Elsie’s Hair Tool Reviews

I have a pretty simple hair routine. For the most part, I wear my hair in a rotation of 2-3 styles. But once in a while I love to mix it up with curls and waves. Recently, I splurged on a Dyson Airwrap because I was curious to try lower heat styling options.

Now that I have five tools I love, I feel I have limitless hair options that I can style at home. In this post, I’ll review each hair tool and share a phone selfie of how I style my hair with it.

T3 Flat Iron (10/10) 
My most used hair tool, by a lot! Since I have bangs and my hair is naturally curly, I use a flat iron with every hair style. Occasionally, I style it super straight. Most often, I do easy flat iron curls. I love this style because once I style it I can typically go days after without styling it again—or barely touching it up. I typically only wash my hair 1-2 times per week.

Here’s my hair styled in simple flat iron curls:

Dress / Phone Case

T-Shirt / Joggers

Waver Tool (7/10—it’s not a must have for me, but it’s fun!) 

Ah, a quarantine purchase. We all have them! I caved and bought this waver after seeing my friends using them on Instagram.

The results are pretty dramatic and I like it on my longer hair. It’s kind of like a giant crimper tool (anyone remember these from the ’90s?).Here’s my hair styled with the waver tool (this is after a day or so, which I personally think is cuter than right away).

Large Curling Iron (8/10—I don’t use it that often, but I love it when I do!) 

I use this occasionally to get bigger curls than my flat iron that are still very natural looking. In high school (BEFORE flat irons were invented—aughhhhhh), I used to do this all the time. I just curl my whole head in small sections and then finger style it until it looks natural.

Here’s my hair styled with my larger curling iron:Here’s a link to my sweatshirt.

Conair 1/2-Inch Curling Iron (10/10—I can’t give it any other score because look at how cute it is for styling little kids hair)

I purchased this to style my kids hair with, but ended up having fun using it on myself as well. It makes TINY curls (think Shirley Temple).

Here’s a pic of myself and my daughter where I used this tiny curling iron on both our hair:

Dyson Airwrap (8/10—I would give it a 12 if it wasn’t so much $$$!)

(I also purchased the longer barrels and that is what I use 100% of the time since my hair is pretty long now.)

The Air Wrap is expensive enough to give anyone pause. I’ve heard so many people try to justify the price, but I’ll just be straight with you! Is it worth it?? I can’t say! Here are my thoughts so far: I love how FAST it is. I love the blowout look and I LOVE using it … it’s really, really fun to use!

The downside (for me) is that I bought it to use less heat on my hair, but I always still end up pulling out my flat iron for styling my bangs and combating frizz (you can see my frizz in the photo below, which is styled without a flat iron and 100% just the Air Wrap).

I think if I didn’t have bangs I could use just the Dyson and my low-heat dreams would be fully realized. Maybe for some of you who don’t have frizzy hair like me (or bangs), this product could replace all your hair tools.

I would say the Air Wrap is a good replacement for my old blow dryer, and that I love using it for a quick blowout. It’s what I reach for when I’m in a hurry. I actually think I need to watch a bunch of YouTube videos and get inspired for more ways to use it.

I gave it the 8/10 because I do like it and it’s so FUN to use. I’m excited to learn more ways to use it (it has a lot of other attachments I haven’t tried). But I have to be honest and say I’m not sure it’s really worth the $500. If you have one, I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!

Here’s a photo of my hair with Air Wrap waves. It’s the easiest (and fastest) way to do a blowout at home.

(This photo is from around Christmas time when I was growing out my bangs—I gave up soon after).

Beyond the hair tools, I love to use hair oil to keep my hair shiny and healthy. My favorites are from Dae and Ouai—they both smell SO good. I don’t really use hair spray or other products.

My hair has a lot of natural body, so I am mainly just drying to de-frizz it, and if I have to go outside in humidity, I’m screwed. 😀 I’m sure some of you know the feeling!

XX! Elsie

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Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Loved this post! Interesting to hear your thoughts on the Dyson! I’ve followed for so long and I don’t think I ever realized you have curly hair Elsie – me too! I did a lesson with an awesome local curl salon to learn how to take care of them and one thing I learned that stuck with me is that curls look frizzy because they are “thirsty”. The trick is to make sure to squish in a lot of water and conditioner while you’re in the shower (look up “squish to condish” if this is something you’re interested in haha). Thank you for sharing all of this! Next time I need a new straightener I’ll know which to buy 🙂

  • I love the Waver Tool, ideal to have a natural wavy for the summer or any other season !

  • I have the regular Dyson hair dryer, and while it was bonkers expensive, it dries my hair a lot faster and with less heat than a typical hair dryer. I have noticed my hair is in better condition and shinier after having it for several months. I considered the Air Wrap, but it was $100 more and my hair straight up does NOT hold curl – even stylists can’t make curls stay – so I figured it would be a waste.

  • I, too, am on the fence with the Dyson. I tried my friend’s, and I absolutely loved it. My curls also lasted a lot longer for some reason. I got it as a birthday present from my husband, and I still felt a little guilty about the price, but if I was ever going to get it, that was a good chance. I do like it, but I don’t use it any more than i used my long barrel beach waver that I still have and like.

    It is faster than a traditional curling iron, but I don’t think it’s faster than my beachwaver that rotates with a button. I do still think the curls last longer with the dyson, and the flexibility to use it with damp hair is nice.

    Would I buy it again?? I don’t know…. if it were half the price, then yes, but it’s super expensive. I do really like it, but I’m not sure I like it $500 worth. I do still need to get the longer barrels (which would make it closer to $600! ?) . I have been planning to and just haven’t yet. I do have as long of hair as you do though, so I really do think that would improve my enjoyment. The end result is more like a blowout than any other curling method I’ve used.

    Learning how to do flat iron curls would be nice— I just cannot get the hang of it! I deal with frizz, too, and the high heat of the flatiron really helps tame it.

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