Elsie’s Holiday Living Room Tour

This year, I knew I wanted to go all out decorating for the holidays since we have a 3-year-old who is LIVING AND BREATHING Christmas. I wish you guys could see her Elf on the Shelf reactions every morning, because it’s the greatest thing I have ever EVER seen!

This post is in partnership with JOANN—my favorite spot for crafting supplies AND decorating (and also baking supplies and kids stuff, to be honest …).   These ornaments are soooo cute!!! Nova loves animals, and I thought it would be fun to do an animal theme for our tree this year since so many of the ornaments we have saved from past years are animals.

Here’s the links for the ornaments: giraffe, lion, furry llama (large, small), wood llamababy deer, bunny.

And the trees (large, small) on the table and the garland around the window.

Haha—do you like how our dogs participated in the photos? I thought it was so cute!
I love making crafts with Nova. And since we’ve been “practicing” for a whole year now, she loves it too. So now every morning when I wake her up and say, “What do you want to do today?,” she almost always says “paint” which … to be honest … is my greatest achievement and pride as a human. She painted this Christmas tree and I promised myself while she was doing it that no matter how much I “KonMari” my home, I will never, NEVER stop putting up this little painted tree … until the day I die.

Here’s the ceramic house, tree and stars links.

 Here’s the lights and the trees (large, small).This is the wood stacked tree wall decor These are the adorable plaid mugs.

Thank you so much for following along! I’m so filled with joy to share this with you! I hope that wherever you are and whatever your season of life, that you have the happiest time decorating your own space! xx – Elsie

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Credits // Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Tell us about those adorable marshmallows! Is that a DIY I missed? Or please tell me I can purchase them somewhere until I’m out of newborn-dom and can make fun things!

  • I love this so much! I’ve looked st it multiple times. Love the dogs, lights in fireplace, and marshmallows. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  • Oh what a beautiful house. We use this colour theme in our living room, and black and white in the kitchen. I super love Christmas!!

  • Gorgeous! Your family is so beautiful and all that love just shines through in your home!

  • Everything’s so pretty and cosy- it’s lovely to see the doggies too, hope they’re both doing well? Can’t wait to see the rest of your Christmas decor! xx

  • I seriously love your living room so much. #GOALS. Little Nova is such a lucky gal.

  • I absolutely love your room – it’s so warm and inviting! I love the personal touches like your daughter’s hand-painted tree! We’re decorating the house this weekend and your place is definitely decorating goals! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love your living room. Where did you get that fabulous couch? Beautiful decorations.

  • It looks so cozy, and I just love the crazy little details (like those plush animal ornaments)!

  • Hi.
    This is the best decoration I’ve seen ever. It’s so wonderful. I love it.
    Have a nice day.
    Sabine from Germany

  • What cosy feels! I love the bits of lighting you’ve put all over the room, Elsie, it really sets the mood. Especially the string lights in the centrepiece baubles! 🙂 ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Are you just giddy every time you walk into your living room? Because I WOULD BE! It’s b-e-a-utiful!!! <3

  • This is so beautiful! Had to go back to see fireplace lights thought at first was actually working ????magical! Happy Holidays thank you for sharing!

  • Oh my goodness this is such a cozy and beautiful Christmas space!! I would spend every evening here reading and wrapping presents (insert crying emoji here). I also love that you have KM’s Christmas album!

    Eva | www.shessobright.com

  • The living room looks so warm and inviting! One quick question for the lights in the fireplace: where do you plug them in? Is the cord just photoshopped out for the post?
    Unrelated– I think your hair looks very, very nice 🙂

    • The fireplace lights are battery powered LED lights (I hid then in the fireplace so there are no cords).

      Thanks so much for the compliment. 😀 I appreciate that!

      • Can I quickly ask – is the gravel in the fireplace iridescent? I have two disused wood fireplaces, and one was fuchsia logs in it right now..but..honestly, I’d rather have something that sparkles 🙂

  • Inspiring! We love the use of white and gold as the backdrop for introducing accent colors (especially green and natural wood tones) and textures. Looks refined and at the same time inviting and warm. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have a fake fireplace (just the mantle and opening but no chimney) and have been wondering what to do with it. I love your lights in there! So pretty. And the gate makes it so a toddler won’t be tempted to play with the lights. Genius! Thanks for sharing

    • I love her big tree too…. and would love to know where it’s from.

      I Love JoAnn’s.

      Very Beautiful Elsie.

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