Elsie’s Halloween Home Tour

I’m so happy to share our Halloween home tour with you today! I definitely went all out this year, but I feel justified because it’s Nova’s first halloween, so I want to make it extra magical! It brings me so much joy to decorate all the little corners of our home.

We made this no-weave wall hanging from Studio DIY in fall colors. I have been wanting to redecorate lately, but trying to save money, so this was super fun since I already had almost all the supplies I needed in my office!

If you can’t tell, I love making paper bats. I made almost all of them with just black poster board. So much fun!

I made this little pumpkin emoji kit with Nova one weekend … best random craft project ever! I love her crazy pumpkin faces SO MUCH!

I’m honestly pretty proud of my Halloween record. I think I purchased it on eBay. My favorite movie of all time!

I had so much fun decorating the dining room. Even got a cheesy tablecloth. I love it though!

I made this little chalkboard “print” myself. So easy to do and a fun decoration!

My go-to fall diffuser blend is Cinnamon and Fir Needle. I know it sounds kind of crazy, but it’s SO GOOD and so cozy.

Well … that’s pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our home!

I made the skeleton flamingos with black spray paint and white electrical tape (it just rained for three straight days and they are totally waterproof!). I got the idea from MelodramaHappy Halloween! If you haven’t started pulling out your decorations yet, I hope this post puts you in the mood! xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I love your Halloween Spirit! Thanks for sharing your fun Halloween inspo with us in your new home. I always love your content and have been truly enjoying listening to your podcast as well. Love the creative stuff you do with your girls, too. Happy Halloween!

  • Those flamingo skeletons are amazing! Love your Halloween decor. You are such a great mama. I bet Nova and any future children you have in your family will have wonderful memories of these fun holidays.

  • I recently got rid of my cinnamon essential oil because I read that it’s dangerous to use if you have dogs…do you not find it to be a problem with your dogs?

  • Okay, this is like my DREAM fall home. It’s so decorated!! We’ve been out of the country for the last month and just got home, so the only thing up in our house is fall wreath on the door. Your home is giving me some serious decor envy!


  • This is SOOOOO fun!!! Really puts me in the Fall mood! 🙂 I love it!!
    XO, Katie | http://www.meshkomoments.com

  • Your decorations look amazing, I love how simple the paper cut outs are! But the flamingos are my favourite, haha Nova is one lucky girl 🙂

  • Oh my goodness I love the skeleton flamingos!


  • Love this so much!! I love how you have little elements throughout the whole house. Where did you get the tablecloth?

  • your house looks amazing! i love it.
    i was going to mention, though, i learned that you shouldn’t put pumpkins directly onto cement if you want them to last, as the cement will draw the moisture out of the pumpkin. you could probably even just put down a little newsprint? just a heads up! 🙂

  • This is so cute, thanks for sharing! Apologies if you have tagged these before (I tried looking) but where did you find those cute little plant stands in the fifth photo?

    Thanks again, looking forward to future decor posts!

  • I love all of this! The flowers are so pretty, and those emoji pumpkins are adorable (-well done Nova!). I particularly love your felt leaf garlands, they’re so simple but so effective. Did you make them yourself? I’ve bought some felt and am going to attempt to make my own version this weekend- not sure they’re going to turn out *quite* as pretty as yours but…! xx

  • Also, the Halloween record and flamingos are GENIUS. I love the subtle decoration of the Halloween record and how whimsical the flamingos are. So cute. You knocked it out of the park this year!

  • Elsie, does your fireplace work? I love the grate and the glass (is that glass?). We have a non-working fireplace and I’m not sure how to style the empty space.

  • This is ADORABLE! I love the pumpkin emojis and your little ghosties but the skeleton flamingos are SO perfect. This makes me want to get into Halloween!

  • what a fantastic tour! I always love when you take us on a tour and get to feast my eyes on your beautifully decorated home! I absolutely love the Halloween feel you gave to it!

    One question though that I couldn’t shake off my mind: What are you going to do with all those beautiful pumpkins once Halloween is over?

  • There is absolutely nothing better than happy little bats and ghosts and jack-o-lanterns everywhere!!

  • Gosh, I love Halloween so much. Great job with your decorations! And I absolutely LOVE this picture of you, Elsie!

  • Dang, Elsie, you really did a great job of the Halloween decorations! ❤️ I love everything about it, but especially the front porch! The pumpkins on the steps are so simple but so classy and beautiful! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I already saw the paper pumpkin faces on your IG and I thought they were the cutest thing ever! So I made them too with my two girls. We also did a variation on them and made little ghosts too. We stuck them on the street-window and they love it every time I come home with them from daycare and school.

    Thanks for the fun inspiration! Loving the bats too!

  • I love it! But I really wanna know who painted that portrait of your dogs, so precious!

  • I love everything…. but the skeleton flamingos in your front yard are TO DIE FOR!

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