Elsie’s Hallway Bathroom (BEFORE)

Middle Bath BEFOREI almost didn’t share this bathroom “before” (there are a couple spaces I didn’t share just because I have no clue what we’re doing in them yet!), but I recently started developing a stronger vision for this bathroom. So I decided at the last minute to throw it up and share. My favorite parts of sharing all my “before” spaces have been a. figuring out for myself what I want to do while making the notes on each photo, and b. hearing what YOU would do.

This bathroom is in the hallway between all the bedrooms. Since we’re planning to have child soonish (*not pregnant, just sharing our future plans and dreams, and we’re planning to live in this home for a long time), we love that there is a room that could be sort of designated for kiddo stuff separate from our bathroom and the guest space. BUT since we don’t have any kiddos yet, I’m not letting that future plan influence how I decorate it. Well, maybe I am a TINY bit (like it’s sorta in the very back of my mind), but I’m definitely not decorating it to look like a kid’s space, and I know it can always be edited later when our needs change. For now it’s just an extra bathroom in the hallway, and since our master bathroom is being remodeled, it’s been VERY needed.

We’ve already done a couple of the items on my above list, but this will FOR SURE be the last bathroom we complete. So it’s going to look half finished for a little while and I am 100% OK with that. After making a bunch of design choices quickly (many before we even moved in), I really enjoy slow decorating where I can take my time and change my mind before committing.

As with most of the other rooms in our house, this room started out pretty seventies looking. We wanted to update it and give it a fresh new look. And since I’ve already decided to do a VERY white space for the master bath, I want to try something more colorful, patterned or bold in this space.

SmAR5A4907SmAR5A4907I kind of want to change all the finishes in this space. But I have no idea what colors or design to choose. All I know is the more I live with this room, the more I feel like I could do something more fun or bold in here…maybe with pattern!

SmAR5A4909SmAR5A4909There are two separate rooms in here. One for the vanity and one for the tub/shower and toilet. I still want to decorate them as one room, but there will be a lot more white tile in this part, so I can’t do as much with paint colors.

SmAR5A4909Here’s another view of the long, skinny bathroom. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it has TONS of potential. You agree?

SmAR5A4911Here’s a close up of the floors. Sadly, I liked this tile pattern and would have kept it if it weren’t for the multiple large cracks. So sad.

Anyway! I am excited for when we get to the point of giving this room a TOTAL makeover. For now we’ve just updated some of the more functional elements (it has a new counter, new tile and fixtures and a new toilet), but it’s still the same pale blue color (with lots of drywall patches) and hasn’t been decorated at all. The good news is, I LOVE having projects on the horizon to look forward to.

Thanks for letting me share our 1970s home. Only ONE more “before” post and then it’s time for a LOT of progress reports! xx. Elsie

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson.

  • Changing the cracked tile is a must. We are planning to do the same thing soon. Your space seems to have a lot of potential, though. Ours is a more average room without the doorway. With the two mirrors that you want to put in, would you put them in frames?

  • Thank you for sharing! I can’t wait for the afters! I think you should consider putting a frame around that big mirror. We have 2 small mirrors and hate them lol. We can’t wait to get a big one. To each his own of course, just my two cents 😉

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  • Would you share a general floorplan-type drawing with us? I love seeing these before-s and can’t wait for the after-s but I’d like to see them put into perspective in terms of flow. Plus, I love floor plans.

  • That flooring really was so pretty! Too bad about the cracks!


  • Until I read/saw that the tile had large cracks, I thought this is so much coveted and in style right now and love the tile! Is there any way you could search for replacement pieces? It’s just so pretty it’s a shame to have to replace them.

  • Re: The large mirror – I’ve seen where people have kept the large mirror and have hung two smaller mirrors right on top. It’s a really neat look!

  • I do like that bathroom tile pattern, what a shame that you have to replace it!

  • I don’t know how “small” the small mirrors will be, but if I were to plan a bathroom thinking about future kids, I think I’ll probably stick with a bigger mirror: I remember having to climb to a chair or something in some bathrooms when I was a little girl, because I couldn’t see myself as the mirrors were so high up!
    (The perks of being average-height in a tall-people family).
    I love all these BEFORE posts! My mind starts to make decisions on every room as if it was my own house!

  • The tile is beautiful, it is original to the home. But it is chipped. See if you can find the tile type at a store or something. Keep the cabinets they look like they are in good shape. Just change the handles and paint the wood a darker color or stain it a rich brown.

  • Pourquoi ne pas melaner une partie carrelages et une partie parquet ?…regardez la premiere image du lien internet …

  • Tu peux garder une partie de ton sol en fesant un raccord avec une partie ta faillance non abimée et du beau parquet …regarde la premiere photo du site lien …

  • Can’t wait to see everything!!! I have to say, I do like the trim/design on the doors!

  • I get such a kick out of these before photos! Despite all the natural wear & tear that comes with age, your house was well-maintained. It was a perfect 70s time capsule when you moved in.

  • Remodeling an entire house is quite a challenge, but I’m positive it will come out stunning. I can’t wait to see the after pictures!


  • just super exited to see what you’ve done with your rooms. You are so super lucky to have this house. It has so much potential !

  • With all the cracks in the the tile in this house you’d think there were giants or something stomping around in there.

  • Yay, cant wait to see the progress of your rooms. Love your style and you are a big inspiration doing up our house. Xxx

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