay!….Also, good to know there’s a great eyeliner out there for only $1! I’m going to try it out as well. 🙂

  • Love your tips 🙂 I’ve been using my straighteners to curl since I got them, they always work so much better than curling irons!

    Rosie xxx

  • Gorgeous! I loved seeing how you style your hair/makeup everyday. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love this series. It’s so fun to see how other women get ready and learn some great tips! Thanks for sharing!




  • hey elsie!…thanks for the product links..I too would like to know what type of flat iron?

  • I feel like I was waiting for ever to see your routine! 😉 Thanks for sharing…gorgeous!


  • Oh, I’m so glad that you shared this! I’m also awfully pale, and it’s always nice to see how other similarly-complexioned (complex?? hehe) people do their makeup.
    I’m a long time reader, and I find it so interesting just how different you look now, and how much your life has changed over the years! As someone soon turning 24, your story keeps me sane in the thought that my life is not yet over, I’ve only just begun to learn who I am, and what I want my life to be: a great little adventure!

  • I am bookmarking this post for future reference, for sure! Particularly for the concealer, brow product and hair oil. I’m also going to try eyeliner on the top only. My usual routine involves lining the lower lid but I’m going to try going without, because it looks great on you. Great post!

  • so cute that you talked about the differences between your teenage routine and today!! i love that. i was always wondering what your lip color was! berry colors are the BEST

  • Thanks for sharing your favorite products!! I think I’m going to have to give that Paul Mitchell oil a try! I love using oils in my hair (currently I’m obsessed with argan).

  • This is similar to my routine (past and present haha), I look forward to trying some of your products!

  • Elsie, I am thrilled that you shared your everyday styling routine with us! You are such an inspirational lady!!

  • I think we all go through that phase during our teen years when we go way overboard on the makeup and eyebrow plucking. I see photos of myself when I was 14 and I look so freaky with those thin crooked lines sitting over my eyes.
    I love your simple but pretty daily makeup routine!
    Thanks for sharing!


  • I love my bare essentials eye liner, but I think I’m going to have to get some liquid eyeliner too! I just love looks like this 🙂

  • Thanks for the tips, Elsie! I’m going to check out some of these products.
    Just curious, though: no mascara?

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