Elsie’s Finds: July

Hello, hello! I have some really cute finds to share this month. If you’re new to this segment, this is where I share a few new items that I am loving. It’s random, but I think that’s what makes it genuine. Here’s the last one I did.

Ceramic Daisy Mug
I purchased this mug on Etsy. It’s so unique and beautiful. I love using it to have my morning coffee. The seller has a good variety of beautiful pieces.

Embellished headband
I keep promising myself that I will not buy any more of these headbands (I have a huge collection of them). I made an exception for this one because it’s just so my style. I like the natural texture mixed with the rhinestones—it’s perfect for so many summer and fall outfits I have planned.

Glossier You Perfume
I like this perfume a lot. I debated buying it for so long (a year??) because I had a feeling I would like it, but it feels weird to buy a perfume you haven’t smelled. Well, I finally went for it and I like it. It’s slightly musky and slightly sweet. I’m wearing it for date nights (which we are finally doing again—woooo!).

Bink Water Bottle
I ordered two of these and have been using them all day, every day for drinking water with mint. I am drinking so much more water and I have to credit these beautiful bottles! Here’s a link to the lounge straw + cap.

Have you tried any of these products? I’d love to hear your thoughts as well! And what types of things would you like me to share next month? XX- Elsie

  • Super cute daisy mug! I am obsessed with an artist named Cary Lane who produces the most beautiful ceramics. My husband and I drink from her “lucky cups” (seen here: https://www.thebowlmaker.com/collections/lucky-cups) every freaking day. They feel so magical! I check back daily to see if she has listed any originals… They are just stunning and coordinate with poetry she writes. Love, love, love.

  • Cute mug! I drink tea during my endless work zoom meetings, and recently I’ve been planning my mug choice like I used to plan my outfit. This mug would be great for that! Add a little whimsy to boring budget meetings.

  • I love that daisy mug! It’s beautiful but the shipping cost is more than the actual mug. That seems a little ridiculous.

  • Mint is an herb that has medicinal qualities, when taken in daily doses it can effect your hormones and cause facial hair growth and other unpleasant side effects- just thought I’d share.

    • A quick google search shows that peppermint oil (not mint leaves) has been linked to *both* hair growth and hair loss due to the high concentration of menthol. Unless someone is pouring peppermint essential oil into their water, there’s no need to spread health misinformation online! 🙂

  • I don’t know if you have done this before but I would love to see a round up of chemical (fragrance) free perfumes. I was excited about the Glossier perfume because I know you’re into non-toxic beauty, but I see it has fragrance listed as an ingredient.

    • Hi! The best natural fragrance perfume I have ever tried is Leahlani. 🙂

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